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State to repossess former ZAF commander’s properties



THE Director of Public Prosecutions Gilbert Phiri wants to have the nine fully furnished apartments and luxurious house purportedly belonging to former Zambia Air Force commander Lieutenant General Eric Chimese to be forfeited to the State.

Mr Phiri has since filed a motion in the Economic and Financial Crimes Court to have Lt. Gen Chimese’s properties forfeited to the State on grounds that the owners failed to account for the properties valued ate over K90 million.

The properties be forfeited to the State which include Subdivision of Subdivision F/2303/Q 4th Street Ibex Hill which houses the apartments and a single storey house, Farm 4302/313 Eureka Baobab Area Musekese Drive in Lusaka, Part of property no.F/181a/C/1 Mungwi road Lusaka West, 10 x 49 inch Samsung TV sets, K138, 458, US$10, 107,100 pounds and 1Yen, are suspected to be tainted.

Among the properties to be forfeited are Subdivision of Subdivision F/2303/Q 4th Street Ibex Hill which houses the apartments and a single storey house, Farm 4302/313 Eureka Baobab Area Musekese Drive in Lusaka, Part of property no.F/181a/C/1 Mungwi road Lusaka West, 10 x 49 inch Samsung TV sets, K138, 458, US$10, 107,100 pounds and 1Yen.

The State, in a notice of motion for an application for Non-Conviction Based forfeiture order of tainted property sworn by Drug Enforcement Commission director Lillian Mubialelwa, on behalf of the DPP, submits details of investigations around the properties in question.

Ms Mubialelwa submits that in 2018, she received classified information that Gen. Chimese had illegally accumulated wealth.

She later visited Subdivision F/2303/Q 4th street in Ibex Hill, Lusaka, where she found that there was a luxurious house, nine fully furnished apartments, a gym, a guest wing a swimming pool and a semi- detached cottage.

Ms Mubialelwa adds that a search at the Ministry of Lands revealed that the properties were still under a parent registered title deed of the proposed subdivisions and that she also obtained a customer application form for electricity supply at ZESCO from Kennedy Mwansa.

She also got a supply inquiry and notice of commencement form, a copy of an NRC, sketch plan, nine quotations and payment receipts for the nine apartments, the single storey building and a semi-detached guest wing developed at the subject property.

“The documents were in Gen. Chimese’s name as the landlord of the subject property,” the document reads.

“I was informed by Mr Chilanga Sahani that he was surprised when he heard James Chungu claiming to be the owner of the subject proposed property when he knew the owner to be Lt Gen Chimese, ” Ms Mubialelwa submits.

She submits further that Stephen Mbewe, who was a relief guard at the properties disclosed that ZAF vehicles would deliver building material at the premises.

The investigator submits that she also conducted a search at Air house where Lt Gen Chimese was residing with his wife, Sharon Gray at the time.

“I seized from Lt Gen 10×49 inches Samsung full HD TV sets, K90,000 and US$10,000 and from the wife,I seized K48,458, 100.00 pounds ,US$107.00 dollars and 1 yen,” Ms Mubialelwa submits.

She adds that she seized the subject cited properties on reasonable suspicion that they were proceeds of crime after both Lt Gen Chimese and Sharon Gray failed to account for the said seized properties.

The investigator submits that the estimated market value for proposed Subdivision of subdivision F/2303/Q 4th Street Ibex Hill in Lusaka is K46,600,000, farm 4301/313 Eureka Baobab Area Musekese Drive in Lusaka is valued at K22,300,000.

“The market value for part of property F/181a/C1 Mungwi road in Lusaka west is K22,500,000 bringing the total market value of assets to K91, 400, 000. I found that Lt Gen Chimese and James Chungu were on May 22,2023 acquitted by the Subordinate Court on all counts of money laundering and concealing property suspected to be proceeds of crime,” Ms Mubialelwa submits.

She further adds that properties are reasonably suspected to be proceeds of crime and liable for forfeiture to the State.

(Mwebantu, Saturday, 3rd February, 2024)


Tutwa had many children out of wedlock, administrator submits in court



AN administrator of late lawyer Tutwa Ngulube’s estate has submitted in court that women are coming up claiming to have had children with her late brother.

Ms Tawanda Ngulube submits that one of the women is actually married and the child she claims was fathered by Mr Ngulube was born while the same woman was in her current marriage.

She submits that this scenario made it difficult to ascertain the truthfulness of the claims by the mothers as the children they claim were fathered by Mr Ngulube were not known by any members of the Ngulube family.

This is in a matter in which Catherine Kuntepa, a woman who submitted in court that she a guardian of Mr Ngulube’s five children, sued Mr Ngulube’s wife, Glenda Sokontwe and Ms Ngulube, as administrators.

Ms Kuntepa wants the Lusaka High Court to order the two administrators to render an inventory of Mr Ngulube’s estate and also an order for full and fair distribution of Mr Ngulube’s estate to the deceased’s children she is keeping.

However, Ms Ngulube has contended that the properties cannot be distributed to the beneficiaries in question until all the estate for Mr Ngulube are collected.

“We are unable to distribute the properties to the named beneficiaries until the executor’s year is completed to allow us to gather and collect all the estate of the deceased for the benefit of all the beneficiaries”.

Ms Ngulube adds that Mr Ngulube left landed property, vehicles, shares and the money held in his bank accounts, assets estimated at K20 million and that administrators have also paid out K1million in liabilities left by the lawyer, who was survived by a wife, children, a parent and dependants.

“We begun the process of identifying the beneficiaries under the estate of the deceased as it turned out that the deceased had many children outside wedlock, who were not known to the family of the deceased,” she submits.

Ms Ngulube submits that the procedure of identifying beneficiaries became extra complicated when it was learnt that one woman who claimed that the Mr Ngulube fathered her child is married.

It was then that a consultation process with the office of the Administrator General started on how to handle the estate.

Ms Ngulube submits that the estate could therefore not be distributed until it was ascertained that the claims from the mothers regards genuineness of the paternity of their children.

She adds that Mr Ngulube left a huge estate comprising 20 landed properties and that the process of gathering the assets took a considerable time while lawyers have been engaged to register the letters of administration against all the properties of the deceased as required by law.

Because of this scenario, administers are unable to distribute the properties to the named beneficiaries until the executor’s year is completed to allow us to gather and collect all the estate of the deceased for the benefit of all the beneficiaries.

(Mwebantu, Monday, 4th March, 2024)

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Mutale Mwanza says UTH doctor promised to fix her



IN defence to an assault lawsuit filed against her, media socialite Mutale Mwanza has submitted in court that the University Teaching Hospital doctor who sued her vowed to fix her during a traffic altercation between them.

Ms Mwanza has also dismissed the doctor’s submission that she approached her while carrying a gun in her hands.

She has however submitted that the gun in question was secured in her waist and covered by the long coat she was wearing on that day.

Ms Mwanza has also denied intimidating or threatening the plaintiff, Natasha Mulenga, who has sued her in the High Court over alleged assault and trauma which allegedly occurred last November.

In her documents, the plaintiff submitted that as she was driving home, she found a broken-down vehicle in Chainda area with traffic building behind it and decided to keep to her lane.

She submits that she decided to pass the scene in order for the built-up traffic to flow but before her vehicle passed the broken-down car, Ms Mwanza started flashing her lights at the doctor’s vehicle.

The plaintiff submitted that the journalist then decided to bypass the broken-down vehicle and joined her lane.

When Ms Mwanza blocked the doctor’s car, she (Ms Mwanza) disembarked from her car with a firearm in her right hand, approached the plaintiff’s vehicle while shouting and banging on it.

Dr Mulenga submitted that the incident caused her extreme trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, severe anxiety, physiological distress and sleep disorder.

She is demanding assault compensation.

But Ms Mwanza has dismissed the allegations and argues that the doctor is not entitled to the compensation she is seeking, accusing her of having a desire to address emotional grievances through legal means to remedy every “minor emotional distress she purports to have suffered”.

The defendant contends through her lawyers hat she never approached the doctor while carrying a gun because “the fire arm was firmly secured around her waist while she was wearing a long coat. It is presumed that the plaintiff may have observed the outline of the grip, leading to a misunderstanding”.

She adds that her decision to flash lights at the doctor was not to threaten her but indicate that she had already swerved to avoid the broken down vehicle.

Ms Mwanza said the doctor refused to reverse after she blocked traffic, a development which prevented her (Ms Mwanza) from manoeuvring backward due to the cars queued behind her.

She said during the period, Dr Mulenga was quarrelling with a bus conductor and that the physician was overheard shouting “Just because the defendant [Ms Mwanza] claims to be a celebrity, you expect me to reverse? I can’t”.

When Ms Mwanza approached Dr Mulenga, she submits that she politely asked her to reverse her vehicle but the physician refused and yelled while vowing to fix Ms Mwanza before reversing.

She maintains the doctor’s refusal to give way even after being requested to do so was irresponsible and dangerous.

(Mwebantu, Monday, 4th March, 2024)

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Retired Major arrested for defiling young maid



A retired Zambia Army major of Makeni Villa in Lusaka has been arrested for allegedly defiling a 15 year old girl who was working as a maid at his house.

Police deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale said the matter was reported to Police by the victim who alleged that she was defiled on several occasions by her guardian only identified as Mr Simutile aged 67.

He said the victim revealed that the suspect had canal knowledge of her on unknown dates, but between 2021 and 2023 at his house.

Mr Mwale said police initial investigations revealed that during the same period, the victim was working as a maid and her monthly pay was being sent direct to her parents in Siavonga District.

He said the victim alleged that Mr Simutile used to have canal knowledge of her when all other family members were not around at home.

“On March 2, 2024 around 16:30 hours, the victim told officers that she sneaked out of the house after she saw the suspect advancing towards her. She ran to the Police station where she reported the matter and immediately Police instituted investigations which led to the arrest of the suspect who was further identified to be a retired Major from the Zambia Army,” Mr Mwale said.

He said the victim, who was immediately moved to a Safe Home, is currently undergoing medical treatment while the suspect is detained in custody waiting to be formally charged.

(Mwebantu, Sunday, 3rd March, 2024)

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