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High youth unemployment levels worry, Dr. Fred M’membe



SOCIALIST Party (SP) President Fred M’membe has expressed concern that unemployment levels among young people in Zambia has continued to remain high.
Dr M’membe said it is unacceptable that many young in  Zambia are experiencing poor education and employment outcomes.
In a statement, Dr M’membe said Zambia needs to start building successful programmes that address the individual and socioeconomic contexts in which young people actually live, rather than simply repeating the skills-for-employability rhetoric.
“Today, there are 3,491404 aged between 15 -24, accounting for 20 per cent of Zambia’s population.The active engagement of youth in sustainable development efforts is central to achieving a sustainable, inclusive and stable nation, and to averting the worst threats and challenges to sustainable development, including the impacts of climate change, unemployment, poverty, gender inequality, conflict, and migration,” he said.
He said if the country do not prioritise education and employment, very little will be achieved in improving the conditions of young people.
Dr M’membe said education and employment are fundamental to overall youth development.
“In education, many youth of upper secondary age are out of school, and upper secondary enrolment rates are low. Moreover, many of the poorest 12- to 14-year olds have never attended school, and many of the youth of the future are still unable to obtain an acceptable primary education,” he said.
Dr M’membe further said young women in rural areas face challenges in securing and completing an education adding that youth employment has worsened in recent years.
“Unemployment among youth ages 15-24 stands at 24 percent. Many of our young people are in precarious or informal work.And most of them are living in poverty even though they are employed,” he said.
He said while entrepreneurship offers opportunities for some youth, a diverse and robust employment strategy must include options and opportunities for all young people.
Dr M’membe said it is important to recognise that the human rights and flourishing of youth are about more than successful transitions to employment.
“Young people have aspirations that are far broader and that need to be valued and supported. Approaches that focus on prioritising youth participation, respecting youth rights, and addressing youth aspirations are key,” Dr M’membe said.
He said rather than focusing on narrow measures of educational or employment attainment, it is crucial that sufficient attention is paid to young people’s own accounts of what they value for their human development and for the sustainable development of their communities.


Police arrest Lusaka lawyer for stealing K 40,000



POLICE in Lusaka have arrested prominent Lawyer Mcqueen Zaza for extortion after he purported to be President Hakainde Hichilema’s lawyer and legal adviser.

Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said Zaza swindled a business consultant who has a contract with the Ministry of Defence to supply uniforms and vests.

“Police in Lusaka received a report of Extortion from Yvonne Shakantu 51 of House No. 31, Chitimukulu road, PHI Lusaka, a business lady who reported on behalf of Roy Musonda 39 of Plot No. 30, Birds view, Silverest, a Business consultant and Director at Big Eye Limited who has a Contract with Ministry of Defence to supply Uniforms, Bullet proof vests that he was swindled of K40, 000 by unscrupulous people.

Brief facts of the matter are that on 14th October, 2021at about 17:00 hours, Roy Musonda received  a text message from Mr Mcqueen Zenzo Zaza 40 of plot Number Q1AZURITE Apartment Ibex Meanwood  purporting to be a Lawyer of The President and legal adviser and that he wanted to meet him. Musonda with his friend Webby Kasalu 47 a business man drove to the car wash which is a few meters from his office within Garden City Mall to meet Zaza and his colleagues,” Mr Hamoonga said.

He explained that Mr Zaza claimed that he had connections with Home Affairs minister Jack Mwiimbu.

“One of them introduced himself as Detective Bwalya Chilufya based at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe Police Station and the other as Richard Phiri an engineer a public officer employed by Zambia Revenue Authority in Kasama.

The said persons drove the victim and his friends to Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe Police Station where he was told that earlier in the day, they had spotted him at Ministry of Defence and wanted to know how he got the said contract. Mr Zaza demanded that he pays him one million kwacha so that his contract does not get terminated as he had connections with the Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Jack Jacob Mwiimbu, Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Garry Nkombo and many others,” Mr Hamoonga explained.

He said Roy Musonda requested for funds from his fellow business partners and raised K40, 000 which he paid Mr Zaza at the back of Garden City Car park where he was comfortable and remained with a balance of K10, 000,as he had demanded to be paid K50,000.”

Mr Hamoonga said Mr Zaza continued demanding for the balance with his colleagues until on 15th October, 2021at 20:00 hours when he was nabbed by Police officers when he went to collect the balance.

He said the police officers managed to recover K24, 000 from the three suspects which was brought to the police by the suspects friends.

Mr Hamoonga said the money has been seized and kept as exhibit.

“The trio Mr Zaza 40 of plot Number Q1AZURITE Apartment Ibex Meanwood, Detective Constable Bwalya Chilifya 27 of unknown House number lbex Hill and Richard Phiri aged 29 of unknown House number Ibex Hill were charged and arrested for the offence of Extortion Contrary to Section 279 Cap 87 of the Laws of Zambia and have since been given Police bond pending to appear in court,” he said

Mr Hamoonga has warned the general public to be warily of people masquerading around to be holding offices of influence in the new dawn government administration whilst demanding for payments.

He said the Police will fairly and firmly deal with all those who will be found wanting according to the law.


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Kwisa, I am still DP president, says Harry Kalaba



DEMOCRATIC Party (DP) National Secretary says Harry Kalaba is still the party president and his expulsion by the three founding party members should be treated as null and void.

And Mr Kalaba has described the challenge of his expulsion as nothing.

Addressing the media in Lusaka, Jewis Chabi said Mr Kalaba was elected as party President through the national convention that was held last year in November.

Mr Chabi explained that the move was done in fulfillment of the requirement of Zambia’s constitution that demands that for one to stand as president in the general elections he has to go through the convention of a political party.

“Hence the assertions by the three colleagues that Mr Kalaba was only sponsored as a candidate for the purposes of the 2021 general elections are null and void,” he said.

Mr Chabi has since urged party members across the country to remain calm, adding that DP is the new hope for the Zambian people.

He further said the three colleagues have been suspended with immediate effect.

“We are going to write them exculpatory  letters that they will need to respond to in 14 days,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Kalaba added that the DP party has seen a lot of challenges throughout its journey and what transpired yesterday is nothing.

He said the party is growing and it is expected to that it encounter a lot of challenges.

Mr Kalaba further said DP is the party the Zambian people are counting on because their burdens are carried on our shoulders.

“We will watch and move on, we will continue with mobilisation programmes of the party,” he stated.

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Bowman asks court to order DNA in paternity dispute, defamation case



FORMER Lusaka Province minister Bowman Lusambo has sued a woman who claims that he fathered her three children while the fourth one is on the way.

Lusambo, who is PF Kabushi MP is seeking damages for libel and an order that a Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) test be conducted to ascertain the parternity of Mercy Matongo Cowham’s children.

In a statement of claim filed in court, Lusambo stated that Cowham on September 28, 2021 published through a video footage circulated on Facebook by Prime TV and other online media houses to the effect that he has been in a relationship with her for about eight years and fathered three children with her and she is expecting another one.

In the said video, Cowham alleged that Lusambo abandoned her and his children.

He stated that the words or sentiments expressed in the said video in their ordinary meaning, mean and were understood to mean that he is an adulterer who has committed adultery for the last eight years.

Lusambo stated that the sentiments by Cowham also meant that he was engaged in sexual activity with her on several occasions resulting in him fathering four children whom he has abandoned thus being irresponsible.

The former minister stated that the sentiments are injurious to his reputation and lower his estimation in the eyes of right thinking members of society more so that he is a public figure.

“The words contained in the said video footage were published and continue to be published to the wide population as the video was found to be sensational and thus it went viral. The said sentiments were maliciously published by the defendant with her full knowledge that they are unfounded, false and injurious to the plaintiffs’ reputation,” the claim read further.

Lusambo is claiming is damages for libel, exemplary damages, retraction and apology of the statements in question.

He has also asked the court to order that a DNA test be conducted.

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Foxdale Forest – Phase 2 Selling


21 Oct 2021, 12:57 PM (GMT)

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