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Multichoice Zambia introduces a new package, Gotv Supa which will provide a range of life style home entertainment



WHEN it comes to the best quality local entertainment, GOtv certainly delivers the best. This festive season, the proudly African entertainment provider is reaffirming its commitment to audiences by introducing a brand-new package that packs a Supa punch, without putting extra pressure on the purse strings. GOtv Supa is coming to African audiences from 1st November 2021, a perfect addition to GOtv’s selection of packages.

“With the festive season fast approaching, families need affordable ways to spend time together, we hope the launch of this entertainment-focused package will do exactly that, and bring families together during this special time of the year,” said Mrs Leah Kooma, Managing Director, MultiChoice Zambia.

The brand new GOtv Supa package will offer a range of lifestyle and entertainment channels, featuring more entertainment for the kids, more drama-filled telenovelas, and more proudly local content. It’s an affordable upgrade that unlocks a world of the finest entertainment for the entire family – the ultimate gift this festive season. This new package will focus on an extensive catalogue of general entertainment channels even though no additional sports channels are added, GOtv Supa subscribers will be able to view all the sporting action available on GOtv Max.

In terms of home entertainment, GOtv Supa is set to become a game-changer. It joins an already extensive entertainment family within the GOtv offering, with tailored options from GOtv Lite to GOtv Max available in regions such as Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Malawi, Namibia, and Ghana. With the additional channels, there is certainly something for everyone to enjoy on GOtv SUPA.

Speaking when she launched the GOtv SUPA Package, Chushi Kasanda, Minister of Information and Media said: “The Ministry of Information and Media works with industry partners like MultiChoice to build the creative industry in Zambia, and the launch of GOtv SUPA today is testament to this flourishing partnership. We are happy to see that MultiChoice has proactively taken up their place by introducing initiatives on their platforms that help to inform, educate and entertain people.”

Speaking at the same function GOtv Board Chair Mr Nalumino Chiapeni in a speech read on his behalf by GOtv Board Member, Simon Bota said: “The launch of GOtv SUPA is an initiative by MultiChoice aimed at adding more value to our customers by providing them with more choice thereby making entertainment more accessible to Zambians. GOtv Supa is an expansion to our world of entertainment and will certainly provide GOtv subscribers with more local content that suits their budget and entertainment needs.”

Some of the channels included in the new GOtv SUPA package are: Honey, Africa Magic Urban, Pearl Magic Prime, National Geographic, WWE, TL Novelas, Novela Magic, Rok, Kix Channel and Boomerang to mention a few.

This new GOtv Supa package will appeal to audiences all over Africa and, in terms of what’s on offer on the various channels, the proof is in the pudding. Here are a few of the brilliant shows and channels to look out for on GOtv Supa:


Catch If you’re in the mood for on-screen action, the WWE channel is where you can catch your favourite wrestlers in action on a channel dedicated to showcasing their talent.

Africa Magic Epic

Discover the best in local series and movies with Africa Magic Epic. As the name implies, an epic entertainment experience awaits you and your family on GOtv Channel 9.


Cartoon lovers and kids will love this channel. It’s already become a household staple when it comes to pay-tv children’s channels and features some of the world’s most iconic characters.

This is only a glimpse of what you can expect to enjoy when you subscribe to GOtv Supa. Visit our website or download the GOtv App to update your current subscription or finally make the leap and join the GOtv family. Here’s to a truly SUPA festive season with GOtv



#Mwebantu. The graph for fuel reduces. #Alebombamuntu #Ballywakulekafye



THE pump price for petroleum products has been reduced, with the price of petrol going at K24.45 per litre, from K27.59 per litre.

The adjustment downwards of petrol and other petroleum products is with effect from midnight.

Energy Regulation Board Chairperson Reynolds Bowa during a press briefing today in Lusaka said that the pump price reduction is as a result of a decline of prices on the international market.

“ERB has adjusted downward the pump price of Petrol by K3.4 ngwee per litre , Low Sulfur Diesel by K2.77 ngwee per litre and Kerosene by 73 ngwee. ERB have further adjusted downwards Jet A1 for Kenneth Kaunda Airport and other local airports,” he said.

He said this was due to a decline in the international prices over the past month.

“Based on the forgoing, petrol was going at K27.59 and is now K24.45, low Sulfur Diesel K24.64 and will now be K21.87, Kerosene K20.47 will now be K19.74 and Jet A1 at Kenneth Kaunda price was K22.60 will now be 21.64,” Mr Bowa announced.

Mr Bowa added that the June prices take effect from midnight.

(Mwebantu, Wednesday, 31st May, 2023)

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Govt hands over US$500,000 health centre in Mungule area of Chibombo



GOVERNMENT has commissioned a health centre in Mungule area of Chibombo district which was constructed at a cost of USD$500,000.

The construction of Anthu Omwe (one people) health centre was done by a non profit organisation called Dream Life Two Sixty  through Public-Private Partnership (PPP) with the aim of helping members of the community access health services.

The health facility will help cater for a catchment area of around 12,600 people in provision of quality health services and will run on a 24 hour basis.

Speaking during the handover of the facility, Central Province Minister Credo Nanjuwa said the project is a milestone in the health sector.

“This is an outstanding demonstration that the New Dawn Government is committed to ensuring quality health care to all Zambians close to their families. This remarkable PPP envisions to provide health care services to all. The vision of Government is to ensure equity in access to health care services for all Zambians,” he said.

In a speech read for him by the deputy Permanent Secretary Godfrey Chitambala, Mr Nanjuwa reiterated that Government is resolved to ensure that Zambians have an improved quality of life.

“In a quest to improve the health status of Zambians, Government endeavours to work with the Private sector in milestone projects such as these. I implore cooperating partners to continue uplighting the health status of our communities,” he said.

And Dream Life Two Sixty executive director Naomi Mulenga said the vision behind the project was to try and retrieve the community restraints in the community through the health centre.

She said foundation of the project was started las year in October when it was registered under the Ministry of Community Development.

“This facility now belongs to the people in the community. It is for you and your well-being. Look after it. Another thing I want to emphasize is that this facility is free of charge and will operate on a 24 hour basis, meaning it will not close,” she said.

And Chieftaness Mungule through her representative Headman Chiboshi stated that the project will go a long way in helping safe guard the lives and health of people in the community.

(Mwebantu, Wednesday, 31st May, 2023)

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Dr Musokotwane calls on official creditor committee to make progress on debt restructuring



MINISTER of Finance and National Planning Situmbeko Musokotwane says the uncertainty created by the protracted restructuring process of the country’s debt has put pressure on the currency.

The Minister  said the move has made it difficult to attract much-needed foreign investment, despite Zambia’s vast natural resources and improved business climate.

In a statement, Dr Musokotwane has since urged the Official Creditor Committee (OCC) to make progress on debt restructuring.

This follows ongoing engagements Zambia is having with its creditors to reach an agreement on debt restructuring.

“We appreciate the significant effort from all of Zambia’s creditors as we work towards an agreement on debt restructuring, and we are grateful for the ongoing productive consultations,” he said.

Dr Musokotwane appealed to the Official Creditor Committee in their next meeting to make substantial progress in their deliberations.

He said once deliberations are done, the move will facilitate preparation of the Memorandum of Understanding which will swiftly resolve the debt overhang and access the next tranche of IMF financing.

Dr Musokotwane reiterated that the delays to debt restructuring are having a significant impact on the economy and the livelihoods of people.

“With support from the IMF, Zambia has played its part by making significant progress in implementing an ambitious reform agenda to stabilise our economy, increase transparency and borrowing oversight, as well as implement prudent spending reforms,” he said.

Dr Musokotwane said debt relief is urgently needed for Zambia to maintain its trajectory of economic recovery and growth.

“From our side as Government, we will continue to do all we can to push for the members of the OCC to reach consensus so that we can bring this matter to a close,” he said.

(Mwebantu, Tuesday, 30th May, 2023)

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