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Over 1,000 children were last year abused countrywide, police say



OVER 1000 children were last year abused countrywide, with girls standing at 79 percent.

Meanwhile, Gender Based Violence 2021 second quarter data analysis has seen a 1.9 % reduction.

Giving an update on the victim support unit 2021 second quarter GBV data analysis,Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo said 1,104 child victims were abused countrywide.

She however said there is a reduction as compared to 2020 in which 4,409 of GBV cases were recorded.

“4,324 cases of Gender Based Violence were reported Countrywide during the Second Quarter of 2021 compared to the Second Quarter of 2020 in which 4,409 cases of GBV were recorded, showing a reduction by 85 cases translating to a 1.9% reduction. The 2021 Second Quarter Gender Based Violence disaggregated data indicates that 1,104 Child Victims were abused countrywide representing 25.5% of all victims of Gender Based Violence. Out of the 1,104 children, 872 were girls representing 79% while 232 were boys representing 21% of all abused child victims respectively. 2,687 women and 533 men were abused countrywide representing 62.1% and 12.3% respectively,” Mrs Katongo said.

She further said during the period under review, the Victim Support Unit counseled a total of 2,056 people for criminal offences comprising of 1,358 victims and 698 offenders.

“1,824 were counseled for non-criminal offences comprising of 1,077 females, 318 males, 161 girls and 92 boys bringing the total number of people counseled to 3,880. The 2021 Second Quarter GBV Crime Report shows that 804 Sexual Offenses were recorded representing 18.6% of all the reported cases. Out of these, 590 victims were girls translating to 73.4%, 202 victims were women translating to 25.1%, 11 victims were boys translating to 1.4%, whilst 01 victim was a man translating to 0.1%,” she said

Mrs Katongo said 576 cases of child defilement translating to 71.6% were recorded of which 571 were girls and 5 were boys, representing 99.1% and 0.9% of all the reported cases.

Mrs Katongo said Lusaka Province recorded the highest number of child defilement cases with 224 cases translating to 38.9% of all child defilement cases reported country wide.

She added that Central Province recorded 67 cases translating to 11.6%, followed by Southern Province with 60 cases translating to 10.4%.

“Eastern Province recorded 57cases translating to10% and Muchinga Province recorded 38cases translating to 6.6% of all the reported defilement cases. Copperbelt and Western recorded 33 cases each translating to 5.7% respectively. North Western Province recorded 29cases translating to 05%. Northern Province recorded 19 cases translating to 3.3%. Luapula Province and Airport Division recorded 08 cases each translating to 1.4% respectively. Still under Sexual Offences; 123 rape cases were reported of which all victims were women.”

Mrs Katongo said 15 attempted rape cases were recorded during the period under review.

” The country also recorded 55 cases of indecent Assault out of which 40 victims were women, 13 girls, 01 man and 01 boy. 13 cases of incest were recorded in which 10 victims were women and 03 were girls. Out of the 1,862 cases of Assault OABH, 1,534 victims were females translating to 82.4% while 328 were males translating to 17.6%. 05 cases of Grievously Bodily Harm (GBH) were also recorded during the period under review of which 03 victims’ were females and 02 males translating to 60%, and 40% respectively.”

“Western Province recorded 276 cases translating to 14.8%. Muchinga Province recorded 206 translating 11.1% of all Assault OAHB cases reported countrywide. Eastern Province recorded 204 representing 11%, Copperbelt 191 cases representing 10.3%. Central Province recorded 188 representing 10.1%. North-Western Province recorded 142 cases representing 7.6%. Southern Province recorded 108 cases representing 5.8%.Northern Province recorded 55 cases translating to 2.9%, Tazara recorded 44 translating to 2.4%, Luapula, records 19 cases representing 01% of all reported GBV cases,” Mrs Katongo said


Police look for people who tortured a man in Lusaka



POLICE in Lusaka are calling on the public to report criminals among them one clad in a United Party for National Development (UPND) baret for torturing a man at Soweto Market in Lusaka.

In a video circulating on social media some  criminals are seen torturing the unidentified male adult.

Police spokesperson Esther Katongo has appealed to members of the public who could have identified any of the thugs in the video to report to the police without delay.

She further calls on the victim in the video  to report the matter to police for justice to prevail.

“Police shall not tolerate anyone that would deliberately commit crime with impunity, not even under the guise of politics,” she said.

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Love triangle led to stabbing of Lusaka man, police say



A LOVE triangle has ended in a bloody fight after a 29 year old man stabbed his ex girlfriend’s boyfriend aged 40 out of rage.

Police spokespersoon Esther Katongo said officers have since arrested Mwamba Nonde aged 29 of Zingalume area in Lusaka for allegedly stabbing  Emmanuel Sichula aged 40 who he suspected to have been having an intimate relationship with his ex girlfriend .

In a statement,Mrs Katongo said Racheal Goma  29 of Soweto Compound reported that her boyfriend Mr Nonde was stabbed  by her former boy friend, Sichula.

Mrs Katongo said Mr Nonde sustained multiple cuts on the forehead, left shoulder, back of the head and belly leaving him with protruding intestines while the woman who reported the matter sustained cuts on the left ear and neck.

“This occured on 15th September,  2021 between 22:45 hours and 23:30 hours at Simbeye Bar in Soweto, Zingalume area when the assailant met the victim with the woman,” she said.

Mrs Katongo said the victim was rushed to George clinic where he was later referred to UTH in a critical condition.

“Police today  arrested the suspect who went into hiding after committing the crime and is currently  detained in police custody for two counts of unlawful wounding,” she said.

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Court hears how a 32 year old woman dumped her newborn baby in a pit latrine



THE Ndola High Court has heard how a 32 year old woman  dumped her newborn baby in a pit latrine after she delivered.

This is in a case in which Lydia Mweshi is charged with infanticide contrary to section 203 of the Penal Code.

When the matter came up for trial before Ndola High Court judge Daniel Musonda, Mweshi pleaded guilty and was convicted after she admitted.

According to facts presented by National Prosecutions Authority state advocate, Innocent Kamunga, On December 9, last year, police in Chipulukusu received information that an infant had been dumped in a toilet.

Mr Kamunga said the information was received from a concerned member of the Chipulukusu community after the infant was heard crying while in the pit latrine.

He said acting on the information, police instituted through investigations which led to the apprehension of Mweshi.

Mr Kamunga said Mweshi was then taken to Ndola Teaching Hospital where it was confirmed by medical personnel that she had recently given birth.

He said on the same day the infant was retrieved with the help of the Fire Brigade and was taken to Arthur Davison Children’s Hospital but was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Mr Kamunga informed court that the postmortem conducted by Dr Volodymyr Petrenko revealed the cause of death of the child as asphyxia of the immature due to an undetermined cause.

“Subsequently, the accused was charged and arrested with the offence of infanticide. The accused person unlawfully did cause the death of the infant,” he said.

In her mitigations, through her lawyer, Chisala Bwalya, Mweshi regretted causing the death of her child.

Mrs Bwalya said the time spent in custody, Mweshi had time to reflect on her mischief and is ashamed of herself.

She said her client has two toddlers whom she left with mother and the same depend on her

“My Lord, my client has promised not to engage herself in criminality. She prays to the court to be lenient with her as death of her baby will forever haunt her,” Mrs Bwalya said.

Judge Musonda has reserved sentence in the matter to September 20 this year.

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