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Unrepentant drug dealer to be jailed 10 years



AN unrepentant notorious drug dealer who was in 2019 sentenced to three years imprisonment with hard labour for trafficking in marrijuanna has again been found guiltily of the same offense.

Since Allan Muvundo, 29, is a second offender, he will now serve a not less than 10 year jail term.

Yesterday, Lusaka Magistrate Keggan Litiya committed Muvundo to the High Court for sentencing after he pleaded guilty to drug trafficking and three other offenses.

“Since i have no jurisdiction, i commit you to the High Court for mitigation and sentencing in respect of count one and count two[which are drug trafficking related]” magistrate Litiya said.

This is in a case the convict was facing five counts of drug trafficking, escaping from lawful custody and unlawful use of a car.

About five months ago, the accused, while armed with a pistol, fled Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) headquarters during an interrogation, leaving officers scampering in fear.

A manhunt led to the arrest of Muvundo, who later appeared before court facing five charges.

In count one, it is alleged that on December 20, 2022 in Lusaka, Muvundo trafficked in 6grammes of cannabis without lawful authority.

In count two, it has been alleged that on the same day, trafficked in narcotic drugs, 0.57grammes of cocaine, without lawful authority.

Allegations in court three are that on December 20, 2022, Muvundo used an unregistered Toyota Vitz to carry, conceal and convey psychotropic substances without lawful authority.

In count four, allegations are that on the same day, the accused conducted himself in a manner likely to cause a breach of the peace in a public place when fled DEC offices.

Lastly, it is alleged that on the same date, Muvundo, being a person in lawful custody at DEC officers, escaped from such custody.

During presentation of evidence, the court heard that DEC had been pursuing the accused in connection with drug trafficking.

In July last year when DEC investigators received a tip that the accused was trafficking in suspected drugs at East Park mall, the officers who went to the mall found Muvundo who immediately spade off in a Vitz which he abandoned in Kalingalinga after running out of gas.

A pistol with 26 rounds of ammunition and some suspected marijuana were found in his abandoned car.

In the same month, the daring accused went to DEC officers to claim for his impounded car but during interrogations, he challenged the investigators before evading them while armed with a pistol.

Magistrate Litiya sentenced Muvundo to nine months imprisonment in respect of counts three to five.

But for counts one and two, which attract upto 10 years in jail for a second drug trafficking offender like Muvundo, the magistrate committed him to the High Court for his sentence.

Magistrates cannot pass a sentence beyond nine years.

(Mwebantu, Friday, 27th January, 2023)


State to grab Charity Katanga’s buses



THE Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Gilbert Phiri has applied to have the 10 Higer buses worth K26million belonging to imprisoned former Deputy Inspector General of Police Charity Katanga forfeited to the State.

Further, the DPP wants forfeiture of K1.5million which is in the account for Chibeka Express Limited, the company which was operating the 10 Higer buses deemed to be proceeds of crime.

In a notice of motion filed by the DPP before the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court, the DPP says the properties should be seized because they are tainted.

The lawsuit comes after the Magistrate’s Court jailed Ms Katanga, Monday, after being found guilty of possession of the 10 buses deemed to be proceeds of crime, is the interested party.

In the DPPs documents, the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC),
chief investigations officer Ewdin Mwanza submits that Ms Katanga Monday, February, 19, Ms Katanga was tried and convicted of the offence of possession of suspected proceeds of crime.

Mr Mwanza submits that court record will show that the former senior police officer’s conviction is based on her being found in possession of 10 higer buses whose registration numbers are; BAF 5118 ZM, BAF 5119 ZM, BAG 8558 ZM, BAG 8559 ZM, BAG 8733 ZM, BAJ 2476 ZM, BAJ 2590 ZM, BAJ 2919 ZM, BAV 2931, BAL 9126 ZM, all worth K26,282,770.

Mr Mwanza submits that the record will show that I also seized K1,55,005.15 in Chibeka Express Limited account number 9130000699156 Stanbic bank Ndola main branch which received these funds from the operations of the 10 higer buses found by this honourable court to be proceeds of crime.

He adds that the matter is a proper one in which the court can order that the buses and money in the account be forfeited to the State for being proceeds of crime.

The State prays that this court orders that the properties be forfeited to the State and paid into the government’s consolidated fund held at Central Bank.

(Mwebantu, Thursday, 22nd February, 2024

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Police launch manhunt for mother who abandoned new-born



POLICE in Choma, Southern Province are searching for a mother of a new-born baby discovered abandoned in a bush.

Yesterday, a new-born baby was found with maggots clinging to its umbilical cord in the bush.

Police have since taken the baby to the hospital for treatment, while investigations have been launched to locate the mother.

Southern Province commanding officer Auxensio Daka said the report was received on yesterday around 12:10 hours.

He said the incident was reported by Moses Kamunza who received the information from Judith Sam that an unknown mother dumped a baby in the bush.

Mr Daka said Ms Sam is believed to have discovered the baby when she heard a cry while in the bush.

“Police acted on the matter and visited the scene of crime where the woman found the baby under a tree. Brief facts of the matter are that the woman who found the child went to cut grass meant to make brooms. Whilst in the bush she heard a baby crying and went closer only to discover that a baby was naked and found with maggots on the umbilical cord,” he said.

(Mwebantu, Thursday, 22nd February, 2024)

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Chingola taxi driver left in shock after finding his motor vehicle stolen



A 28-YEAR-OLD taxi driver of Chingola district on the Copperbelt has been left distraught and in shock after a motor vehicle valued at K55, 000 was stolen.

The vehicle in question also had money amounting to K6, 000 which was meant to be cashed to his employer.

Francis Mumba is believed to have parked his vehicle, secured it and left the windows slightly open as he walked into the market to buy some vegetables around 10:00 hours.

However, when he returned, he found the vehicle was stolen.

Copperbelt Province commanding officer Peacewell Mweemba said the incident occurred on Saturday, February 17th at New Kapisha market.

He said the incident was reported by Mr Mumba himself that a vehicle, Toyota Corolla registration number AFB 1602 which he operates as a taxi was stolen by unknown people.

“Brief facts are that the reporter went to buy vegetables and parked the vehicle at the market and left the drivers and passengers windows slightly open, leaving cash money K6,000 cashing for one month in the glove compartment and he carried the car keys. When he returned he found that the vehicle had been stolen,” he said.

He added that the vehicle is the property of Stable Kasonde aged 38, also of Chingola district.

Mr Mweemba said police have since instituted investigations into the matter.

(Mwebantu, Thursday, 22nd February, 2024)

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