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I am sorry, ndimuntu fye, nainewine ndaluba”, Chishimba Kambwili, apologies



NATIONAL Democratic Congress Party leader Chishimba Kambwili has asked President Edgar Lungu for forgiveness after he accused him of conniving with Lusaka business man Valden Findlay in drug dealing.
Dr Kambwili said he unreservedly apologise to President Lungu and Mr Findlay saying the statement he made was insinuated by some sections of  media.
Speaking at a press briefing at his residence in Luanshya, Dr  Kambwili said it is only right that a new page of brotherly love and genuine reconciliation is done.
“I am a Christian like many of the Zambian’s who believe in truthful reconciliation and forgiveness. During my self imposed political hibernation, I have reflected on a number of issues that I thought I should address today. Among them, I could have stepped on many people’s toes unknowingly and injuree them. I unreservedly apologize. I also wish to specifically single out one press briefing I held where I questioned the association of our Head of State His Excellency Edgar Lungu and Mr Valden Findley,” Dr Kambwili said.
He said he has realised his mistakes and asks to be forgiven
“I  have however realized that I should have cared enough to engage the people involved or even to take time to verify the raw information that came to my attention in the line of my political duties. Having said this, I want the unreservedly apologize to the President or Zambia Mr. Edgar Lungu for the misunderstanding that he is a drug dealer as insinuated by some sections of the media,” he said.
Dr Kambwili further said the information he gave out was not verified.
“I think it is my duty to once more clear this matter which in my view has created a lot of tension amongst us the involved persons. It is only right that we flip a new page as a sign of brotherly love and genuine reconciliation,” he said.
Dr Kambwili has also apologised to President Lungu’s family and Mr Findley.
“Ordinarily, I should have quietly approached the aggrieved persons privately but because he matter has been in public domain, I thought it is only right that I use the same medium I used to share the information.My prayer is that His Excellency Mr Edgar Lungu and Mr Valden Findley find it in their heart to forgive me. I am however reminded by Zambian singer Ephraim’s song, “Ndi muntufye, limolimo ndanaka,” and that to error is human but to forgive is divine! I tender this my apology,” he said.
And Dr Kambwili says he will inform his members at an appropriate time the party’s next political direction.
Dr Kambwili was accompanied by United Church of Zambia and President of Partners in Mission Works Reverend Serge Kalume Changa.
In 2019, Dr Kambwili accused President Lungu of using presidential planes to courier illegal drugs with Valden Findlay.c
He challenged president Lungu to state the nature of business he wad involved in with Findlay, a drug dealer.
Dr Kambwili wondered why whenever Lungu emerges from the door of the presidential plane, the next person to emerge is Findlay, the accusations.
However, Mr Findlay sued Dr Kambwili over the allegations.


PF Secretary General Nakachinda involved in a road traffic accident 



PATRIOTIC Front (PF) Secretary General Raphael Nakachinda has been involved in Road Traffic Accident after the vehicle he was driving was hit into by a locomotive.

This happened when Mr Nakachinda who whilst driving an Isuzu vehicle failed to give way to a locomotive hence his vehicle was hit into.

Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said the incident occurred today around midnight along the Great North Road at Shikoswe railway crossing.

“Involved was Raphael Mangani Nakachinda aged 45 of house number 1794 Inkanga area of Kafue District who was driving an Isuzu registration number BAH 8695 from North to South who sustained bruised left πarm ,bruised back of the neck , bruised left ear and painful left leg, whilst the vehicle incurred a shattered front windscreen, extensively damaged right side body, rear passenger’s door and both rear lights,” he said.

He said also involved was Vincent Mabinda aged 45 of unknown house number a driver of a Goods Train from west to east direction which had no damages.

“The accident happened when Mr. Raphael Nakachinda who whilst driving an Isuzu vehicle failed to give way to a locomotive hence his vehicle was hit into by an on-coming Locomotive which had the right of way,” he said.

Mr Hamoonga said the accused has since been charged for the offence of Careless driving and his vehicle impounded at the Police station.

(Mwebantu, Saturday, 2nd December, 2023)

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I am ready to risk my life to save the PF, says Edgar Lungu 



“I AM ready for anything, including risking my own life to save the Patriotic Front (PF),” Former republican President Edgar Lungu has said.

Mr Lungu says victory is certain and that the machinations by the ruling United Party for National Development (UPND) in form of ‘Imingalato’ will not stop him.

He has also noted that he is aware that the next move by the UPND is to lift his immunity, but he is ready and not worried about the outcome.

Speaking when he addressed the media on a number or issues, he said that he did not intend to get back into active politics, but he did so to ensure that PF lives on.

He noted that this was from the backdrop of the machinations from Government to steal, kill and destroy the PF in order to continue their stay in power.

“The machinations became more when those in power wanted to state a coup in PF using their stooges. They were illegally endorsed by police, followed by the National Assembly to swot democracy. This becoming more vivid when the victim who in this case is the PF is treated as a villian and a state sponsored sect is being given protection by the law,” he said.

Mr Lungu claimed that unfortunately, for those in power, it is not possible to submerge the PF in an attempt of using ‘Imingalato.’

“In this regard, I made a call to all opposition s as to defend Zambia’s hard earned democracy. I called for unity of purpose and today I am humbled for the unanimous response. Victory is certain, we shall certainly defeat those scheming against democracy,” he said.

He further claimed that he came back into politics to save the PF from being stolen of killed by the government.

“I am aware the next move is to lift my immunity from prosection. This does not worry me. It is another ploy to divert people from their failure, ” he said.

(Mwebantu, Friday, 1st December, 2023)

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‘Imbwili’ jailed for hate speech



OPPOSITION Patriotic Front (PF) member of the Central Committee and former Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has been handed a five-month prison sentence for hate speech by Kasama Magistrate’s Court.

In this case, Kambwili, 54, of house number 9, Wisteria Avenue, Luanshya was charged with the offence of expressing hatred and ridicule of the persons based on tribe and place of origin.

Kasama Resident Magistrate Samson Mumba found Kambwili after the prosecution proved its case beyond reasonable doubts.
And in mitigation, Kambwili who spoke through his lawyer told court that he was a first offender, a family man and a person who previously served the nation as a cabinet minister.

He also urged the court to take into consideration his health.

In sentencing Kambwili, Magistrate Mumba said he took into account the mitigation.
He however said he sentenced Kambwili to five months imprisonment to deter would be offenders.

Meanwhile, after judgement was passed, Kambwili’s lawyer Kaizara Tembo told journalists his client will appeal against the verdict.

“Currently we are making efforts to lodge in an application for bail pending appeal,” he said.

Kambwili has since been transported to Milima Correctional Facility in Kasama.

(Mwebantu, Thursday,  30th November, 2023)

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