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Obama left us good speeches



By Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

IT is now an established fact, that some of our own brothers and sisters, have always aided foreigners in implementing harmful programs against Africa, the looting and exploitation of its mineral, forest and water resources, and the deliberate impoverishment of communities.

So the current debate on homosexuality, theft of public resources and corruption attracted me to discuss the legacy of one the world’s historical figures-Barack Obama.

Barack Obama, a historic president because he was United State’s first black president, presided over a somewhat less than historic presidency!

For Africa, we shall remember him by his aggressive pro- abortion and pro LGBTQ programs.

It all started shortly in 2012 before his second term, Obama deployed his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton to the United Nations Human Right Council Conference in Geneva.

She delivered a “landmark” speech proclaiming that “gay rights are human rights”.

She also announced the U.S.’s first government-worldwide policy to push for the decriminalization of homosexuality overseas, especially in sub-saharan Africa and Latin America.

Instead of appreciating and upholding the strong traditions and culture, these regions were instead, deemed to be highly homophobic in practice and in their laws.

This marked Obama’s active export of gay rights to Africa.

He deployed his diplomats and secured hundreds of millions of dollars directly to these countries and with United Nations agencies.

The aim was to try to mainstream gay issues, block anti-gay laws, punish countries that enacted them, and tie financial assistance to the respect for LGBTQ rights.

Obama hoped that by the end of his presidency, he would make Africa gay-friendly(sic).

In contrast, for all the issues around his predecessor George W Bush, his policies and his misadventures in the Middle East, Bush left Africa with the Millennium Challenge Account Programme and the President’s Emergency Fund for Aids Relief in Africa(PEPFAR).

Bush’s enduring popularity in Africa is because of this health initiative.

The President’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief(PEPFAR), remains one of the biggest global health initiatives in history.

Begun in 2003 and covering some 50 countries, Pepfar has saved the lives of over 13m people living with HIV-AIDS, mostly in Africa, by providing them with anti-retroviral drugs.

The scheme, which has cost $80bn to date, has also prevented some 2.2m children from being infected through mother-to-child transmission.

Unlike many questionable development programs, these two programs work!

The Millennium Challenge Account equally is devoted to infrastructure projects, and the program has invested in the people and has promoted economic freedom among communities.

These two programs have helped Africa in its development quest and helped halt the spread of AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis.

But Obama left us with just good speeches.

He will be sadly remembered in Africa for implementing one of the most aggressive LGBTQ programs ever seen and we are still reeling from its effects.

So before you blame the slave driver, before you castigate the colonialist and the lurking neo-colonialist, just remember that it is always one of our own brothers and sisters, who have aided, participated and supported the aggression against Africa.

In slavery, there were traditional authorities that gave away our people.

During colonialism and imperialism, it’s our own traditional authorities and councils that signed mining agreements and gave away mineral resources and land.

Even now, before we condemn the colonialists, let us check the role of our own brothers and sisters, who could be stealing and looting public resources, traditional leaders who could be giving and parceling out large tracts of land meant for the poor and our heritage, and those smart technocrats working in government and NGOs who could be actively participating in the swift implementation of LGBTQ programs in Zambia!

So as we say no to homosexuality, let us remember that our people have always frowned upon theft of public resources, and acts of corruption, with simliar strong disdain as homosexuality.

Bane, naya ku Nairobi, Kenya, God bless you.

The author is Zambia’s Ambassador to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and Permanent Representative to the African Union(AU) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa(ECA) based in Addis Ababa.


Zambia Police Service records 14,569 criminal cases countrywide from July to September, 2021



THE ZAMBIA Police Service says it recorded 14,569 criminal cases countrywide during the period July to September 2021compared to 14119 cases recorded under the same period in the year 2020.

And the police say a total of 7,633 arrests were made representing an arrest rate of 52.39% as compared to 7829 arrests made in 2020 which represented 55.45%.

Police Spokesperson Rea Hamoonga told #Mwebantu in a statement that the number of cases reported escalated by 450 representing a 3.08% increase.

Mr Hamoonga said Lusaka province recorded the highest number of cases accounting for 26.08% followed by Copperbelt province with 14.89% of the total cases reported country wide.

He said Muchinga province recorded the lowest number of cases at 3.04%.

Mr Hamoonga added that Southern, Eastern and North-Western provinces recorded 11.82%, 10.68% and 9.27% respectively.

“Luapula province recorded 7.47% while Central recorded 6.83%. Northern recorded 5.11%, Western 4.75%,” He said.

“We recorded a reduction in the arrest rate in the third quarter of the year 2021 as compared to the year 2020,”.

He added that the total value of property stolen in the third quarter of 2021 is K87,817,906=00 as compared to K111,617,367=00 stolen under the same period in the year 2020 representing 21.32% reduction.

He further said the total value of property recovered is K14,206,552=00 compared to K11,812,723=00 recovered under the same period in the year 2020 representing 16.85% increase in property recovered.

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My wife has a boyfriend, a Mr. Mubanga, Keith Mukata tells Court



KEITH Mukata has complained to the Lusaka High Court that his wife and her alleged boyfriend have been calling him a criminal.

He also stated that his wife Maricoh Roisin Hoare Mukata and her boyfriend, a Mr Mubanga, have been inciting his children and workers to turn against him.

Meanwhile, Mukata has submitted that it was impossible for him to harass Maricoh from a house where she does not live in.

Early this month, Maricoh filed for divorce on grounds that her husband denied her conjugal rights for three years.

However, Maricoh explained in her divorce petition that in 2018, she fell pregnant for Mukata after prison authorities gave her chance to have sex with him during a prison visit.

Maricoh stated that their marriage has broken down irretrievably for the reason that Mukata has behaved in such a way that she cannot be reasonably expected to continue living with him as there is no love and affection.

Maricoh has applied for an order of injunction to retrain her husband,

relatives, employees or agents from going near her home or work place until the matter is determined.

But Makata has opposed the protection order which his wife is seeking, saying it was impossible for him to harass her because she does not live in his house.

He complained that it was in fact Maricoh and her boyfriend Mubanga who have been belligerent towards him and have been calling him a criminal even to his children.

He accused Maricoh and her lover of inciting his children, workers and people in general to turn against him.

“I have since reported the petitioner and Mubanga who is her boyfriend to police for criminal defamation,” stated Mukata.

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DEC arrests Lusaka man for fraudulently withdrawing over K 3 million belonging to members of staff from a named Ministry



A BUSINESSMAN of Lusaka has been arrested for fraudulently withdrawing over K3million belonging to members of staff from a named Ministry.

Shadreck Matabishi, 45 of Plot 55504 in Chalala off Shantumbu Road was arrested for theft and money laundering.

In a media statement issued to Mwebantu, Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) assistant public relations officerJulie Mukumwa, said Mr Matabishi was arrested for theft of K3,533,770.51 from a named Ministry.

She alleged that Mr Matabishi fraudulently withdrew money over the counter on names of other people as beneficiaries and mostly members of staff from the named Ministry without the knowledge of the beneficiaries.

Ms Mukumwa said the suspect has been charged with theft and money laundering.

Meanwhile, in a separate incident a suspect identified as Moses Chali Lukumba, 20 of Chirundu Town has been arrested for engaging in buying and selling of foreign currency without a Bank of Zambia Licence.

She said  Lukumba has also been arrested for being in possession of property namely ZMW1,950 and USD560, suspected to be proceeds of crime and for engaging in money laundering activities by way of engaging directly or indirectly into a business transaction using the proceeds of crime.

“The suspect has be charged for engaging in buying and selling of foreign currency without a Bank of Zambia Licence contrary to Section 6 (2) of the Banking and Finance Services Act No.2017 as read together with the regulation 8 of the Banking and Financial Service regulation 2003 of the Laws of Zambia, possession of property suspected to be proceeds of crime contrary to Section 71 of the Forfeiture of Proceeds of Crime Act 19 of 2010 of the Laws of Zambia and money laundering contrary to Section 7 of Act 14 of 2001 as read with Act No.44 of 2010 the Prohibitions and Prevention of Money Laundering Act,” he said.

Ms Mukumwa said the suspects have been released on police bond and will appear in court soon.

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Foxdale Forest – Phase 2 Selling


01 Dec 2021, 3:15 AM (GMT)

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