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Police grant UPND member Frank Tayali and three others bond



UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) Ndola Central Constituency Parliamentary candidate Frank Tayali fell sick this afternoon while in police custody.

And the police have granted Tayali and three others police bond.

The four were detained on Tuesday around 15:00 hours.

The four include Tayali, Luckson Chisenga,  Henry Kabwebwe and Constance Chanda.

Tayali was charged malicious damage to a police vehicle while Kabwebwe and Chisenga were charged with conduct likely to cause breach of peace.

Constance was picked for being in the group of other party members who had gone to give solidarity during the questioning of Tayali.

However, Tayali fell sick in the morning and was rushed to Ndola Teaching Hospital for treatment.

Ndola District chairman Joseph phiri complained that it is not in order for  police to deny everyone to see the detainees and not even allowing the medical personnel to attend to Tayali who’s hypertensive.

However, Tayali was released from detention at Ndola Teaching Hospital bed where his bond papers where signed.

Phiri said this was after many efforts to have him attend to his condition in privacy without the police.

“So when he was taken to the hospital, we remained at the police fighting to sign him bond. We have managed at the end by 16:50 hours and signed his bond papers from the hospital where he was told to go home after treatment. We are hopeful that he will get better and report back to campaigns,” said Phiri.


Recruitment turnout a wake up call, says CCZ



THE Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) says government should monitor the current recruitment of public service workers which is an eye opener of the unemployment levels in the country.

In a statement, Council general secretary reverend Canon Emmanuel Chikoya said Council acknowledges government’s efforts in fighting unemployment in the country but believes there is need to grow and support the private sector which is key in supplementing its efforts in the same vein.

Commenting on the current recruitment of Enumerators that will help in the 2022 Census exercise, father Chikoya urged government to conduct the process in a transparent manner adding that this is the only way public confidence can be maintained.

“The turnout of over 20,000 candidates for  aptitude test against the 3,000 that are needed for Lusaka only is alarming, ” Fr Chikoya said.

“But, it’s encouraging to see government recruiting in large numbers. Our hope is that government efforts will be supported and supplemented by the private sector,” he said.

And the general secretary has called on the Church and small medium enterprises to promote entrepreneurship and long term jobs rather than focus on temporal jobs that offer temporal relief.

“Census jobs are temporal, they offer temporal relief. What we need are permanent jobs that are long term in nature, such jobs can be in investments or entrepreneurship.  Therefore, all key stakeholders inclusive of the Church should all play a role in achieving this noble goal,” Father Chikoya said.

(Mwebantu, Saturday, August 6th, 2022)

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Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) officers drag a business man off a plane in Lusaka, while he was attempting to flee the country over a case he is accused of corrupt practices



SURYA Energy Limited Exports Manager, Aditya Arora,38, of Lusaka’s Rhodes park area has been arrested for corrupt practices involving a K4,000 after he tried to flee the country.

Aditya is believed to have bribed a named officer from the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) in order for him to have his oil tankers included on a list of tankers that had been inspected and were due for inclusion in a petroleum products transportation licence.

Aditya who had already boarded that plan was removed and apprehended at Kenneth Kaunda Airport in Lusaka .

Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Spokesperson Queen Chibwe said Aditya has been detained and is expected to appear in court on Monday.

“The arrest follows investigations in which it was established that Aditya offered a bribe of K4,000.00 to a named officer of the Energy Regulations Board (ERB) in order for the officer to include an oil tanker on a list of tankers that had been inspected and were due for inclusion in a petroleum products transportation licence.

Investigations have revealed that in May this year, Surya Energy Limited applied to have six oil tankers inspected by ERB for purposes of their inclusion in their road transportation license for petroleum products,” she said

She said the license that Surya Energy Limited had was valid till July 2024 and it has been established that on July 1st , this year, Surya Energy Limited only made four tankers available for inspection out of the six at their Mungwi Road garage.

“Following the inspection, approval was granted for the four tankers to be included in the road transportation license for petroleum products.

However, Aditya Arora later sent K4,000 as a bribe to a named ERB Officer who was one of the inspectors to facilitate the addition of another tanker on the list of inspected tankers for inclusion in the license. The ERB officer rejected the bribe and reported the issue to his superiors, who passed it on to the ACC,” she said.

Ms Chibwe added that in relation to the same matter, the Commission has also recorded a warn and caution statement from Aditya’s lawyer Mwansa Chambaila of Ituna Partners, Lusaka, for giving false information to an officer of the Commission.

“Mwansa is alleged to have provided information to the effect that Aditya was scheduled to travel out of the country on August 5th, 2022 when in fact Aditya was scheduled to travel the previous day, August 4th 2022. Alert officers managed to track Aditya and had him removed from the plane which he had already boarded.Aditya is detained in Police custody and is expected to appear in court on Monday August 8th 2022,for mention,” she said.

(Mwebantu, Friday, August 5th, 2022)

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China committed to helping Zambia achieve debt restructure



CHINA has reiterated it’s commitment to ensuring that Zambia undergoes a smooth debt restructuring process.

Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Du Xiaohui said with joint efforts, Zambia will achieve the debt restructuring program.

Mr Xiaohui said China and Zambia are friends who have a bilateral agreement to help foster development.

Mr Xiaohui during a round table meeting at the Mulungushi conference center today said that friendship is important and that is why China , through it’s bilateral corporation with Zambia is helping undertake the debt restructuring.

“Your concern, is our concern. That is what we call brotherhood. For the debt issue, we did not want to go through it using the G20 frame work channel, because we think bilateral cooperation is best, but our friends Zambia wanted to do it within the G20 frame work and so as China we agreed with the request,” he said.

He said that the talks on debt restructuring have taken a positive turn,because with only two meetings, a very important consensus has been achieved.

Mr Xiaohui said China was in talks with Zambia over a number of projects which were part of debt restructuring and that was why China, as co-chair in the debt restructuring process was committed to ensuring that Zambia met it’s target of development.

He also stated that China was an important cooperating partner for Zambia for markets such as mining which would see to Zambia going forward in terms of development.

“With joint efforts , we can attain development. We want development for Zambia and for it to have a normal restart. Issues of development should not have a negative effect and so we are committed to the corporation that we have,” he said.

(Mwebantu, Thursday, August 4th, 2022)

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