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Five people die in a road traffic accident along the Mansa-Samfya Road, police say



FIVE (05) people have died while three (03) others sustained injuries after a Toyota Harrier they were traveling in overturned along the Mansa-Samfya Road.

The accident happened last night around 20:30 hours when an unregistered Harrier which was being driven by Taila Simpemba aged 22 of Makonde lost control of the motor vehicle due to excessive speed and died on the spot with four other passengers.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo told Mwebantu in a statement that others who died have been identified as Jackson  Nshinka aged 32,  five year old boy identified as Morgan  Kachemba,  a baby girl of unknown age identified as Bridget  Chishima, a two year old boy identified as Amon Nshinka, all of Kaputa District.

And Katongo said the injured victims have been admitted in Mansa General Hospital and have been identified as Mary Chileya aged 22, five months old boy identified as Reuben Musonda, and a 30 year old man only identified as Elija.

Katongo said the bodies of the deceased are in Mansa General Hospital mortuary awaiting post-mortem.

Meanwhile, Katongo said police are saddened by the increased numbers of over speeding related road traffic accidents recorded in the recent past in which a lot of people have lost their lives.

Local Courts

Hungry Ndola man jailed for breaking into a home to eat chicken pieces valued at K41



A 20-year-old Ndola man will spend more than a year in prison after he broke into a home to feast on his victims chicken pieces.

Obed Munthali was found mouth full with chicken pieces after he had broken into and entered Mbasela Kansa’s home ,because he was hungry.

In this case, Munthali is charged and convicted for Burglary and theft.

When the matter came up before Ben Akende Munthali pleaded guilty, while Magistrate Akende described Munthali as a funny man who needed to have worked for the chicken pieces that he ate.

It is alleged that on the night of August 16th, this year, Munthali broke and entered into the house of Mr Kansa with intent to steal 15 chicken pieces valued at K41.

According to facts presented before court by senior public prosecutor Innocent Kamunga, it was heard that on August 16th, this year at around 23:00 hours, Kansa was asleep when he was awakened by some strange noise.

Mr Kamunga told court that when Mr Kansa moved out of his bedroom, he was shocked to find Munthali in his house with his mouth full of chicken pieces.

“Mr Kansa also discovered that all his 15 pieces of chicken which had remained from his business of selling fried chicken pieces at Chipili’s bar were consumed by Munthali. Entry to the house was gained after destroying the main door which was left secured by the complainant before he went to sleep,” he said.

He said the convict was apprehended right in the house and acting on the matter detective Kumwenda Gomezyani interviewed Munthali who admitted to eating the chicken pieces because he was hungry.

In mitigation Munthali said he was wrong to enter the house without the law allowing him and asked for forgiveness.

However, Magistrate Akende sentenced him to 18-months imprisonment with hard labour.

(Mwebantu, Tuesday, August 30th, 2022)

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Kapiri woman gets three years for cutting her husband’s manhood on suspicion of cheating



AN argument over extra marital affairs has caused a Kapiri Mposhi woman in central Province to cut her husband’s manhood.

Given Chilufya, 37, is believed to have woken up at midnight on August 4th after an argument with Jimmy Ngulube 43,over his suspected infidelity and decided that enough was enough by cutting his manhood.

In this matter, Chilufya is charged and convicted of unlawful wounding.

When the matter came up before Kapiri Mposhi Resident Magistrate Arnold Kasongamulilo, he sentenced Chilufya to three-years-imprisonment for unlawfully wounding her husband.

It was alleged that on August 4, 2022, around midnight, Chilufya unlawfully wounded her husband.

Court heard that on the material day, Mr Ngulube and his wife had an argument, just before going to bed.

It was heard that during the argument, Chilufya accused her husband of having an extra marital affair.

Ngulube in his testimony told court that while he was sleeping, he felt a sharp pain on his private parts, and when he woke up, he found his wife standing by the bed, with a knife in her hand.

He narrated to court that he noticed blood on his private parts adding also that whilist Chilufya stood by there bed side holding a knife, she threatened to kill him.

Mr Ngulube further narrated however, that with the help of his brother, the mater was reported to police and he was later rushed to hospital.

In mitigation, Chilufya begged the court for leniency for attacking and wounding her husband.

However, Magistrate Kasongamulilo told Chilufya that it appeared that she wanted to kill he husband and there by sentenced her to three-years imprisonment.

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Mother narrates how she killed her husband for allegedly sexually abusing their 12-year-old daughter



JUST like in the true life movie drama called ‘Not without my daughter’ where a mother fights for her child despite the many obstacles,

A woman of Copperbelt’s Luanshya district has also demonstrated the love and pain of a mother after she has admitted to having killed her husband who was also HIV positive for allegedly abusing her 12-year-old daughter last year.

Prudence Daka, a billing officer from Kafubu Water and Sanitation Company (KWSC) told court that she hit her husband with a steel rod in the head after catching him pants down from allegedly abusing their daughter who was in tears.

Daka is jointly charged with Stanley Mutimba 30 for the murder of Clarence Zulu.

When the matter came up yesterday before Mr Justice Daniel Musonda in the Ndola-high-court yesterday, Daka said on August 28, last year, her sister from Pakistan visited her home and she asked her was to escort her into town to change money.

Daka said while at the bus station, she realised that she forgot her phone at home, and when she went back home, she found all the doors to the house locked.

She told court that when she went back, she knocked on the door five times before the door could be opened and when it was opened, her daughter came out crying, while her husband came out of the toilet in boxers.

“My husband dressed up and left and I then asked my daughter what was wrong and she told me that her father was sexually abusing her. I then told her not to tell anyone. Later in the day, I asked my husband and sister if we could go out for drinks .I was just pretending so that my sister could not tell what happened. When we came back at 23:00 hours, I asked my husband why he was abusing my daughter when he knew he was HIV positive. Instead he started insulting me and was not apologetic. I got upset and got a steel rod and hit on his head. That is how he fell to the ground and stopped moving,” she said.

Daka said she then called her nephew, Mutimba to assist her to take her husband to the hospital, but on the way, she decided to dump the body in the bush because she was scared of being arrested.

She further added that two years before the incident, she caught her husband touching her daughter’s breasts, who at the time was eight years old.

When asked by State advocate Innocent Kamunga why she did not report her husband to the police after discovering that he was abusing her daughter, Daka told court that she loved her husband so much that she did not want him to be arrested.

And Mutimba told court that Daka called her at around 22:00 hours to take his uncle to the hospital after a marital dispute.

He however said he was surprised to find himself in the bush as he was intoxicated and had dozed off on the way.

“I was shocked and asked what was happening, she threatened me not to tell anyone. She then got the car keys and told me to take to it to the car wash and return it the following day. I then left for Ndola but I was so disturbed that I ended up in an accident and was apprehended by police,” he said.

(Mwebantu, Friday, August 19th, 2022)

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