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Kitwe man runs away from surgical intervention, opts for devine divine intervention



WITH Kitwe Teaching Hospital (KTH) geared to do facial reconstruction surgery on seven people on Monday, an eighth patient has opted to instead seek prayers to get rid of his tumor.

The patient, who is believed to have Ameloblastoma, a rare non cancerous tumour which often develops in the jaw area, instead decided to travel to Uganda to seek healing from a named pastor.

The patient is believed to have approached the health facility seeking a referral letter to travel to go and have his tumor removed through prayers, however, hospital personnel declined as he needs serious surgical intervention.

Also among the patients that are set to be operated on is a 13-year-old child whose tumor if left unattended to, stands to have it grow to the size of a head.

The patients who will be operated on are from Luanshya, Ndola, Kalulushi and Kitwe.

The conditions being operated for are Ameloblastoma and sub manibular fibroma.

KTH Dental Surgeon and Head of Dental and maxillofacial Doctor Dominic Muswala in an interview with Mwebantu said he received a patient seeking a referral letter to have his tumour removed through prayer.

“We have one patient who was supposed to be operated on as he has Ameloblastoma. He came to say he is going for prayers and so he wanted a letter because their is some pastor in Uganda. It is quite a big tumour, but he has been convinced from whatever church he goes to. However, I told him I cannot give a letter,” he said.

Dr Muswala said that it was sad that the man insisted to go for prayers, instead of undergoing surgery.

“Prayer should be coupled with surgery. But he has insisted that he just needs prayers,” he said.

Dr Muswala also said however, that seven others will undergo surgery on Monday, June 5th and among the seven is a 13-year-old child.

“It is a condition we call fibrous displeasure where cells of the bone overgrow. It’s is a deformity. If it is left , sometimes without being attended to, it grows to the size of the head, making a patient seem like they have two heads. It is quite big and is near the nose and eye area, so we need to remove it,” he said.

He noted that the surgical procedures will take around four to five hours.

Dr Muswala added that the surgical procedures will be done by him and Dr Christopher Kapeshi, a consultant Maxillofacial surgeon based at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH).

(Mwebantu, Friday, 2nd June, 2023)


‘I did not expect him to play well’ Leicester City coach on Patson Daka



LEICESTER City coach Enzo Maresca has said he did not expect striker Patson Daka to play well on Saturday having not seen much game time this season.

Yesterday, Daka served his manager a humble pie, scoring a goal and providing an assist in the 4-0 win over Plymouth.

In a post match Interview, Maresca revealed that, “I told Pat before the game: ‘It doesn’t matter if you play well or bad. I don’t expect you to play well. I can understand to be out for three or four months. So play free, relax, enjoy, and then we’ll see,” Maresca said.

Maresca said he is sorry that the player has not seen much action.

“I always said to him [Daka] that in these three or four months: ‘Pat, I’m very sorry for the situation.’ But it is what it is.”

Despite Daka’s impact, Maresca couldn’t give a concrete comment of the player’s future at the club.

“For me the future is Wednesday,” Maresca added. “I swear, serious. Pat is one of our players. We are happy. If he is not happy and he wants to leave, we’ll see. Now it’s about Wednesday.”

(Mwebantu, Sunday, 10th December, 2023)

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Lusaka farm workers run after stealing 150 pigs from employer, police say



THREE farm workers are on the run after they allegedly stole 150 pigs valued at K1.5 million.

The three are Peter Mumba aged 40, Isaac Banda aged 36 and Boniface Banda aged 20.

A manhunt has been launched to bring the suspects to book.

Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said the incident allegedly took place on Friday December 8th between 19:00 to 20:00 hours.

He said the report of theft by servant was received from Veronica Phiri, the owner of the farm in the industrial area.

“Brief facts of the matter are that the reporter (farm owner) employed the trio at her farm two years ago. On December 7,2023,She visited her farm and everything was intact. However, on December 9,2023 around 10:00 hours,She received a phone call from her neighbour that there was no one at her farm including all workers and their wives.She later drove to her farm and found no body and all her livestock had been stolen,” he said.

Mr Hamoonga said she then immediately reported the matter to Westwood Police Station.

He added that Police Officers visited the scene of crime and found no workers at the farm and all the pigs had been stolen.

(Mwebantu, Sunday, 10th December, 2023)

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Suspected criminal shot dead in Lusaka



POLICE have gunned down a suspected criminal believed to be behind a spate of robberies.

The suspect only known as Jack TC is believed to have committed a spate of crimes with his colleagues who are on the run.

Jack TC was renting an apartment in Kalundu area of Lusaka and allegedly hired a vehicle three months prior, which he used to commit the said crimes.

Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said the unfolding of the crimes started on November 29,2023, during routine patrols when officers spotted a Silver Toyota Ractis bearing Registration CAC 825 ZM which was suspiciously parked along a small gravel road.

He said when challenged, the occupants started the motor vehicle and spade off almost hitting one of the officers.

“This prompted officers to fire warning shots and consequently three suspected criminals escaped and abandoned the vehicle. A set of number plates bearing Registration number BAE 6146 ZM, were recovered. The vehicle was later discovered to have been hired out to Clement Katunga of Katungu farms in Makeni through our investigations,” he said.

He said later on December 7, 2023 around 09:00 hours, officers went to Lusaka west in Kalundu area where they found that the suspect was renting an apartment.

Mr Hamoonga said when officers approached the apartment, two suspected criminals came out and jumped over a wall fence with a lazer wire.

He explained that several warning shots were fired towards the two escaping criminals who nevertheless disappeared into a thicket in the neighboring farm.

“Unfortunately, when officers conducted a search around the thicket, one suspected criminal only known as Jack TC was found lying on the ground after he sustained bullet wounds and lazer wire respectively. He was rushed to University Teaching Hospital, but was unfortunately pronounced dead by a medical doctor,” he said.

Meanwhile, at the apartment officers recovered the following Unregistered Mark X grey in colour ,13 ladies hand bags, a set of four black mag rims wheels, with tyres, two sets of Number plates BAX 3769 and SHIKY 1, a double sticker seal tape, two pairs of ladies shoes, ÀB BANK Cash withdraw slip by IFO SABRIE KALID, a Gun case, FNB ATM bearing card number 1646, a Money tag Slip from Atlas Mara Zambezi mall and two NRCs bearing the names of Samuel Zulu and Mooba Habombe

Mr Hamoonga said also found was a driving licence for Clement Katunga ,Sherbourne lodge identity card for manager ,12 – 2023 Inclusive Sports Festival T-shirts, eight laptop bags, six Travelling bags, four suitcases and two kit bags.

“The Owner of the Ractis vehicle has identified the now deceased as the person who had in fact hired his vehicle for at least three months.

Investigations have since been instituted and a manhunt for the suspect who escaped is on,” he said.

(Mwebantu, Friday, 8th December, 2023)

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