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We will not tolerate violence and destabilisation of peace in the country, police warn PF Given Lubinda led faction



FOLLOWING reports of potential destabilisation of peace and security in the country by the Patriotic Front (PF) Given Lubinda led faction, police have sent the party leadership stern warning.

Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said the police are committed to ensuring law and order and thus will not condone potential acts of violence and destabilization of peace.

Mr Hamoonga has since urged the party to address any grievances in a lawful manner as threats to peace will not be tolerated.

“The Zambia Police Service is issuing a warning to the members of the Patriotic Front Party Faction led by Mr Given Lubinda, as we have received credible information indicating possible intentions to destabilize the peace and security in our country.

The police have been closely monitoring activities associated with this faction, and it has come to our attention that certain individuals within this group may be planning actions that could pose a threat to public order and safety,” he said.

Mr Hamoonga said such actions are not only unlawful, but also undermine the democratic values and the rule of law that our society upholds.

He outlined that the Police Service as a Law enforcement agency is committed to ensuring the safety and security of all citizens, and any attempts to disrupt the peace will be met with the full force of the law.

“The police will take all necessary measures to prevent and address any potential acts of violence or attempts to destabilise the peace.

We urge members of the Patriotic Front Party Faction led by Mr Given Lubinda to adhere to the principles of peaceful and lawful expression of their grievances. Resorting to violence or any form of destabilising activities will not be tolerated, and those found in violation of the law will be held accountable,” he said.

Mr Hamoonga additionally called upon all citizens to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities related to this matter.

(Mwebantu, Monday, 18th December, 2023)


Two truck and trailers burn to ash following an RTA, Police say.



THREE vehicles were early this morning involved in a Road Traffic Accident (RTA) leading to two of them, both truck and trailers extensively damaged and burning to ashes.

Miraculously, no one died in the accident , but occupants escaped with minor injuries.

Copperbelt Province commanding officer Peacewell Mweemba said the incident occurred along the Ndola-Kapiri road at Nyenyezi are of Masaiti district.

Mr Mweemba said involved were three motor vehicles.

“The first one being a Nissan UD truck and a Trailer registration number BAJ 9301 which was extensively damaged ( burned to ashes) property of freshmark Zambia Limited driven by John Mwalilandi aged 34 years of matero, Lusaka who escaped unhurt. Second being a Shacman truck & trailer registration number AHB 2263,AHB 2310 T which was extensively damaged (burned to ashes) , driven by Aggai Chanda aged 34 years of Lusaka. On board was Mubita Josphart aged 27 years of Kabwe who sustained painful both Legs backache cut on the left cheek and general body pains,” he said.

He said the third vehicle was a Toyota Vitz registration number BAX 1667 which had broken Head lamp,dis-positioned front bumper and driven by Wezi Nyirenda aged 34 years old.

Mr Mweemba said the accident happened when the driver of the first vehicle was driving from Kapiri Mposhi to Ndola and in the process was hit into by the second vehicle which was coming from the opposite direction.

He added that the driver coming from the opposite direction which was from Ndola heading to Kapiri Mposhi failed to keep to his near side and eventually the first vehicle hit into the the third vehicle which was behind.

(Mwebantu, Tuesday, 27th February, 2024)

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Local Courts

GBM nephew granted K150,000 bail 



JAILED former Minister of Defense Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba’s nephew

Adolphus Mubanga has been granted K150,000 bail pending appeal.

The K150,000 ,in his own recognisance and he should also provide two working sureties bound to K150,000 each, in their own recognisance.

The court ordered that the two sureties must be working in reputable institutions in the private sector or government and of fixed abode.

As part of the conditions, the convict will also surrender his passport to the clerk of court.

Last November, the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court sentenced Mubanga to two years imprisonment with hard labour for possession of properties suspected to be proceeds of crime.

But he appealed against the sentence arguing that the lower erred when it passed the verdict against him.

He also applied for bail pending his appeal on grounds that his appeal has higher chances of succeeding.

Passing a ruling on the bail application, High Court Judges Susan Wanjelani, Anne Ononuju and Vincent Siloka granted Mubanga K150,000 bail in his own recognizance with two working sureties bound in the like sum.

The court also ruled that the appallent’s appeal has prospects of succeeding.

“Having perused the judgement being appealed against and the grounds of appeal,as well as the submissions by respective counsel,it is our view that there are prospects of the appeal succeeding,” the ruling reads.

(Mwebantu, Tuesday, 27th February, 2024)

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One year old baby girl dies after drowning in a pit latrine, police say 



A YOUNG mother of Southern Province will sadly live her life trying to turn back the hands of time after her decision to take a nap ended in tragedy.

Lizzy Himompa aged 18-years-old is believed to have decided to take a nap, leaving her one-year-old child in company of other children.

However, the company of children left to care for her baby failed her as she woke to find her baby had fallen in a pit latrine and drowned.

Southern Province commanding officer Auxensio Daka said the incident occurred on February 25th.

He said the matter was reported by the mother to the deceased baby.

“Facts of the matter are that on the material day, around 14:00 hours, the mother decided to take a nap while her daughter was left playing outside the house with her friends. However, when she woke up at 16:00 hours , she noticed that her baby was missing,” he said.

Mr Daka said later, she started searching around with the help of neighbours until she discovered her shoe on the edge of the pit latrine.

He said upon peeping inside, they spotted the baby floating in human faecal matter.

“Police together with fire brigade personnel rushed to the scene and found that the body had already been retrieved by the neighbors and rushed to hospital where the baby was pronounced dead,” he said.

(Mwebantu, Monday, 26th February, 2024)

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