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Make your political intentions clear, Nalumango advises Lungu



VICE President Mutale Nalumango has challenged the former Head of State Edgar Lungu to make his political intentions clear.

Mrs Nalumango said if Mr Lungu wants to be in active politics, no one can stop him, but he needs to make his intentions clear.

In 2021, after losing presidential elections on the ticket of Patriotic Front (PF), Mr Lungu wrote a letter announcing his retirement from active politics.

Mr Lungu said he decided to stay low key and away from politics so that he could instead concentrate on charity works as he was no longer interested in politics and would not participate in any political activities in the country.

“So people have to accept that I have moved on and I have done away with politics,” he said.

However, Mr Lungu has been seen on several occasions being involved in active politics, with some of his political party members declaring that he is still their president.

Mrs Nalumango has since advised the former head of state to state his position and make it clear to Zambians.

She was responding to a question raised by Zambezi East Member of Parliament Brian Kambita who pondered that Mr Lungu has been seen taking part in politics confidently.

“You have said that the former head of state has joined the political arena? Well all we can say is that he is a Zambian, but we need to know what’s makes it different for the former head of state is that he is a former head of state. A position that is held by one person at one particular time and his title means he is still being looked after by Zambian people.”

“What the Zambian people need to know as a nation is, are we going by the rule of law? Is the former president living by the provisions of the Act and constitution? If he wants to be in politics, nobody can stop him, except we have to know, is he retired? Is he not? If he is retired, we need to hear from him. What we know is that we have a letter saying he is retired, so it is important to come out for followers to know,” she said

Mrs Nalumango said what was being heard and read was through the media and not directly from the former head of state.

“Today I read in the media someone declaring that he is still. Let us state the facts. Zambia belongs to everyone and so be clear. You cannot be this today and that tomorrow, so if he has joined, we have not been briefed. All we hear is from the media,” she said.

(Mwebantu, Friday, 22nd September, 2023)


President Hichilema to continue living at Community House, as Concourt dismisses petition against his stay at the private house



THE Constitutional Court has dismissed for lack of a merit Patriots for Economic Progress president Sean Tembo’s petition challenging President Hakainde Hichilema’s continued stay at his private house instead of shifting to State House.

This means that the President will continue staying at his private Community House in New Ksama.

Passing judgment, Constitutional Court deputy judge president Arnold Shilimi  said the court found Mr Tembo’s petition to have lacked merit  because the constitution does not compel the President to move to Nkwazi House.

Further, the judge said the court found that Mr Tembo’s plea for the court to declare an order compelling the President to shift to State House is not tenable considering that no law that obliges the Head of State to reside at State House.

“We find that in the absence of any Constitutional provision or any other law that compels the President to reside at State House,and in light of the Respondent’s[Attorney General] submission on the dilapidated state of Nkwazi House requiring high cost of renovations.

“The alleged constitutional breaches relating to the President’s alleged refusal to shift to State House lacks merit and is misconceived,” Judge Shilima said on behalf of other judges who heard the case.

“We find that the alleged breach relating to the right to life is improperly before this court for want of jurisdiction over part iii of the constitution,” he added.

The court consequently dismissed the petition for lack of merit.

In this matter, Mr Tembo petitioned the Constitutional Court over President Hichilema’s refusal to relocate to State House since he was elected in August, 2021.

The politician had submitted that the President was spending huge sums of money through his trips from Community House to State House on a daily basis and putting at risk the safety of many Zambians on the route he is using to access his house.

He  further argued that the huge sums of money which was being used on a daily basis, about K126 million per year, could be channeled to other areas of need such as procurement of drugs in hospitals and books for readers in schools.

However, in reply, the State, through Attorney General Mulilo Kabesha, argued that the petition lacked merit because Mr Tembo  did not cite the particular article or law which mandates the president actually reside at State House.

He also argued that accommodation of the past Presidents at State House was only a matter of practice or custom and not law.

(Mwebantu, Saturday, 9th December, 2023)

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Masturbation comment invites Sean Tembo to court



PATRIOTS for Economic Progress president Sean Tembo has pleaded not guilty to using insulting language when he compared the intervention to sale cheaper ZNS mealie meal in the wake of escalating prices of the commodity prices to masturbation.

The outspoken businessman has been charged with use of insulting language which he allegedly uttered on October 17 this year, the eve of National Day of Prayer, Fasting, Repentance and Reconciliation.

Allegations are that on the material day, the accused said “Bally is selling a few bags of ZNS mealie meal using Shoprite, hoping to create a perception of low price is equal to masturbation”.

The sentiments are alleged to likely provoke Abel Mashowo, who reported the case, to break the law or commit any offence against Tembo.

When the case was called today, a magistrate readout the charged and asked the accused whether he understood it.

In response, Mr Tembo responded in the affirmative and pleaded not guilty to the charge.

The court adjourned the case was adjourned to next month for commencement of trial.

(Mwebantu, Friday,  8th December, 2023)

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DPP wants more punishment for CK



THE State, through the Director of Public Prosecutions, Gilbert Phiri, has filed a notice to appeal against the five months sentence imposed of Chishimba Kambwili after he was found guilty of promoting hate speech by uttering tribal remarks.

On Thursday, Mr Kambwili, a Patriotic Front member of the central committee, was sentenced to five months imprisonment with hard labour.

This was after the Kasama Magistrate’s Court found him guilty of the offence of expressing or showing hatred, ridicule, or contempt for persons because of tribe or place of origin.

After being hailed, the politician appealed against the verdict and was later released on bail pending hearing of his appeal against the sentence.

But the DPP has filed a cross appeal seeking to challenge the five months jail term imposed on the outspoken former Roan MP.

Mr Phiri feels the sentence was too lenient and that when his application is being heard, he wants to be present in court..

“I, the above named appellant(DPP) , hereby give notice that I desire to appeal to the High Court against the sentence of the accused person.

I desire to be present when the court considers the appeal,” the notice of appeal, which has been circulated online, reads in part.

(Mwebantu, Thursday, 7th December, 2023)

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