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Man says he stabbed his wife after she allegedly told him that their two children were not his



TONDERAI Luwisi, a former director at PriceWaterHouseCoopers, has told a judge that he stabbed his wife because she allegedly told him that their two children aged 17 and 12, were not his.

The accused also told the court that during a brawl with his wife Palegia Muregwi, 38, and that in the process, she also stabbed and injured him.

The court also heard during trial from the couple’s daughter who narrated that she saw her father, the accused, stabbing her mother in the neck using a knife which had never been seen before in the house.

This is in a case  Luwisi, 45, an accountant of Jesmondine, is accused of murdering his wife Palegia Muregwi, 38 on December 10, 2022 in Jesmondine where the woman was staying with the two children while the accused lived in Foxdale.

It is alleged that at the time of the incident, the accused asked their 17-year-old son to go and buy some drinks while he remained with his wife and their 12-year-old daughter home.

Luwisi denied the allegations but Judge Bonaventure Mbewe found him with a case to answer.

In his defence, the accused denied killing his wife but admitted having stabbed her after a difference which occurred at the time when his wife was living with the children in Jesmondine.

He testified that his wife moved to Jesmondine in October, 2022 but that their differences as a couple were later resolved and he used to visit her.

“I used to spend most of my time in Jesmondine depending on my availability and my wife’s availability,” he said.

The court heard that on the material day, he went to visit his wife but during the same evening, a physical fight ensued after she allegedly told him that their two children were not his.

“My wife told me that the two children are not mine, that I wasn’t their father and she is taking the children away from me,” the man narrated.

“I was shocked and confused with what my wife was telling me. I was furious, I was heartbroken. I was hurt,” the accused said, adding that the during the brawl, she pushed him and picked a knife from the kitchen and said “son of a ***** shall be killed,”.

The accused said his wife stabbed him in the neck and chest, leaving him with more than 50 wounds.

“I then overpowered my wife and grabbed the knife she had and I stabbed her,” Luwisi said.

The accused said, in a confused state, he drove to his work place which was near and informed someone that he had been attacked before he later blacked out.

Below is part of a verbatim extract of a cross examination by the state.

State”: How long were you were married to the deceased?

Accused: Almost 18 years.

State:  You agree that at the time you lived together, you used to have differences like any couple?  Accused: Yes.

State: During that time, do you remember threatening to kill your wife if she leaves you?

Accused: No.

State: Are you aware that your two children informed this court that during the time you used to have differences with the deceased, you used to threaten to kill her if she left you

Accused: Yes am aware.

State: Confirm your wife eventually moved or relocated to Jesmondine due to the differences?

Accused: Yes. I wouldn’t say relocated cause I paid rent.

State: Are you aware that when your son was away to buy some drinks, your daughter told the court that she heard a loud bang followed by intense screaming from the bedroom?

Accused”: Yes, but I cannot remember her saying she heard that the mother was screaming.

State: Tell court who screamed between you and the deceased since you were there ?

Accused:  I can’t remember.

State: You agree that it is the deceased who screamed

Accused: I don’t know.

State: Is it you then who screamed?

Accused: I can’t remember.

State: Are you aware that your daughter, upon hearing a scream and a thud, she panicked running to the kitchen because the time you used to live in the same room, you used to threaten to kill her mother before?  Did you hear her testify to that?

Accused: I can’t remember that testimony.

State: When she ran to the kitchen, she found you holding the deceased against the corner in the kitchen to the wall.

Accused: Yes

State: You agree at the time of the altercation, she told you your children are not your children you had an opportunity to walk away?

Accused: Yes but i was….. State interjects: No explanation.

State: During the physical altercation, you stabbed the deceased in the neck?

Accused: I can’t remember.

State: Do you remember using a knife to stab the deceased?

Accused: Yes.

State: Which part of the body?

Accused: I can’t remember.

State: As a result of your stabbing, the deceased had fatal injuries and fell on the floor?

Accused: No, the fight was on the floor.

State: I put it to you that you attacked the deceased and there was no fight .

Accused: No!!!!

State: You agree that you did not dispute the evidence by your daughter that she found you stabbing the deceased?

Accused: I can’t remember.

State: Do you remember telling your workmate that you were attacked by criminals?

Accused: I don’t remember.

State: Tell court the Whatsapp message you sent to your son.

Accused: I remember telling my children the things I left for them and that my son should take care of her sister

State: In the whstdspp message read on a phone before court, you said in the last part of the Whatsapp message that “Am sorry to [daughthers name and son’s name] and i had to kill your mother and myself”.

State: Who wrote that?

Accused: I cannot remember writing that part of the message.

Judgement is set for  August 23,2023 at 10:00

(Mwebantu, Thursday, 22nd June, 2023)


Ndola teacher dragged to court for alleged rape on pupil



A Ndola teacher has been dragged to court for allegedly sexually abusing a grade 11 pupil at a school he teaches.

David Kunda aged 31 is alleged to have lured the victim to his office where he sexually abused her.

The incident is alleged to have occurred on September 28th, this year at around 21:00 hours at the school premises.

When the matter came up for before Ndola magistrate Brian Simachela, Kunda denied the accusations.

It is alleged that on the material date, the victim had gone to accused’s office to call her parents.

It was heard that after the call, when the pupil wanted to walk out from the office, Kunda allegedly locked the door and raped her.

The victim then reported the incident to other teachers the following day.

However, after denying the allegations, the matter was adjourned to December 14th for commencement of trial.

Before it’s adjournment, advocate representing the accused , Kenneth Tembo applied for bail pending trial.

Magistrate Simachela granted bail of K25,000 in accused’s own recognisance and ordered that he also bring two working surieties from well known institutions.

(Mwebantu, Thursday, 30th November, 2023)

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LAZ strongly condemns brutal attack on Its member at High Court



THE Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has condemned the thuggery and barbaric behavior that unfolded at the High Court yesterday, where a lawyer, Linus Eyaa, was physically attacked by aggrieved members of the public.

In a statement LAZ president Lungisani Zulu said the Association has established that Mr Eyaa was merely discharging his role as a Legal Practitioner in line with the provisions of the Legal Practitioners Act, Chapter 30 of the Laws of Zambia, when he met the unfortunate fate, from an opposing group in the case involving Money Grow Cooperative.

He reminded members of the public of the critical role lawyers play in the development of society, in line with every lawyer’s statutory mandate.

Mr Zulu said acts of physical violence against members of the legal profession are inimical to the advancement of the public interest, which lawyers advance.

He said lawyers have always stood and continue to stand on the side of society, even offering pro bono services to indigents.

“That the unfortunate incident happened in the precincts of the High Court, which are considered as a “holy ground of justice” makes the incident more distressing and any efforts by any citizens to take the law into their own hands deserves condemnation in the strongest terms, by all well-meaning citizens,” he said.

Mr Zulu has since commended police for its quick action in saving the lawyer.

“We are happy to also learn that six suspects of the violence have since been arrested by Kabwata. Police and now await subsequent court appearance to answer for their irresponsible actions,” he said.

(Mwebantu, Thursday, 30th November, 2023)

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Justice for girl killed by 10 dogs starts



A FARM director whose 10 vicious dogs mauled a 13-year-old girl to death has been charged with manslaughter and appeared before the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court.

Last month, Shim Yaming’s dogs attacked and killed Sharon Banda, 13, who is the daughter of the accused’s person’s farm worker who lives within the ranch.

The incident happened around 05:00 hours when the victim went outside to use the toilet only to be attacked by the vicious beasts belonging to Shi of New Kasama.

Police visited the scene and discovered the dead body of the girl lying on the ground with multiple dog bites all over the body.
The victim’s father Allan Banda, 43, a poultry man at the farm, told police that his daughter was bitten and died on the spot as she sustained deep cuts all over her body.
Shi, 40, was later detained and slapped with the offence of reckless and negligent act and police later terminated some of the dogs which attacked the girl.

Yesterday, the accused appeared before the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court charged with manslaughter.

Allegations are that on November 8 this year, Shi did cause the death of Sharon.
The case was allocated to magistrate Mwandu Sakala.

The Director of Public Prosecutions is supposed to issue a committal later so that the accused in the matter is taken to the High Court for trial since the offence he is facing can only be tried in a higher court.

(Mwebantu, Thursday, 30th November, 2023)

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