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ECL’s daughther says her parents paid for purchase of her plot and it is not a crime to have supportive parents



FORMER President Edgar Lungu’s daughter Chiyeso Lungu has submitted in court that her parents availed K3million for purchase of one of properties the State had deemed a proceed of crime.

Ms Lungu, a lawyer admitted to the bar in 2018, has further submitted in court that it is not a crime for responsible parents to support their children in the manner her parents have consistently done.

“I have no reasonable basis to suspect or doubt my parents’ capacity to raise K3, 000, 000 which they availed me for purchasing the first property[piece of land],” she submits in her court documents.

Ms Lungu is challenging the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Gilbert Phiri’s notice of motion seeking a non-conviction forfeiture of her properties which the State has deemed tainted.

The seized propeties include two farms with a high-cost house, four chicken runs and three flats in Lusaka’s State Lodge area, all valued at K9, 375, 438.62, and acquired between 2013 and 2021.

But opposition the lawsuit, Ms Lungu submits before the Economic and Financial Crimes Court that her parents Edgar Lungu and Esther paid K3million for the purchase of one of the properties the State wants forfeited for being tainted.

She submits that during interrogations, she had informed the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) that consideration for the purchase of the first property was paid by Mr Lungu and former first lady Esther in 2017.

Ms Lungu wonders why DEC investigations officer Emmanuel Khondowe never submitted in court that she disclosed the source of income for the said property.

“I did state that the consideration for the purchase of the first property was paid by my parents Edgar and Esther Lungu and he opted to conceal or withhold the information,” she submits.

Ms Lungu argues that the failure to inform the court was either a dereliction of duty on his part or on the part of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

She submits that the DPP’s application seeks to demonstrate that she owns two properties namely Lot/9390/M containing a high cost house and four chicken runs and property number LN_79093/ housing three flats in State lodge.

“I indeed bought all that piece of land at a cost of K3, 000, 000 in April 2017.

“On September 9, 2022 when Mr Khondowe invited me for investigations at DEC, I did state that the consideration for the purchase of the first property was paid by my parents and he opted to conceal or withhold the information,” she states.

Ms Lungu said Mr Khondowe’s failure to inform the court of what she explained to him during the inquiry was either a dereliction of duty if not mere calculation intended to mislead the court.

She details how her father, a former Minister of Home Affairs, rose through the ranks and worked to earn what he has.

“I know my father to have been an accomplished legal practitioner who was called to the bar in 1981. In addition to him working as a legal practitioner in various institutions for a period of 30 years,” she adds.

Mr Lungu also served in various government portfolios from being Chawama MP in 2011 and later holding the office of deputy minister in the vice president’s office in the same year.

“My father was promoted to a position of Minister of Home Affairs in July 2012 and became Minister of Defense in December 2013, later functioning as the acting Republican President during [late] President Michael Chilufya Sara’s tenure in office in 2013 to 2014 at which time he also held the office of Minister of Justice from August 2014,” Ms Lungu says.

She says on January 25, 2015, Mr Lungu, ascended to the office of the President of the republic of Zambia becoming 6th president, an office held for seven years.

“Throughout my childhood during which I had no income earning capacity, I have continued access to various facilities and material possessions such as quality education, clothing, paid medical care, recreation and safe and clean housing which have all been above my earning capacity, all of which has been as a result of my parents’ financial ability to support my livelihood,” she says.

Ms Lungu submits  it is not a crime for responsible parents to support their children in the manner my parents have consistently done and that the court case against her falls within the category of malicious prosecution or abuse of court process.

“At the time I was purchasing the first property it was already developed with improvements being referred to as “high-cost house”and the four chicken runs.

“Efforts(by DEC) to differentiate the cost of purchasing and construction of the house is as a result of negligence, innocent mistakes or are carefully calculated at misleading the Court,” the document reads.

She also explains how she bought one of the pieces of land in contention.

” Later in 2019, I applied to the ministry of lands, natural resources and environmental protection that I be allocated the piece of land which is in front of the first property on August 20, 2020, which I was given an invitation to treat for property no. LUSAK/LN_79093 and I would be given an offer letter upon payment of K5, 638. 68.

“On September 15, 2020 I paid the said amount to the ministry of lands and the commissioner of lands proceeded to issue me an offer letter,” Ms Lungu submits.

She adds that as an officer of court practicing law in the firm of Messrs Muyatwa legal practitioners from where she earns a monthly salary, she had full capacity to pay K5, 638. 68.

“I have not built any flats on the second property depositions by Khondowe alleging that I have built 3 flats on the second property are either emanating from poor or incoherent investigations or are designed to create misrepresentations before this court, ” the lawyer argues.

Ms Lungu further contends that the DPP cannot categorise her captioned property as tainted without the court making such determination.

“Both properties are mine and do not form proceeds of crime as they were lawfully purchased with legal and traceable sources of income.

“This court is urged to hold that the DPP’s application has failed to outline what offence was committed by Ms Chiyeso Lungu  in connection with the properties sought to be forfeited to the State.

“The DPP brought no piece or trace of evidence pointing to either of the four elements of tainted property as such the standard required. As such, the court is beseeched to dismiss the application with costs to the interested party,” she submits.

(Mwebantu, Friday, 22nd September, 2023)


Edith Nawakwi in court for abduction and threatening to kill Hatembos



FORUM For Democracy and Development (FDD) Edith Nawakwi has been taken to court to explain why she allegedly abducted and threatened to kill two farmers, Pheluna and Milton Hatembo.

Ms Nawakwi, 63, has been charged with four counts of a kidnapping or abduction with intent to confine person and threating violence.

Allegations are that between August 31, 2021 and September 1, 2022, the accused, while acting with others unknown, with intent to cause injury or alarm threatened to kill Pheluna.

Ms Nawakwi did so when she allegedly told Pheluna that “I will kill you by chopping your head if you tell anyone whatever I discuss”.

In the second count, it is alleged that between the same dates, the former Minister of Finance, while acting with others unknown and with intent to cause injury or alarm threatened to kill Milton.

She did so when she allegedly told Hatembo “I will kill you by chopping your head if you tell anyone whatever I discuss”.

In the third count, allegations ate that between the same dates, Nawakwi, jointly and while acting with unknown others, abducted Pheluna from Choma to Lusaka.

She allegedly abducted the victim with intent to cause the woman to be secretly and wrongly confined against her wishes.

In the last count, allegations are that between the same dates, Nawakwi, jointly and while acting with unknown others, abducted Milton from Choma to Lusaka with intent to cause her to be secretly and wrongly confined against his wishes.

When the case came up yesterday, Lusaka chief resident magistrate Davies Chibwili allocated the case to magistrate Amy Masoja.

Ms Nawakwi is yet to take plea in the case which was widely publicized prior to the August 12, 2021 general elections.

(Mwebantu, Tuesday, 21st November, 2023)

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PF infighting continues as Mile Sampa’s election challenged in court



PATRIOTIC FRONT (PF) Mporokoso Member Parliament of Brian Mundubile has petitioned the Lusaka High Court to declare null and void the extraordinary convention which elected Miles Sampa as party  president.

Mr Mundubile seeks a declaration that Mr Sampa was expelled from the PF and is not a member of the party.

He also wants a declaration that Mr Sampa’s  move to appoint Morgan Ng’ona as PF secretary general is null and void because the correct office bearer is Raphael Nakacinda.

The politician also wants the court to declare that Mr N’gona is not the PF secretary general.

Mr Mundubile also wants a declaration that the changes made to the office bearers of PF at Registrar of Societies, by the Miles Sampa-led PF, are null and void.

He also seeks a restraining order stopping Mr Sampa and Mr Ng’ona and their agents from issuing any statements on behalf of PF.

In this lawsuit, Mr Mundubile has cited Mr Nakacinda, Mr Sampa, Mr Ng’ona and the The Registrar of Societies as defendants.

He submits that Article 52(2) of the PF constitution provided that a candidate interested in contesting as party president must indicate his interest to the SG of the party.

Mr Mundubile says upto 600 delegates from each province are to be selected in accordance with rules made by the central committee as provided for by Regulation 69(b) of the PF constitution.

“That the PF constitution requires that for a general conference to be held. The central committee must summon such a meeting as required by article 58(k) of the PF constitution,” he submits.

On October 24, Mr Sampa was elected PF president at an extra -ordinary general conference held at Lusaka’s Mulungushi International Conference Centre.

Mr Sampa, who is Matero Member of Parliament, was elected after polling over 2,000 votes beating six other candidates.
But the PF deemed the extra-ordinary convention illegal.

(Mwebantu, Thursday, 2nd November, 2023)

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Unka-Go’s General manager shares remarks at Lusaka Tigers FC MoU Sponsorship Handover




As the cool breeze of Lusaka’s evening air filled the atmosphere, a historical moment unfolded at the grounds of the Lusaka Tigers Football Club. Under the watchful eyes of the club’s Chairman Mr. Edwin Mulenga, the Vice Chairman Mr. Mumbo Lombe, Treasurer Mr. Steven Chishimba, distinguished guests, and members of the media, Ms. Angela Chipalo, the esteemed General Manager of Unka-Go, took to the podium.

Her speech was not just words; it was a testament to Unka-Go’s unfettered commitment to not just business growth, but societal upliftment, a pledge to weave the fabric of community development through sports.

“For us at Unka-Go, mobility is not just about moving from point A to B, but about moving dreams, aspirations, and communities towards growth and progress,” Ms. Chipalo stated. A renowned mobility company under the Probase Group, Unka-Go has reimagined taxi hailing and motorbike delivery services, bringing an integration of efficiency, safety, and innovation.

A gleam of pride was evident in Ms. Chipalo’s eyes as she reminisced on the brand’s journey, including the successful partnership as the official mobility ally for the Stanbic Music Festival. Yet, this evening was about a new chapter, a chapter scripted in the lanes of Matero, home to the Lusaka Tigers Football Club.

“We are not just sponsors; we are partners, allies, and supporters,” asserted Ms. Chipalo. This one-year sponsorship, with prospects of renewal, is a pledge to breathe life into the club’s aspirations, nurture young talents, and make football not just a sport, but a catalyst for community transformation.

As Ms. Chipalo handed over a cheque of K200,000 to the club, it symbolized more than financial support; it was a gesture of faith in the club’s potential, and an investment in the dreams of many young footballers in Matero and beyond.

“In every strike of the ball, every goal scored, and every triumphant cheer, we see the echo of Unka-Go’s ethos – moving beyond boundaries, breaking barriers, and creating paths where none existed,” she remarked.

Football is more than a game. For the Lusaka Tigers and the community of Matero, it’s a source of hope, unity, and a platform where dreams take flight. Unka-Go’s sponsorship is not just about nurturing football talents but is a pledge to be a wind beneath the wings of the community’s aspirations.

As the event concluded, the stars twinkling in the night seemed to dance in harmony to the new melody scripted in the partnership of Unka-Go and Lusaka Tigers. A melody of hope, progress, and an unyielding drive for excellence. This is more than a sponsorship; it’s a journey where every stride, every victory, and every challenge will be a shared experience.

In the heart of Matero, as the cool night whispered the tales of a new beginning, Unka-Go and Lusaka Tigers stood not just as partners but as a symbol of a community’s unyielding spirit and undaunted dreams. Today, Lusaka didn’t just witness a sponsorship announcement but the dawn of a new era in Zambian football.

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