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Witness narrates how an NPA prosecutor dropped dead at a restaurant after being shot



A witness broke down in the Lusaka High Court as she narrated how National Prosecutions Authority (NPA) senior State prosecutor Nsama Chipyoka was shot dead when he went to buy some coffee.

And witness Rabecca Harriet Nyone, a manager at the then Lafe resteraunt which is opposite NPA offices near Cabinet Office where Chipyoka was shot from, told court that the deceased before being hit by a bullet told her that he needed to rush back to his office before confusion escalated outside.

Chipyoka and a UPND supporter Joseph Kaunda were shot dead on December 23 last year by a police officer.

Constable Fanwell Nyundu was charged with their murder but he pleaded not guilty.

Chipyoka and Kaunda were shot on the day then opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema was summoned to appear at Police Headquarters for questioning over the Kalomo land case.

Nyone narrated that Chipyoka on the material day went to Lafe resteraunt for a cup of coffee but was shot dead by an unknown person as he was leaving the restaurant.

She testified that when she reported for work around 08:00 hours, there was a crowd near the Presidential burial site and when she inquired, she was told that there was something happening at police headquarters.

Nyone said Chipyoka went to the restaurant for coffee and after some time, the noise around Cabinet Office increased.

She said Chipyoka told her that he would be running back to his office before the situation worsened.

Nyone said while inside the restaurant, they heard gun shots from the Cabinet Office

direction and she offered to escort Chipyoka but before they could exit the door, she just saw the cup he was holding in his hand fall down and when she asked him what was wrong, he did not respond.

Nyone said within minutes, she saw Chipyoka failing down and blood oozing from ears and all over.

“He did not respond and I continued shaking him. I called one of the employees to bring water so that we could pour on him and wake him up but nothing happened,” she said.

The witness said she asked one of the restaurant staff to alert the workers at NPA about what had happened.

Nyone narrated that there was total confusion as people were running to and from while gun shots were still being heard.

Trial continues.


Two-year-old’s body yet to be retrieved after father throws himself in Kafue river while carrying her, police say



THE actions of a Kitwe father will haunt him for life after he survived, while his two-year-old baby girl’s body is yet to be retrieved when he threw himself into the Kafue river while carrying her.

The reason for Cosmas Mwewa’s actions are yet to be established as he is now admitted to Kitwe Teaching Hospital after a mob pounced on him due to his conduct and is reported to be in a serious condition.

Copperbelt Province Commanding officer Sharon Zulu said police have recorded an incident of drowning which occurred yesterday at 15:30 hours at Bulangililo bridge near Lulamba school in Kitwe.

“Cosmas threw himself into the Kafue river carrying with him a baby suspected to be his namely Christina Mwewa aged about two years.The man managed to swim ashore and was rescued by members of the public while the baby has been swept by the strong current and not yet retrieved.The father has since been rushed to Kitwe Teaching hospital for treatment after mob justice pounced on him due to his conduct. The condition is reported serious,” she said.

(Mwebantu, Sunday, August 7th, 2022)

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Night mare in Salama Park , as 19-year-old kills both parents, police say



A 15-year-old girl of Lusaka has woken up to a night mare after discovering the bodies of both her parents bundled up in a blanket murdered in cold blood in their back yard allegedly by her 19-year-old brother.

The 19-year-old adult juvenile is believed to have entered into his parents bedroom , murdered them , tied them up with a wire and then bundled them up in blankets.

Sadly, the bodies were then discovered by his 15-year-old sister who before the incident heard noises coming from her parents bedroom, but did not think of the worst.

The girl after having discovered the bodies of her parents is alleged to have been told by her brother through a written note that they had died of COVID-19.

Zambia Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said police recorded a murder case which occured yesterday between midnight and 10:00 hours in Salama Park.

“Police recorded a case of murder in which Nathaniel Mwakachela aged 53 and Pemba Alphonsina Lubwika Mwakachela aged 52 have allegedly been killed by their first born son an Adult Juvenile aged 19.Brief facts of the matter are that the two deceased parents went to bed around 23:00 hours on Friday August 5th, after they had their supper and had a family time in the sitting room while the suspect their son was in his bedroom,” he said

He said during the early hours of yesterday while asleep, a female juvenile aged 15 who is a sister to the suspect heard some noise with a bang and someone screaming ,but ignored as she thought it was her father trying to take her brother to the rehabilitation centre because they had mentioned earlier of taking him to the facility as his brother’s behaviour had been bad.

“Around 11:00 hours when she woke up she discovered that her bedroom door was locked. She then decided to call her brother to come and open for her but he responded saying that he was mopping so he couldn’t open. Later after staying in the bedroom for some time she decided to open the door using a knife. When she got out it was quiet in the house as only his brother was present,” he said.

Mr Hamoonga said that the girl then followed the suspect and then he told her he wanted to tell her something ,but that he could only communicate it on a piece of paper.

“That’s how he broke the news by writing on the paper that the parents had died of COVID-19. When asked where the bodies were he didn’t respond.She checked for the bodies inside the house ,but couldn’t find them so she decided to go out and that’s where she found the two bodies wrapped in blankets and tied on each ends with wires,” he said

Mr Hamoonga said that the girl then asked the suspect if she could take a walk outside to clear her mind and she was allowed.

“It was at this point when she went outside the gate and went to inform her family members who later came with her to report the matter at the police at around 13:30 hours.Police visited the scene of crime.The house was found looking clean and nothing unusual was observed. Outside the house within yard in the backyard was where the two bodies were found wrapped in two different and separate blankets.”

“The two bodies were unwrapped and examined; the deceased male had a deep cut on the right upper part of the eye with swollen lip while the female had a swollen face with a cut on the nose. Fresh blood was observed coming from the two deceased’s nose. Also at the scene there was a piece of paper that was recovered from the suspect where he broke the news to the sister of the passing on of their parents,” he said.

(Mwebantu, Sunday, August 7th, 2022)

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One dies in a road traffic accident along Ndola-Kabwe road, police say



ONE person has died , while six others are admitted to hospital when four vehicles collided along the Ndola-Kabwe road.

The accident happened when the fourth vehicle , a freightliner Truck registration number ALT 5356/ ABH 2757T being driven by Felix Maponya 39, who escaped unhurt failed to keep to his near side and hit into three vehicles.

Copperbelt Province Commanding Officer Sharon Zulu said police recorded a fatal road accident which occurred yesterday at 14:30 hours.

“Involved were four motor vehicles the first one being a Sino Howo Truck-four trailer Registration BCD 4308ZM/ BCD 5844ZM/BCD 5845ZM which had deflated second trailer four tyres and was driven by James Karol’s aged 39 ,the second motor vehicle was a Nissan Juke Registration Number BLB 196 which had a depressed rear passenger door and deflated tyre and was driven by Mulowa Jere aged 25 of Chilala Lusaka, the third motor vehicle was a Toyota Allion Registration Number BAV 7486 zm which was extensively damaged and was driven by Roy Lukama aged between 30-35 who sustained a cut on the head , suspected internal injuries and died on the spot,” she said.

She said on board the deceased’s car were Rita Mwale aged 30 who sustained general body pains and Jackline Mwale aged 12 who developed chest pains and two other passengers who are yet to be identified.

“The accident happened when the 4th motor vehicle was driven from South to North direction and in the process the driver failed to keep to his near side hence went and hit into the three motor vehicle which were driven from the opposite direction,” she said.

(Mwebantu, Friday, August 5th, 2022)

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07 Aug 2022, 6:36 AM (GMT)

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