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Night mare in Salama Park , as 19-year-old kills both parents, police say



A 15-year-old girl of Lusaka has woken up to a night mare after discovering the bodies of both her parents bundled up in a blanket murdered in cold blood in their back yard allegedly by her 19-year-old brother.

The 19-year-old adult juvenile is believed to have entered into his parents bedroom , murdered them , tied them up with a wire and then bundled them up in blankets.

Sadly, the bodies were then discovered by his 15-year-old sister who before the incident heard noises coming from her parents bedroom, but did not think of the worst.

The girl after having discovered the bodies of her parents is alleged to have been told by her brother through a written note that they had died of COVID-19.

Zambia Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said police recorded a murder case which occured yesterday between midnight and 10:00 hours in Salama Park.

“Police recorded a case of murder in which Nathaniel Mwakachela aged 53 and Pemba Alphonsina Lubwika Mwakachela aged 52 have allegedly been killed by their first born son an Adult Juvenile aged 19.Brief facts of the matter are that the two deceased parents went to bed around 23:00 hours on Friday August 5th, after they had their supper and had a family time in the sitting room while the suspect their son was in his bedroom,” he said

He said during the early hours of yesterday while asleep, a female juvenile aged 15 who is a sister to the suspect heard some noise with a bang and someone screaming ,but ignored as she thought it was her father trying to take her brother to the rehabilitation centre because they had mentioned earlier of taking him to the facility as his brother’s behaviour had been bad.

“Around 11:00 hours when she woke up she discovered that her bedroom door was locked. She then decided to call her brother to come and open for her but he responded saying that he was mopping so he couldn’t open. Later after staying in the bedroom for some time she decided to open the door using a knife. When she got out it was quiet in the house as only his brother was present,” he said.

Mr Hamoonga said that the girl then followed the suspect and then he told her he wanted to tell her something ,but that he could only communicate it on a piece of paper.

“That’s how he broke the news by writing on the paper that the parents had died of COVID-19. When asked where the bodies were he didn’t respond.She checked for the bodies inside the house ,but couldn’t find them so she decided to go out and that’s where she found the two bodies wrapped in blankets and tied on each ends with wires,” he said

Mr Hamoonga said that the girl then asked the suspect if she could take a walk outside to clear her mind and she was allowed.

“It was at this point when she went outside the gate and went to inform her family members who later came with her to report the matter at the police at around 13:30 hours.Police visited the scene of crime.The house was found looking clean and nothing unusual was observed. Outside the house within yard in the backyard was where the two bodies were found wrapped in two different and separate blankets.”

“The two bodies were unwrapped and examined; the deceased male had a deep cut on the right upper part of the eye with swollen lip while the female had a swollen face with a cut on the nose. Fresh blood was observed coming from the two deceased’s nose. Also at the scene there was a piece of paper that was recovered from the suspect where he broke the news to the sister of the passing on of their parents,” he said.

(Mwebantu, Sunday, August 7th, 2022)


Abducted mobile money booth operator Pamela Chisumpa rescued with 12 other victims



AFTER almost six months of her being abducted,a mobile money booth operator Pamela Chisumpa has been found by police in Lusaka’s Chalala area.

The victim was found with 12 other victims who were also kept captive in what seemed to be a partially finished house in Chalala area.

The house which the girls had been kept captive seemed to have a shine like structure and also in the same house was a coffin in unexplainable circumstances.

However, Inspector General of Police Lemmy Kajoba who along with Zambia Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga and a team of police officers both in uniform and in plain clothes in a rescue operation earlier today said that after a long protracted investigation, the girls have been rescued .

“With a sense of relief I would like to inform the nation through you the press that today the October 3rd, 2022 we have managed to safely rescue Pamela Chisumpa together with twelve other ladies that were held captive in a house in Chalala area of Lusaka,” he said.

Mr Kajoba said those rescued are a female Juvenile aged 17, Grace Siabeula aged 22, Felistus Hachintu aged 18 ,Ruth Banda aged 21, Nalukui Macwani aged 21 ,Agness Kapwaya aged 21 ,Docus Chungwe aged 24, Priscila Mapulanga aged 23 ,Honester Lungu aged 25, Rosemary Chibwe 25 ,Faith Muluti aged 28 and Paxina Chanda aged 22.

“This was after a long protracted investigation that we have continuously pursued since April this year when she was abducted along Cairo road in Lusaka. All the victims have been taken to a medical facility for quick Medical attention. We have apprehended one suspect who is in our custody to help us with Investigations,” he said.

He has further called for calm amongst the general public as we wait for the victims to recuperate and further investigations.

“A comprehensive statement will be issued in due course,” he said.

(Mwebantu, Monday, 3rd October, 2022)

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Police make a lead in finding Pamela and several others.



POLICE in Lusaka have made a lead into the whereabouts of the abducted mobile money agent Pamela Chisumpa who was abducted along Cairo road in Lusaka earlier in April this year.

Reports indicate that Ms Chisumpa together with several other girls have been found.

However, police who are being led by the Inspector General of Police Lemmy Kajoba say that more time should be accorded before a statement is issued in the matter.

(Picture: CAMNET)

(Mwebantu, Monday, 3rd October, 2022)

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Two men poisoned by two unknown women at a lodge in Kitwe, police say



A Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA)  employee and his Chinese national friend were on Friday allegedly drugged and left unconscious at a lodge in Kitwe after they were spotted having drinks with two unknown Tanzanian women.

This is in a case in which Nobutula Lodge in Riverside, manager reported to police that one of the clients, a named ZRA employee and his friend a Chinese national were found sleeping in uncousious state in their respective rooms.

Copperbelt province Commanding officer Sharon Zulu said also found were some red  vomits on their beddings and on the floor.

She said the two ladies allegedly stole a laptop property for ZRA, laptop bag, external hard drive, K2000 cash money and some clothes.

Mrs Zulu said a cellphone and a small bag containing unknown items for a Chinese national were also stolen.

“Facts of the matter are that, At the time the victim was checking-in , two ladies of Tanzanian national whose names not known also checked – in.

They together started drinking , eventually a male Chinese national a friend to the ZRA employee joined them. It’s from that moment when one victim woke up with a knock on his door by his workmates and found himself naked while his Chinese friend in the other room was found laying on the floor,” she said.

Mrs Zulu said the two Tanzanian ladies were at the time nowhere to be seen as they were reported to have checked out at 02: 00hrs.

She said the two victims were rushed to Kitwe Teaching hospital were they were put on observation.

(Mwebantu, Sunday, 2nd October, 2022)

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04 Oct 2022, 6:07 AM (GMT)

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