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Miles Sampa attacked by cadres who axed him in the waist



PF Matero parliamentary candidate Miles Sampa was attacked and robbed by suspected political party cadres yesterday.
POLITICAL VIOLENCE reported at  Matero Police Station. Be informed that on 12/08/21 at 1730hrs police recieved a report of AGGRAVATED Robbery from Miles Sampa aged 51 of Lusaka who reported that he was attacked by a group of suspected political Caders who were armed with Machetes axes and Pistols. The victim was  hit with  an axe on his back and sustained  a deep cut. The same group stole from him a iphone and Samsung Note 10 altogether valued at K53,000=00 Incident occurred at around 1700hrs in George Compound when the victim who is a PF aspiring Candidate  as MP for Matero Constituency was visiting  his polling  Agents in Matero Constituency. Other victims who were attacked by the same assailants  was his body Guard Gilbert Banda aged 32 of unknown house number  George Compound and sustained   some multiple  cuts on the head . A team of Police officers who were policing George Polling stations in Matero rushed to the scene and managed to apprehend Six 6 suspects namely (1) Male Biden Shaloba age 45 of house Number E46 Kanyama Compound who had a Pistol 9mm with 12rounds of Live Ammunitions
 also recovered from him are two bayonets, and an axe.(2) Male Rodrick  Charles Sikongo age 31 of unmarked house Number George Compound (3) Male Charles Bwalya  of  Matero Township aged 38yrs,(4) M/Bright  Kaputo aged 41 house number  198/8 George Compound (5) Obtain  Munsaka aged 26 of unmarked house number George Compound (6) Male Ackim Bwalya aged 29 unknown house number  Chunga Compound.
Suspects are in police custody


PF is not shaken about the intended asset recovery programme, says Given Lubinda 



PATRIOTIC Front Vice President Given Lubinda says the party is not shaken about the intention by the UPND administration to embark on the asset recovery programme.

In an interview, Mr Lubinda has since advised the UPND government to quickly start the programme.

He said the sooner the programme is embarked on, the better it will be for the UPND government to end the drama of insinuating and banding all PF members as thieves.

“If they are members of the PF that they know as thieves let them pursue those specific people, instead of labelling the whole party as an organisation of thieves.

Mr Lubinda added that it is not true that every one in the PF is a thief, hence the sooner they do it the better.

He has since urged the UPND government to ensure the program is conducted in a legal manner by following all the laid down government procedure.

“They are welcome and let them proceed to do so,” Mr Lubinda said.

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Police arrest Kampyongo in Shiwang’andu for malicious damage to property



POLICE have  arrested  Andrew Kampyongo aged 41 and Kellyson Chilekwa aged 29 both of Village Teleni, Chief Mukwikile, District in  Shiwang’andu for Malicious Damage to Property.

In a media statement, Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga has told Mwebantu that Kampyongo and Chilekwa allegedly maliciously damaged a samsung cell phone valued at K1,000 property of Mike Mulenga aged 40 of Village Chafilwa, Chief Mukwikile, District Shiwang’andu.

He said the duo is also alleged to have damaged a front screen for a Toyota Land Cruiser Registration AAK 1031 valued at K4,500 and Rear tail lights valued at K750 property of Dr Albert Munanga.

Mr Hamoonga said Kampyongo and Chilekwa also damaged JVC Speakers valued at K12,000 property of the United Party for National Development (UPND) Party.

He said the total value of damaged properties is K18,250.

Mr Hamoonga said the incidents are alleged to have occurred on July 10 this year  at around 10:00 hours  at Kalalantekwe Market Square, Chief Mukwikile, District Shiwang’andu.

“They have been detained in Police Custody and will appear in Court soon,” hee said.

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Clayson Hamasaka sues govt claiming damages for malicious prosecution, false imprisonment



STATE House media director Clayson Hamasaka has sued the government seeking damages for malicious and wrongful prosecution over his arrest in 2013.

In a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court and seen by #Mwebantu, Hamasaka has sued the Attorney General, also seeking damages for false imprisonment, pain and suffering.

He is further claiming compensation for lost personal items, interest, costs and any other relief the court may deem fit.

Hamasaka stated that he suffered loss of earning capacity of business, loss of reputation and injury to his personal credibility as a result of the false arrest and prosecution which led to him being shunned and isolated as he also lost his employment at Evelyn Hone College where he was a lecturer, Head of Media and station manager for Hone FM Broadcasting Station.

He stated that his arrest and subsequent prosecution for the initial charges of dealing in drugs, defamation of the President and seditious practices was widely publicized in print and electronic media both locally and internationally leading to his dismissal.

Hamasaka stated that he was an ordinary citizen plying his trade as a journalist when he was subjected to an arbitrary house and personal search on July 9, 2013 at his private dwelling place on plot number 12246 Woodlands Extension in Lusaka by a combined team of Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and Zambia Police officers and other agents of the State.

He stated that according to the search warrant, the officers were looking for drugs and other illegal substances which he was accused of dealing in.

Hamasaka stated that the search started around 23:00 hours on the July 9, 2013 and 05:00 hours the following day.

He stated that during the said search, his family could not sleep.

The plaintiff stated that the officers after the search confiscated computers, phones, a firearm, home entertainment equipment and other items.

Hamasaka stated that he was later detained at Woodlands Police Station in a very filthy and inhabitable cell for two days and was charged with defamation of the President and seditious practices.

He stated that he was released from police custody on police bond and arraigned in the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court on a charge of being in possession of obscene materials.

After standing trial, Hamasaka stated that he was acquitted on August 11, 2015.

He stated that he suffered damage, injury, physical and emotional pain during the detention in police cells where he was abused and assaulted by the real criminals.

Hamasaka stated that he suffered embarrassment for being associated with criminality as well as humiliation in the presence of his family, friends and members of the public.

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