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Police arrest two truck drivers for attempting to steal copper they were entrusted with



POLICE on the Copperbelt have arrested two truck drivers for attempting to steal copper which they were entrusted with.

This is in a matter in which one of the suspects reported that criminals had hijacked a truck laden with copper blisters which he was driving after the said truck had a tyre burst.

Police spokesperson Esther Katongo said the incident is alleged to have occurred between September 04 at 17 00 hours and September this year at 04 hours.

Mrs Katongo said the complainant aged 30, who is a driver of Tanzanian origin and whose names have been withheld, purported that he was attacked by four criminals as he was coming from Congo through the Nakonde border proceeding to Tanzania.

She said the truck was laden with Copper blisters.

Mrs Katongo said the driver lied that when he passed through the Kalulushi Toll gate along Sabina Road , he had a tyre burst and that it was at that point when criminals hijacked the truck after tying him to a tree in a nearby bush but managed to untie himself the following morning and reported the matter to police.

She said when police officers followed up the matter they managed to recover the truck from the bush near magazine dumpsite and the 30 blisters of copper were not in any way tempered with.

Mrs Katongo said officers further established that there was no indication of a tyre burst as alleged by the complainant.

“Further investigations have revealed that the complainant was not the actual driver of the truck hence police have managed to apprehend the actual driver from Kasumbalesa border,” Mrs Katongo said.

She said police suspect that the crime was connivance between the suspects and other persons unknown to sell the copper.

Mrs Katongo said those arrested are in police custody and will appear in court soon.

“As Zambia police, we have observed through investigations that most reports on copper thefts from trucks turn out to be connivance involving people entrusted with the goods,” she said.


A former UTH labtech commits suicide in unclear circumstances.



A FORMER University Teaching Hospital (UTH) laboratory technician has committed suicide in unclear circumstances.

Briden Kakonkanya is believed to have resided in Kaunda Square stage one of Lusaka.

In a media statement, Police spokespersoon Rae Hamoonga said Mr Kakonkanya’s body was discovered by Lubasi Namangulwa aged 35 of house number 26/16 Ng’ombe compound, a Security officer employed by Pre secure who on his way from work.

He said Mr Namangulwa discovered Mr Kakonkanya’s body hanging lifeless from a tree with a green rope tied around his neck.

Mr Hamoonga said the suicide is suspected to have occurred between Sunday 17th October,2021 at unknown time and Monday 18th October,2021 around 07:00 hours at Munali Secondary School grounds in Lusaka.

He said the scene  was visited and officers found Mr Kakonkanya’s body.

He said the deceased is suspected to be aged between 50 and 55.

Mr Hamoonga said no foul play was suspected.

“Upon reaching UTH mortuary, the deceased body was identified as Mr Kakonkanya a former employee of UTH laboratory who worked as a laboratory technician and resided in Kaunda Square stage one of Lusaka.The deceased body was deposited in UTH mortuary awaiting post mortem,” he said.

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Vocal powerhouses… Esther Chungu and Wezi to feature at the Stanbic Music Festival



Are you ready for a soulful and inspiring session? Our two songstresses Esther Chungu and Wezi have got you covered! Both vocal powerhouses are no strangers to the Stanbic Music Festival stage with Wezi making her fourth appearance and Esther returning for her second time around.

One thing we guarantee is these two Zambian songbirds will take you on an uplifting musical adventure that will have you singing along and giving thanks for life and loved ones. You can worry about snacks and drinks; we have your playlist sorted. Get ready for a memorable and mind-blowing night!

#OneStage #TwoLegends #OneNight #StanbicDoesMusic

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NAREP president Stephen Nyirenda in property legal battle with wife



NATIONAL Restoration Party (NAREP) president Stephen Nyirenda has sued his wife Lesa Kasoma in the Lusaka High Court for forging his signature and fraudulently adding her name to his property title deed.

In a statement of claim, Nyirenda who is Muvi television proprietor, wants the court to nullify the title deed for his farm in Roma township because his wife allegedly added herself as a joint tenant.

He also wants the court to order cancellation of the certificate of title of Subdivision A of Subdivision No 175 of Farm No 44a situated in Roma, Lusaka issued in his wife’s name as a joint tenant because she forged his signature.

And Nyirenda wants the court to compel the Ministry of Lands to re-issue the certificate of title in his name as it appeared prior to the fraudulent deed of moiety lodged on June 19, 2019 by Lesa.

He is further claiming damages for loss of commercial business opportunity and pecuniary benefit suffered during the joint tenancy and any other reliefs the court might deem fit.

Nyirenda explained that he bought the farm in 1995 and started developing on it in 1996.

He stated that he uses the place for commercial transaction with local banking institutions.

Nyirenda stated that he moved into the premises in 2001 and his wife had beenstaying at the same place.

He stated that he noticed the title deed of the farm was missing and when he asked his wife about it, she never gave

a proper answer but kept on changing on its whereabouts until he threatened to report her to the police.

Nyirenda stated that she surrendered the title deed to him on August 27, 2021 but it looked new and had an additional of his wife’s name.

He stated that Lesa forged his signature, adding that she was in a habit of forging his signature on documents to suit her needs.

Nyirenda stated that he has never executed a deed of moiety with Lesa over the farm and the signature purported to be his appearing on the deed of moiety was forged and fraudulently obtained.

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Foxdale Forest – Phase 2 Selling


20 Oct 2021, 5:30 AM (GMT)

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