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We will not deny Jesus Christ ,because one of us has fallen, Catholic Ndola Diocese Bishop Benjamin Phiri has said



LIKE the bible narrative “Let he is without sin, cast the first stone,” Catholic Ndola Diocese Bishop Benjamin Phiri has bordered his send off message of the late Father Deodatus Mbebe who was killed in the late hours of Monday in a similar manner.

Bishop Phiri has rebuked people for their concentration in only speaking and publishing the negatives about the late Fr Mbebe stating that those shaming him are equally of sin.

Bishop Phiri says that those shaming the late Fr Mbebe and are even seeking to pull away from the church are hypocrites and Jezebels who run after priests.

The death of Fr Mbebe brought about a media frenzy after it was alleged that he died near his girlfriends house.

In the Catholic church those ordained into priesthood and vow to serve God are not allowed to marry, which has sent alot of speculation around members of the public as to why the late Fr Mbebe was in a relationship from as far back as 2002.

However, Bishop Phiri in his send off message for the late Fr Mbebe said that every human being has hidden secrets which if displayed before the public eye will bring forth shame and that is why the late Fr Mbebe should not be judged.

Bishop Phiri says it is sad that all that is being heard and said about the late Fr Mbebe is only about the sins he committed and nothing is being said about the lives he saved and converted through his time serving God for the past 20 years in the church.

“Many people were converted because of his preaching and became Christians.God is a God of mercy and receives us inspite of ourselves ,because we have been born in his light. He will not abandon us at a time we need him. All of us in here have our secrets and one day we will see all those secrets and they will be displayed and we will all hang our heads in shame,” he said.

Bishop Phiri said from the day that he heard of Fr Mbebe’s gruesome murder, he has reflected, prayed and deeply thought about Fr Mbebe’s death.

“The night of the incident, I was awake .Sometimes we stay up late as servants of God. Something crossed my mind that one of my son’s, my foot soldier has left us. That was a thought. So when I heard, i was deeply disturbed. So I started praying, I prayed for every body, first for the yung man who has gone to God to have mercy on him because we do not know what happened. We do not know what happened exactly. We are ony hearing what people are saying we do not know what is the truth. I prayed that God should have mercy on him because he was a servant of God,” he said.

He has further called on police to hasten investigations by bringing culprits to book, rather than concentrating on the negative stories that have continued to circulate in the media.

(Mwebantu, Wednesday, 21st September, 2022)



Abducted mobile money booth operator Pamela Chisumpa rescued with 12 other victims



AFTER almost six months of her being abducted,a mobile money booth operator Pamela Chisumpa has been found by police in Lusaka’s Chalala area.

The victim was found with 12 other victims who were also kept captive in what seemed to be a partially finished house in Chalala area.

The house which the girls had been kept captive seemed to have a shine like structure and also in the same house was a coffin in unexplainable circumstances.

However, Inspector General of Police Lemmy Kajoba who along with Zambia Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga and a team of police officers both in uniform and in plain clothes in a rescue operation earlier today said that after a long protracted investigation, the girls have been rescued .

“With a sense of relief I would like to inform the nation through you the press that today the October 3rd, 2022 we have managed to safely rescue Pamela Chisumpa together with twelve other ladies that were held captive in a house in Chalala area of Lusaka,” he said.

Mr Kajoba said those rescued are a female Juvenile aged 17, Grace Siabeula aged 22, Felistus Hachintu aged 18 ,Ruth Banda aged 21, Nalukui Macwani aged 21 ,Agness Kapwaya aged 21 ,Docus Chungwe aged 24, Priscila Mapulanga aged 23 ,Honester Lungu aged 25, Rosemary Chibwe 25 ,Faith Muluti aged 28 and Paxina Chanda aged 22.

“This was after a long protracted investigation that we have continuously pursued since April this year when she was abducted along Cairo road in Lusaka. All the victims have been taken to a medical facility for quick Medical attention. We have apprehended one suspect who is in our custody to help us with Investigations,” he said.

He has further called for calm amongst the general public as we wait for the victims to recuperate and further investigations.

“A comprehensive statement will be issued in due course,” he said.

(Mwebantu, Monday, 3rd October, 2022)

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Police make a lead in finding Pamela and several others.



POLICE in Lusaka have made a lead into the whereabouts of the abducted mobile money agent Pamela Chisumpa who was abducted along Cairo road in Lusaka earlier in April this year.

Reports indicate that Ms Chisumpa together with several other girls have been found.

However, police who are being led by the Inspector General of Police Lemmy Kajoba say that more time should be accorded before a statement is issued in the matter.

(Picture: CAMNET)

(Mwebantu, Monday, 3rd October, 2022)

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Two men poisoned by two unknown women at a lodge in Kitwe, police say



A Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA)  employee and his Chinese national friend were on Friday allegedly drugged and left unconscious at a lodge in Kitwe after they were spotted having drinks with two unknown Tanzanian women.

This is in a case in which Nobutula Lodge in Riverside, manager reported to police that one of the clients, a named ZRA employee and his friend a Chinese national were found sleeping in uncousious state in their respective rooms.

Copperbelt province Commanding officer Sharon Zulu said also found were some red  vomits on their beddings and on the floor.

She said the two ladies allegedly stole a laptop property for ZRA, laptop bag, external hard drive, K2000 cash money and some clothes.

Mrs Zulu said a cellphone and a small bag containing unknown items for a Chinese national were also stolen.

“Facts of the matter are that, At the time the victim was checking-in , two ladies of Tanzanian national whose names not known also checked – in.

They together started drinking , eventually a male Chinese national a friend to the ZRA employee joined them. It’s from that moment when one victim woke up with a knock on his door by his workmates and found himself naked while his Chinese friend in the other room was found laying on the floor,” she said.

Mrs Zulu said the two Tanzanian ladies were at the time nowhere to be seen as they were reported to have checked out at 02: 00hrs.

She said the two victims were rushed to Kitwe Teaching hospital were they were put on observation.

(Mwebantu, Sunday, 2nd October, 2022)

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04 Oct 2022, 6:55 AM (GMT)

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