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Police, ZICTA arrest more online scammers



POLICE have charged and arrested Maxwell Mwamba aged 29 of unknown house number Acacia park, Chilanga a proprietor of a Facebook account “My TV Zambia” on allegations of Obtaining Money by False pretences amounting to Four Million, Seven Hundred and Ninety Eight thousand, Two hundred and Ninety Nine kwacha which he is allegedly to have obtained between 2019 and December, 2021.

Police Spokesperson Rea Hamoonga told Mwebantu in a statement, that it is alleged that the suspect advertised appliances such as televisions, radios and cellphones on the said platform, and members of the public would send money via airtel money and an invoice would be issued but would not receive the item paid for.

Mr Hamoonga noted that the Police working in conjunction with ZICTA recovered seven sim cards and three cell phones used to scam people, and so far 10 dockets have been opened.

“We are appealing to members of the public who may have been swindled to report at Chelston Police station.The suspect is detained in custody and will appear in court soon,” he said.

And in a related development police working in conjunction with ZICTA managed to apprehend Paul Kawewe aged 22 of Mtendere East and recovered 19 sim cards from him used for scamming people to a tune of One Million Kwacha.

Mr Hamoonga said the suspect is in custody facing one count of impersonation and five counts of obtaining money by false pretences.

He added that he has since been officially charged and arrested for the subject offences.

Mr Hamoonga further said this was after police had received a report of impersonation on 16th December,2021 from Mr Chanda Brian aged 20 of unknown house number Chalala, a businessman dealing in the supply of clothing and accessories that an unknown person was impersonating him by advertising his products through a fake instagram page called “Chanda Brian 2000” and would collect money from unsuspecting members of the public via Airtel money. This occurred between 2019 and 16th December, 2021.

“Zambia Police Service would like to appeal to the general public to be weary of online scammers that have mushroomed on the cyber space due to the increased use of online purchase which has been necessitated by the advert of Covid -19 pandemic,” he said.

“We want to urge the general public not to engage with any online trading platform without conducting a due diligent search on such online trading platform. In instances where they are not sure they can engage well established and reputable online trading platforms,”


Who is the father of the Child?



Who is the father of the Child?

By Dickson Jere

WHO is the father of the child? This was the question that confronted the High Court for Zambia in an interesting case involving the sharing of assets of the deceased “child” who died intestate. It appears the case is the first of its kind in Zambia and the High Court had to borrow authorities from the US jurisdiction to solve the puzzle.

You see, a man fathered a child whom he did not recognize or support throughout his life even though the birth certificate carried his surname. But when obtaining the NRC, the mother of the child changed his surname to hers because the father of the child was nowhere to be seen. In short, the biological father disappeared!

At 35 years, the “child” died and left some property forming his estate. The biological father reappeared and demanded for his share in line with the Intestate Succession Act of Zambia. Parents are entitled to benefit from the child estate under the Zambian law.
So, the man sued in the High Court demanding for his share of his son’s estate whom he did not support in the first place.

“Child support is a factor because parents or a parent as a matter of duty is lawfully and naturally expected to support his/her child,” High Court Judge Charles Zulu said in his judgment.

But the question that the court needed to answer was whether such a father who abandoned his child can benefit from the estate of the same child on account that he was a biological father.

“The Applicant cannot now make a U-turn and unjustly enrich himself from the estate of the child he unceremoniously disowned and deserted,” the Judge ruled.

“Fishing out documents evidencing that he was recorded as the biological father, does not negate his paternity denials…” the Court further held.

I agree with the decision of the Court on this matter. To be a father, one has to prove beyond just being biological. More must be adduced.

This latest case can be contrasted with another one involving a Kenyan man who died Intestate in Zambia but had a longtime girlfriend whom he was looking after. She sued under the Intestate Succession Act claiming to be entitled to the share of the estate as a “dependent” and the High Court ruled in her favour. (See Oparacha case)

Anyway, to avoid such drama, just write a Will!

Read the full judgment in the case of Nicholas Quintino Chavunga v Stephanus Roos and Janet Roos – 2020/HPF/519

(Mwebantu, Wednesday, January 26th, 2022)

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28-year-old woman, who stole a 4-month-old baby boy from a church premises, jailed 4 years 



THE Lusaka Magistrates’ Court has sentenced a 28-year-old woman of Kalikiliki Township to four years simple imprisonment for stealing a 4-month-old baby boy from a church premises.

Doreen Mwansa was charged with one count of child stealing and she pleaded guilty.

She stole the baby on October 23 last year in Lusaka.

According to facts which she said were true and correct, Mwansa wanted to deprive Mary Sikazwe of her baby Jackson Sikazwe, a child under the age of 16.

It was heard that on the material day, the baby’s mother went for a crusade at Bauleni School in Lusaka.

While she went outside to change the diaper of the baby, Mwansa came to help babysit while the mother went to get another diaper.

When the mother to the baby returned, she did not find Mwansa and looked for her but to no avail.

The matter was reported to police and ZNBC with pictures of the baby revealed.

On 26 October, 2021, the grandmother to the baby received a phone call from a good Samaritan who informed her that the neighbors suspected that Mwansa had a stolen baby after hearing the baby crying.

The residents locked the house and asked the accused to identify the
baby and she failed.

The residents waited for the baby’s mother to arrive and when she did, she retrieved the baby and reported the matter to Bauleni Police Station leading to Mwansa’s arrest.
In passing sentence, magistrate Hamaundu found her guilty of the offence upon her own admission of guilt.

The magistrate sentenced her to four years, saying this will operate as a lesson to other would-be-offenders.

(Mwebantu, Wednesday, January 26th, 2022)

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LCC initiates investigations into the selling of ‘dead’ chickens at Soweto market by some unscrupulous traders



SOME traders at Lusaka’s Soweto Market have been picked up to help with investigations into the selling of ‘dead’ chickens to the community.

This was after Lusaka City Mayor Chilando Chitangala led a team of councilors and members of staff under public health department to Soweto market for a fact finding mission.

The mission was in relation with reports that some women order dead chickens which are sold to unsuspecting people in the community.

Council chief whip Patrick Salubusa said in a statement that the chickens commonly called as mortality chickens, are allegedly distributed in most of the restaurants within Soweto market.

He said some people have since been picked up to help with investigations.

“The operation ended with some people being picked up for further interrogations at civic center but the mayor did not leave Soweto market without doing some shopping and interacting with both traders and customers amidst as she talked about the importance of having a clean, green and healthy environment,” he said.

(Mwebantu, Tuesday, January 25th, 2022)

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Foxdale Forest – Phase 2 Selling


26 Jan 2022, 6:31 AM (GMT)

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