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Four thieves beaten after attacking and entering a house of a 27-year-old victim, police say



FOUR suspects were beaten by a mob in Lusaka’s Kamwala area after they entered a house and tied the owner and her maid.

The suspects gained entry through the gate after deceiving the maid that they had been sent to refill gas in the gas stove by the owner of the house.

The incident occurred on March 9, 2023 between 11:00 hours and 12:00 hours in Kamwala residential area.

Police deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale said the maid then called the owner of the house, a female aged 27, who then engaged the suspects at the gate.

He said as the owner was talking to them, one suspects grabbed her by the neck and took possession of the key and opened the gate then entered the premises.

However, before the suspects could excute their plan, the brother to the owner of the house arrived at the gate.

“The suspects noticed and attempted to run away, but in the process they were apprehended by the neighbours.

The case was reported and officers rushed to the scene where they found the suspects being beaten by a mob. They were only rescued by Police officers who later apprehended them,” he said.

Mr Mwale said the suspects have been identified as Anderson Chalwe aged 45, Obedi Mboshi aged 42, Emmanuel Mwansa aged 39 and Emmanuel Mulenga aged 44 all of unknown address.

He said they are all admitted to the University Teaching Hospitals where they are receiving treatment.

Meanwhile, Police in Luangwa District arrested a 41-year-old man identified as Situmbeko Amulomba in connection with the death of his 11-year-old son.

Concerned members of the community in Soweto compound of Luangwa District informed Police on Thursday, March 9, 2023 that Mr Situmbeko was seen beating his son who later died in Luangwa District Hospital in unclear circumstances.

“The incident occurred on March 4, 2023 around 19:00 hours and the boy died on March 7, 2023 at 12:00 hours.

The incident was not reported to Police until on March 9, 2023 when the deceased was being buried and Police officers swung into action and halted the burial ceremony,” he said.

Mr Mwale said officers inspected the body of the deceased and found it had multiple injuries.

He said police immediately apprehended the suspect after burial and the grave was marked for exhumation and postmortem.

“Initial investigations revealed that on March 4, 2023 around 19:00 hours in Soweto Compound of Luangwa District, Situmbeko Amulomba (junior) is alleged to have stolen K100.00 belonging to his father.

However, this development did not sit well with the father who severely beat the boy,” he said.

Mr Mwale said the suspect is detained in Police custody yet to be formally charged.

(Mwebantu, Sunday, 12th March, 2023)


Mother and son die after struck by lightning in Luapula province, police say 



TWO people died while one survived after they were struck by lightning in Samfya District of Luapula Province.

The deceased have  been identified as Grace Mwansa and her son as Reagan Kasongo aged seven both of Mansa District.

Meanwhile, Chilufya Mwansa aged 28 of Mtendere Township in Lusaka survived with lightning burns.

Police deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale said the incident occurred on March 20, 2023 around 19:00 hours in Makasa area of Samfya District.

“Brief facts of the incident are that on the fateful day, members of an  Association called March and Associate were in Samfya District where they were working under a project of strengthening the livelihood of women under the Gewel program. The three were struck when Chilufya Mwansa was interviewing Grace Mwansa who was with her child. Grace Mwansa sustained burns on her chest while her son had no visible injuries,” he said.

Mr Mwale said the victims were rushed to Musaila Mini-Hospital where the two were pronounced dead upon arrival.

He said the bodies have been deposited in the same Hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem and burial while Chilufya Mwansa sustained burns on his back and is admitted to Musaila Mini-hospital.

Mr Mwale said police have opened an inquiry file into the incident.

(Mwebantu, Tuesday, 21st March, 2023)

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14-year-old Chama girl impregnated by step-father, police say



A 14-year-old girl of Chama district has been sexually abused and impregnated by her 38-year-old step-father.

The sexual abuse of the victim by Charles Mkandawire is believed to have began when the victim was only 12-years-old and in grade six.

Muchinga province commanding officer Kaunda Mubanga said the incident happened between 2021 and December 2022 at unknown times in Makeni township.

He said the uncle to the victim is the one who reported the incident to police.

“Brief facts are that the victim aged 14 stays with the mother and her step father Charles Mkandawire. In 2021 when the victim was only 12-years-old and in grade six the stepfather sexually abused her and it has been going on since then until 2022 December. In January 2023 the victim got sick and was taken to the hospital were she was examined and found to be pregnant,” he said.

He said the grandmother to the victim asked her who was responsible for the pregnancy and she informed her that it was her step father.

“Acting on the report, Officers issued the victim with a Medical Report Form and the suspect was later apprehended and detained in Police custody. He will appear in court soon,” he said.

(Mwebantu, Tuesday, 21st March, 2023)

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Film maker nabbed after being found filming inside a Mortuary, police say



IN trying to recreate a ‘Hammer House of Horror’ stunt, a 29-year-old Lusaka based film maker has been arrested for Criminal Trespass after being found filming inside Kafue Hospital Mortuary.

Paul Wilo is believed to have gone to film at the hospital mortuary without permission from the health authorities, which attracted an arrest

Also arrested is a mortuary attendant Oscar Nyambe 40, who has been charged with the same offence.

Police Deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale said the incident happened on Friday last week between 17:00 hours and 19:00 hours.

Mr Mwale said  police received a report that a group of people believed to have come from Lusaka were found filming in the Mortuary at Kafue General Hospital without permission from the hospital authorities.

“Police in Kafue District are holding two people for the offence of Criminal Trespass. This is in a case were Paul Wilo aged 29 a Film maker of Lusaka together with others were found filming in Kafue General Hospital Mortuary without permission from the Hospital authorities.

Police have also arrested a Mortuary attendant at the same District Hospital identified as Oscar Nyambe aged 40 ,in connection with the same offence,”he said.

Mr Mwale said the group was intercepted by a 32 year-old male Nurse who was on duty after he was alerted by the hospital guard.

Police officers rushed to the scene and arrested the suspects.

“Initial investigations revealed that the suspects had no authority from the District Hospital or the Ministry of Health.

The two suspects are in custody waiting to be formally charged and investigations have intensified into the matter,” he said.

(Mwebantu, Tuesday, 21st March, 2023)

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