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Five people arrested by DEC in Lusaka for impersonation of DEC, ZRA and ZICTA officers



FIVE (05) people have been arrested by the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) in Lusaka for impersonation of DEC, Zambia Revenue Authority and Zambia Information and Communication Technology (ZICTA) officers.

The suspects have been identified as Donald CHIMASE aged 26, Lyson Ng’oma aged 25, Kalata Chanda aged 26, Nicholas Mwansa aged 25, and 26 year-old Jimmy Ashly Sichimba.

DEC Spokesperson Theresa Katongo in a statement revealed that the suspects were picked from Carousel Shopping Mall where they had gone to demand for money from a Chinese national and proprietor of a named shop by purporting that they were officers from DEC, ZRA and ZICTA.

Katongo said the suspects extorted K30, 000 from the same shop owner and had taken with them two laptops, a CCTV server and Control Unit.

And Katongo has urged members of the public to always demand for an identification card whenever they are approached by any person purporting to be a Law enforcement officer.


Ndola hubby secretly goes behind wife of 22 year’s back and marries another woman



THE narrative ‘FEAR’ a man has been proven again after the Ndola local court has heard a woman’s cry of how her husband of 22-years went behind her back and decided to get married to another in another province.

In this case, Karen Chungu dragged her husband Andrew Kapembwa to court seeking divorce for marrying another woman.

Karen told the court that she did not want to be in a polygamous marriage and thus dragged Andrew to court for divorce.

“One day I wanted to make love to my husband ,but I was shocked to find him shaved. I wanted to have a meeting held over why his private parts are clean, but he told me to keep quiet about it. The problems in our marriage continued to an extent of him chasing me outside of the house and when  elders were involved he ran away,” she said.

She further told the court that the two had not made love for the past one year .

In his defence Andrew told court that he tried to sit his wife down so that they would resolve issues ,but she never gave him that chance and problems continued  .

“I had no intentions of marrying another woman ,but my wife stopped washing for me and performing her duties. I married another woman because of my wife’s behavior,”

“I have never stayed out of our house for two-years. I made a mistake and I have accepted it . I respect my wife. She is  the mother of my children,” he said.

He further told the court that he did not make love to his wife because she refused him.

Passing judgement Kabushi local court senior presiding Magistrate John Kabwe sitting with senior Magistrate Emelda Masuwa granted Divorce citing that reconciliation had failed even though Andrew did not want to divorce his wife, he had already married another woman.

He was then ordered to compensate his wife with K30,000 in monthly installments of K500.

(Mwebantu, Monday, 28th November, 2022)

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Ndola hubby takes girlfriend home and introduces her as his cousin to the wife



A MAN of Ndola has shocked the court after his wife narrated how he took his side chick home and introduced her as his cousin.

Mercy Banda who dragged her husband Chipo Lukena to court for divorce stated that he deserted their home and would let his girlfriend answer his calls when she called him.

This is a case in Which Mercy has sued Lukena for divorce for being unfaithful in their marriage.

Mercy who has been married to Lukena for 10-years told court that problems in their marriage started nine months into the marriage.

“He started deserting our home and each time I would call him, his girlfriend would answer his phone. Once he brought his girlfriend to stay home with us and claimed that she was his cousin,” she said.

Mercy narrated to the court that she caught Lukena on many occasions with other women and that the last incident she found him in a taxi with a woman.

“When we engaged our relatives to sit him down, he decided to console his side chick which prompted me to tell my parents to take back the dowry, but he refused,” she said.

In his defence, Lukena told court that his wife was telling the truth, but that he had been apologising for being unfaithful.

“In 2015, I also caught her with another man the time I was doing my jail time because I was arrested. When I came out of prison, another man called and claimed that he had sexual intercourse with my wife and that she was a prostitute,” he claimed.

Further , Lukena told court that he asked his wife for forgiveness for cheating on her, but that she decided to bring back the dowry or which I refused.

Passing judgement Kabushi local court senior presiding Magistrate John Kabwe sitting with senior Magistrate Emelda Masuwa granted Divorce without compansation citing that reconciliation had failed and dowry was already returned.

(Mwebantu, Sunday, 27th November, 2022)

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Livingstone court orders Man to prove erection by sleeping with 3 women



THE Livingstone Local Court has ordered a 27-year-old man to try and sleep with three different women to ascertain if his ex-girlfriend cast a spell on him to cause erectile dysfunction.

Kenford Sililo had dragged his former girlfriend Maria Simoono, 27, of B39 of Malota Township to court for the restoration of his erection.

The court also advised Sililo of C36 to use condoms as he attempts to establish if his manhood has a problem. Sililo told the court that he wanted Simoono to release him from the spell of erectile dysfunction.

The court heard that Sililo and Simoono started their relationship in July 2022 and broke up after three months in October 2022.

He said he stopped having an erection after their relationship ended. “My manhood stopped working after the relationship ended. All I feel a lot of heat on my back.

(Source: Zambia Daily Mail(

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07 Dec 2022, 4:17 AM (GMT)

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