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President Edgar Lungu graces Labour Day



PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has directed the Ministry of Labour and Social Security to expedite the process of coming up with the sector minimum wages.

This is aimed at protecting the rights of vulnerable categories of employees.

And the President Lungu has disclosed  that government, through the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services and Ministry of Labour and Social Security, is implementing the COVID-19 emergency cash transfer programme targeting 38,000 households in 20 districts.

In his message to commemorate Labour day, President Lungu said government has prioritised interventions aimed at supporting enterprises, safeguarding jobs and wealth creation in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This year’s theme, promoting industrialisation through productivity, decent work and sustainable economic growth amid COVID-19, emphasises the need for our country to remain resilient to the shocks arising from the pandemic and embark on the journey to economic recovery through industrialisation and boosting productivity. It calls upon us to adopt measures that would sustain the growth of the Zambian economy as a catalyst for increased job creation,” he said.

President Lungu also announced that government, through the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, has developed COVID-19 workplace safety and health guidelines meant to ensure that workplaces continue to operate optimally while guiding employers on how to reduce workers’ risk of exposure to COVID-19 at the workplace.

He urged all employers and employees to diligently apply the guidelines in order to minimise the spread of COVID-19 in workplaces, and subsequently minimise disruptions to the operations of the country’s businesses.

“Further, the extension of social security coverage to workers in the informal sector is a critical public policy matter now, more than ever before. This is in recognition of the fact that the informal sector in Zambia employs well over 68 percent of the labour force.,” he said

He said despite the challenges in the economy, the national pension scheme authority has so far registered 37,142 informal sector employees.

“In addition, government issued statutory instrument number 13 of 2021 to protect domestic workers from employment-related injuries and illnesses through the workers compensation fund control board,” President Lungu said.

He said government has continued with the programme on job creation and operationalisation of industrial yards and cluster development aimed at providing an enabling physical space for entrepreneurs in woodwork, automotive mechanics and metal fabrication, among others.

The President said government has over the past one year created 5,237 jobs under the Lake Tanganyika project through a covid-19 relief package of USD200,000.

“Further, my government has provided employment opportunities to youth by empowering 93,444 out of the targeted 150, 000.It is gratifying that 49 percent of these beneficiaries are females. this is how it should be.In 2020, government, through the ministry of gender, empowered over 2,500 women cooperatives countrywide with various agricultural and value addition equipment. This action enabled 37,500 vulnerable women to have an income at household level. to underscore government’s commitment to empowering women, the 2021 budget has been increased by 268 percent,” he said.

He also commended all employers and workers for keeping the wheels of the economy moving despite the many challenge faced such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

President Lungu urged the labour movement and employer organisations to continue working together on national matters.

He called on employers to continue seeking innovative ways of sustaining their businesses in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Mosi premium lager goes green: a celebration of national pride



AS an iconic and truly Zambian beer that is well loved at home and abroad, Mosi Premium Lager has been a beacon of national pride and culture through the many years. While offering great taste to consumers, the internationally-awarded beer for quality has taken on an exciting refreshed look. Inspired by the vast greens in our beautiful country, the popular beer has decided to go green as a step to not only tasting great but also keeping up with the times and offering a progressive and stylish looking beer. Identifying Mosi Premium Lager with a colour that symbolises our national spirit of oneness is an effort to combine the youthful energy of the beer with the green elements in our everyday lives as Zambians.

From hosting the country’s biggest music festival to empowering the arts and design industry, Zambian Breweries has often brought Zambians together in celebration of truly Zambian moments inspired by Mosi Premium Lager. “In our landscape, our great people and delicious food of this country, we believe that being Zambian should be embraced and celebrated. Despite our differences, we can all agree that the most phenomenal Zambian moments are better experienced together. The ‘Our Green’ campaign is about us sticking together as Zambians and celebrating the national treasure we all share in Mosi Premium Lager. And that is why we brought all these Zambian inspired Greens together for Mosi’s new look as a symbol of our unity despite our differences”, said Zambian Breweries Country Director Jose Moran.

Mosi Premium Lager will embark on highlighting the diversity in the greens across the country in promotional activities that will showcase the new look and high energy of the brand. Consumers can look forward to experiencing the iconic beer that they love with an undeniably better look in the comfort of their homes or safely outside of their homes as we combat the on-going coronavirus pandemic and the world begins to slowly open up. Further details of the “Go Green” campaign can be found on the Mosi Premium Lager social media pages on Facebook and Instagram using hashtag #OurMosiOurGreen.

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Zambia’s High Com. to South Africa Maj. Gen. Miti (rtd) assures SADC countries that the August 12 elections in Zambia will adhere to the tenets of democracy



ZAMBIA’S High Commissioner to South Africa Major General Jackson Miti has assured the Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries that the August 12 elections in Zambia will adhere to the tenets of democracy.

Major Miti said Zambia envisages holding a free and fair election just like it has been the case in the past elections.

He was speaking at the SADC Heads of Mission meeting in Pretoria, South Africa.

Major Miti mentioned that international and local election observers have been invited to ensure that the electoral process was credible.

He also said election campaigns would be held under strict COVID-19 guidelines and protocols.

The diplomat also expressed gratitude to SADC member countries over their goodwill messages ahead of this year’s tripartite elections.

And SADC Head of Mission chairperson His Excellency General Paulino Macaringue urged Zambia to ensure that democracy thrived in the forthcoming elections.

General Macaringue, who is also Mozambican High Commissioner to South Africa, said democracy should be the ultimate winner in the elections.

This is contained in a statement by First Secretary Press and Public Relations at the Zambia High Commission in South Africa, Naomi Nyawali.

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The Body of late H.E. Dr. Joseph Chilengi, Zambian ambassador to Turkey returns home today



THE body of late Ambassador of the Republic of Zambia to the Republic of Turkey, Joseph Chilengi, will arrive in Lusaka today at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport aboard a Turkish Military Aircraft at 20:30 hours.

According to a statement issued, Secretary to the Cabinet Dr Simon Miti said President Edgar Lungu has since accorded Dr Chilengi an official funeral.

He said the burial will take place on Monday May 17 at Leopards Hill Memorial Park in Lusaka preceded by a funeral church service at Miracle Life Church in Roma Township off Zambezi Road at 10:00 hours.

Dr Miti said President Lungu has to the effect declared Monday a day of national mourning in honor of Ambassador Chilengi.

“During the period of national mourning all flags will fly at half-mast while activities of entertainment in nature should be suspended from 06:00 hours to 18:00 hours.
Members of the public are further advised that in line with the public health guidelines on preventing the further spread of Covid-19 at public gatherings, attendance at the Official Funeral Church Service and burial at the Leopards Hill Memorial Park has been restricted to 250 invited family members and representatives of the Government,” he said.

Ambassador Chilengi died on Tuesday 11th May, 2021 at Güven Hospital in Ankara where he was receiving medical attention.

(Picture by Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

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Foxdale Forest – Phase 2 Selling


15 May 2021, 5:57 AM (GMT)

Zambia Stats

92,409 Total Cases
1,260 Deaths
90,777 Recovered

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