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Zambia’s Tactical Evolution for AFCON 2024



With the highly anticipated African Cup of Nations (AFCON) 2024 on the horizon, the return of the Zambian national team, affectionately called the Chipolopolo, to the prestigious tournament after nearly a decade has fans excited. This article takes a deep dive into Zambia’s tactical evolution under coach Avram Grant and the nuanced strategies that could define their impressive run at the upcoming AFCON 2024. Can you predict how high will Chipolopolo end up at this tournament? Try placing the bet at reliable after checking the bookmaker review at the link, provided by Telecomasia website.

A Period of Instability

To fully appreciate Zambia’s potential achievements at the upcoming AFCON 2024, it is important to understand the tumultuous period preceding it. Despite a rich footballing history capped by their emotional 2012 AFCON title win, the subsequent years leading up to the 2024 tournament have proven challenging. The team went through an unstable phase in 2022, with 4 managerial changes in a single calendar year. This instability frustrated fans and affected team morale and cohesion.


Enter Avram Grant

The appointment of experienced Israeli manager Avram Grant in 2023 has restored a sense of stability in the Zambian camp. Under his steady guidance, the team will aim to top their qualifying group for AFCON 2024 and secure a coveted spot in the finals. Grant’s rich experience managing elite teams has reinvigorated the squad.


Balancing Youth and Experience

Grant’s squad composition for the upcoming tournament is definitely a balanced blend of promising young talents and experienced campaigners. Young strikers like Patson Daka are expected to provide exuberance upfront, while veterans like defender Stoppilla Sunzu will bring solidity and tactical nous to the backline. This fusion of youth and experience could prove crucial.


Strategic Game Plans

A key feature of Grant’s management has been his emphasis on adaptability and tailored strategic plans for each opponent. At AFCON 2024, Zambia is likely to absorb pressure in a compact defensive shape before hitting opponents on the counter, using the electric pace of their forwards. When up against less fancied teams, Grant could adopt a more possession-based approach, with sustained build-up play.


Fostering Team Chemistry

Avram Grant’s extensive experience managing top teams is expected to instill tactical discipline and awareness within the Zambian squad at AFCON 2024. Grant will likely analyze opponents and adapt the team’s shape, style and game plan accordingly. He also focuses on fostering team chemistry and a winning mentality.


Inspiring a New Generation

Zambia’s performance at the upcoming AFCON 2024 could motivate the next generation of Zambian talent. Their evolution and competitiveness against Africa’s best teams would highlight the potential of African football when tactical flexibility is embraced. The tournament presents a chance to inspire youth.



At the upcoming AFCON 2024, the Chipolopolo will aim to embody resilience, evolution and the enduring spirit of Zambian and African football under Avram Grant’s leadership. The tournament presents an opportunity for Zambian football to transition into an exciting new era brimming with promise. With sound tactics, the sky is the limit for this team!


Assualt accused Army officer’s wife now claims bed sores caused the wounds on her son



THE Lusaka Magistrate’s Court has set March 11 this year as judgement in a case a Zambia Army officer’s wife is accused of assaulting her four-year-old step son using different weapons like a hosepipe and knife.

But when winding up her defence yesterday, the accused, Longwe Ngosa, 30, did not cause the wound marks on her son’s body but that the marks on his back were caused by bed sores.

Ngosa added that child developed bed sores when he was admitted to University Teaching Hospitals (UTH) after he injured his leg while playing.

She said he got the “sore beds” due to the sleeping position in the hospital.

Ngosa said this yesterday in a matter she is charged with assault on a child which allegedly happened between April 1 and July 31, 2023.

The housewife of Apollo Military Camp is accused of assaulting a juvenile we shall call, IB, and occasioned him actual bodily harm.

The assault the child came to light through a viral Facebook clip where IB was filmed narrating to his teacher how his mother had been beating him using different weapons, including a knife.

Ngosa was found with a case to answer by Lusaka magistrate Mutinta Mwenya and she is currently on her defence.

The accused, who initially told the court that her son was assaulted by her class teacher on several occasions, yesterday told the court that the wounds on the victim’s back were caused by bed sores.

Ngosa also claimed the other wound marks on his stomach were as a result of an allergy.

“He developed them when he ate relish he does not eat. That was an allergy,” she narrated.

Ngosa also narrated that she started living with IB when he was 15months and has always considered him as “my child and not my stepson”.

In cross examination, state prosecutor Chisenga Malama asked Ngosa to confirm that she never produced any medical record to show what happened to IB.

“No, I did not,” the accused said.

“Confirm you never made any official complaint to school about the sores on the child,” Ms Malama asked as the accused said no.

(Mwebantu, Thursday, 29th February, 2024)

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Unnatural offence suspects provide fake names to police



TWO male student nurses who were previously charged with unnatural offence have now been accused of providing false information to a public officer during the investigation.

Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said, it was revealed during the course of investigations that the individual initially identified as Chisenga Chanda, aged 20, of Matero, had misrepresented his identity.

He said the actual name is Brighton Banda, aged 25, of New Avondale, and a third-year Student Nurse at a named institution.

Similarly, Matthews Kabwe, aged 20, of Matero, is not who he claimed to be but Darius Musukwa, aged 20, of Kamwala South, and he too is a third-year Student Nurse at a named institution.

“Both individuals have been additionally charged with the offense of giving false information to a Public Officer Contrary to Section 125 of the Penal Code Act Chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia. As a result, they are currently detained in police custody,” he said.

Mr Hamoonga said police is committed to upholding the law and ensuring the accuracy of information provided during investigations.

“We urge the public to cooperate with law enforcement agencies and to refrain from engaging in activities that may obstruct or impede the course of justice,” he said.

(Mwebantu, Wednesday, 28th February, 2024)

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Two pupils drown in Kafulafuta dam, police say 



TWO pupils aged 14 and 12 have drowned in Kafulafuta dam in Masaiti district.

The two children drowned yesterday, Tuesday February 27, at around 15:00 hours.

Copperbelt province police commanding officer, Peacewell Mweemba said the report was made the girls grandmother, Offa Ednah, aged 53, of Masaiti.

He said Ms Ednah reported that her granddaughters drowned in Kafulafuta River.

Mr Mweemba said the victims have been identified as 14-year-old Grace Namonje, a grade six pupil, and 12-year-old Bathsheba Musaka, also in grade six at Koti ni Eden in the Shilashi area of Masaiti.

He said the two pupils left school around 14:00 hours, after which Bathsheba visited her friend’s house in Kampundu Village before deciding to accompany Grace, who lived in Saili Village.

Mr Mweemba said while on their way, the two girls opted to cross through a small path used as a road crossing over the dam.

“As they were going they decided to use a small path used as a road crossing through the dam and as they were crossing the dam they drowned after they failed to cross,” he said.

Mr Mweemba said members of the community rushed to retrieve their bodies and found that both were already dead.

He said when police visited the scene, they found that both deceased bodies had already been retrieved from the dam.

“The bodies were inspected and no physical injuries found on them. The bodies had some foam coming from their nose and mouth,” he said.

Mr Mweemba said the two bodies have since been deposited to St. Theresa’s Mission Hospital Mortuary.

(Mwebantu, Wednesday, 28th February,  2024)

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