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Workers unions urges government to revisit it’s decision on Covid-19 measures



ZAMBIA Union of Nurses Organisation (ZUNO) says workers unions in the country have resolved not to support the discriminatory punitive being advanced by government to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
According to a statement issued by ZUNO General Secretary Fray Michelo, the unions have since urged government to revist its decision.
Mr Michelo added that the Unions have reminded government that implenting the laid down measures is an infringement on the human and workers rights.
He said the unions are only in support of mass senstization and not mandatory vaccination.
“Unions observed that government seemed to already have made a decision and only needed an endorsement from the unions,” he said.
“Unions were not aware of any road map by the government to avert the fourth wave of Covid-19,”.
Mr Michelo further said the target of public service workers was not justified as they are only a small section of the whole population that is 200, 000 people against 17 Million.
On Sunday this week government had put in place measures to protect the population from the fourth wave among them the need for all civil servants to be vaccinated.


Jody’s Story – My experience with overcoming Stage 5 Kidney Failure



#Mwebantu, Meet Jody Kruger as he shares his story after successfully overcoming stage 5 Kidney Failure after a successful kidney transplant in India. Here is his story….

Two years ago, I remember sitting on my porch after a long hard day, and I kept scratching every where, my body was so itchy, I bathed so many times, changed clothes but the itch would not go away and I couldn’t sleep I had insomnia.

I went to see the Doctor because I was concerned with the symptoms I had, which were insomnia, constant itch and swollen ankles
The Doctors did many tests on me when they saw my BP was abnormally high, high blood pressure is one of the main causes of organ failure, so they did a full blood count and a kidney function test.  I got my results two days later only to be told I had stage 5 kidney failure.

I had to start Dialysis, which was so difficult for me to accept. As this required me to sit on the machine for 4 hours three times a week
The cost of the Dialysis treatment in private clinic was K2500 per session, I had to be on the machine 3 times a week, 12 treatments in a month.

Part of the cause of my Kidney failure was not drinking enough water, I drank a lot of fizzy drinks like coke and red bull, I had a very poor diet, I ate a lot of red meat, self diagnosing, I took alot of pain killers such as dyclophenic to help me with my gout etc.

The advice I can give you, is you can have minor symptoms but have a life threatening disease it’s so important to check your health, if I caught this earlier I would have treated it with medication and changing my diet.

It does not cost much to check yourself and you can avoid serious problems just by simply doing a check up I will encourage you to pay for medical aid, it is worth every penny, I wish I had done it before.  So there I was in a difficult situation, I needed money for the treatments,I had no medical aid, no savings, and I needed a donor plus $30,000 for a transplant.

I had no idea where all this would come from As I began my treatments on Dialysis, I was so emotionally drained with everything happening, it was long painful and very difficult for me to go through.

The Doctor told me to find a donor, as this was the best option for me was to have a transplant I had no idea, who would do this for me. I had lost all hope and one day I got a call , I was told my sister was willing to donate her kidney, I couldn’t believe what I heard, I was so happy, I jumped with joy, she was going to save me from all this pain and agony I was going through , I was so happy to hear the news, so we began the tests to see if she was a match.

The next problem we had was the funds, she was a match but we didn’t have money for the transplant, and we started fundraising, asking people to help us, we were not getting much luck and I was so worried about the cost of treatment, I was the only one working at this time, imagine the pressure I had of finding these kind of funds, I had completely lost all hope, I thought it would never happen.

Until one day I got a call from a person who said they will cover all the costs, I was told to write a budget and send to them.

What I can tell you, is what you give out will always come back to you and it comes back at the time you need it the most If you help others you will be helped so always be good to people.

Always remember people are going through battles you know nothing about so always be kind to people.

Next minute we were on Emirates airline flying to Dehli for a transplant, booked at one of the best hospitals in India , I am blessed to have really good people in my Life, who supported me through this struggle and I am ever so thankful for all the good they have done for me.

I was in India for about three months, as we had to carry out many tests to ensure my sister could go ahead with donating her kidney
We spent a lot of time in the Hospital, waiting in long queues to see the Doctor, having so many needles going through your body watching others fight for their lives, it was a very sad environment to be in.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my sister Nicole Kruger for saving my Life, what she did was selfless and I think about her all the time, she has a big heart not many people are willing to donate an organ, it is not an easy thing to do. Her love for me is truly unconditional and I am ever so grateful

I had to wait in long queues to go on a Dialysis machine, I was given times like midnight, 1 am or 3 am to go on the machine, because there was so many people who needed this treatment.

In India kidney failure I found was very common, many people struggled with this. With all the people I had met, I was one of the luckiest ones to have my kidney transplant so fast, as most people had waited for 1 year plus before doing a transplant.

On the day of the transplant I was so nervous, afraid, when I came out of the operating room, I was screaming and making so much noise cause I was in a lot of pain, the nurse told me to look at the little boy, who had just come out of the same operation I went through and he wasn’t making any noise, she said look a 7 year old boy is stronger than you, he went through what you did.
Immediately my strength came from this little boy and I was calm.  I traveled back home not long after and resumed my life. Before the transplant I didn’t do my research properly, I didn’t know I will have to buy medication for the rest of my Life.

The Anti rejection medication I take lowers my immune system and prevents my kidney from rejecting.  I still have this burden of buying medication and doing tests. I have struggled a lot after my transplant, been worried everyday what if I lose my kidney, what if I die.

In my next story coming up, i will speak about what i went through after my transplant.  When you are struggling, it is difficult for you to Express gratitude and I have been misunderstood by many people.

I got a call from Johnny Samaras who is the founder of Absolute Gentleman which is an organization that fundraises for thhe Arthur Davison Children’s Hospital in Ndola, he asked me to go and assist with a charity event that he was hosting, and I was very pleased to go because I love to help people.

That day changed my Life, when I walked into the renal ward and I saw a little boy on the Dialysis machine, I knew immediately the pain he was going through, I looked at his mum and I saw her pain.

I want to help children with the same problem because I have gone through it and no child deserves to go through something like that,
I have disappointed those who have helped me.  
I owe it to them, to give back what was given to me. It is for this reason I wish to open a foundation helping children with renal failure.

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MoH stops mass COVID-19 testing as govt. fears it will run out of testing kits due to local and global demand



GOVERNMENT has disclosed that it cannot cope with mass COVID-19 testing due to local and global demand of diagnostic test kits.

Minister of Health Sylvia Masebo says owing to increased community transmissions of the virus, her ministry has since revised testing criteria which  will only prioritise those with symptoms.

Speaking at a media briefing this morning, Ms Masebo said the move is a logical approach adding  that one in every three to four Zambians is infected, as such government cannot cope with mass test screening.

She said government will therefore prioritize testing individuals and grouping with symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 such as individuals who are at risk of developing severe disease.

Ms Masebo said among those who will be prioritised are health care workers, those admitted in healthcare facilities with various ailments and symptomatic individuals in an institutionalised setting such  as prisons, boarding schools and training camps.

“We advise that if you are a contact to a known case or at risk of acquiring the disease but have no symptoms, you do not need to be tested but must observe enhanced prevention measures. If you develop symptoms at any point, please get to the health facility for examination and possible testing,” she said.

And the Minister has disclosed that in the last 24 hours the country has recorded 1,485 new COVID-19 cases out of 5,389 tests conducted countrywide, giving a national positivity of 28%.

She said five deaths have been recorded in the last 24 hours, with two classified as COVID-19 deaths and three as COVID-19 associated deaths.

The Minister further said in the last 24 hours,a total 20,526 vaccine dose records which brings the total number of doses that have been administered to date to 1,941,928.

(Mwebantu, Monday, January 10th, 2022)

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Unicaf University in Zambia Makes Generous Donation to Children’s Hospital



Lusaka, Zambia, 30th November, 2021 – The biggest public hospital in the country, the University Teaching Hospital, was the proud beneficiary of a generous donation by Unicaf University in Zambia. In collaboration with Hope for Human Nature Generation, a local NGO, Unicaf University organised bountiful gifts intended for the children’s section of the hospital.

As part of its Environmental, Social and Governance policies and practices aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the Africa 2063 aspirations, Unicaf University gives back to the community by carrying out philanthropic deeds that support the underlying goals of the SDG’s.

Unicaf University in Zambia Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Christine Phiri Mushibwe stressed how Covid-19 has affected most hospitals financially. The need for resources is now at a critical level since hospital budgets have been redirected towards supporting the most vulnerable members of society during this pandemic.

The donated goods would go a long way to ease some of the challenges faced by the children’s ward. Babies and infants would benefit greatly from the generous contributions as well as mothers who, in many cases, have travelled great distances on limited budgets.

The Ministry of Health sent a letter of gratitude to Unicaf University and Hope for Human Nature Generation pointing out that donations such as these assist in fulfilling the hospital’s goal of becoming a centre of excellence in pediatric healthcare.

Through this donation, Unicaf University was able to positively assist 50 patients from the children’s ward. Likewise, Hospital Management was able to divert resources to other needy areas who would otherwise not have been accommodated.

The donated products included essentials such as; towels, diapers, soap, toothpaste, baby powder, blankets, vaseline, washing powder, plates, and spoons.

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Foxdale Forest – Phase 2 Selling


27 Jan 2022, 4:48 AM (GMT)

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293,694 Recovered

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