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Cornelius Mulenga alias Chellah Tukuta convicted by Lusaka Magistrate Court



LUSAKA photographer Cornelius Mulenga alias Chellah Tukuta has been convicted by the Magistrate’s Court for calling former information minister Dora Siliya a pimp who sells girls to high profile men for  sex.
Mulenga’s lawyer from Linda Kasonde’s law firm, Meamande Wamukwamba, asked the court for leniency.
Matter has stood down for a few minutes and the magistrate has retired to the chambers to write his sentence.
On May 26, last year, Mulenga, allegedly published defamatory remarks in form of a video posted on Facebook against Ms Siliya, who is also former Petauke Central Member of Parliament.
In the live Facebook video, the photographer accused Ms Siliya of being a hooker and trades girls to high-profile men for sex.


ACC arrests Chirundu DEBS for theft and forgery contrary to the Laws of Zambia



CHIRUNDU District Education Board Secretary (DEBS), Veronica Mubanga has been arrested by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and jointly charged with two others for theft and forgery contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Mubanga aged 53, of Chirundu High Cost, has been charged with one (1) count of Theft by Public Servant contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

Others arrested and jointly charged with her are Chirundu District Guidance and Counseling Coordinator (DGCC) Obert Sibajene aged 50, of House Number 8 Teachers Compound, Chirundu Secondary School; and the District Resource Centre Coordinator (DRCC) Njekwa Njekwa aged 41 of Mazongolo Compound in the same district.

ACC Spokesperson Queen Chibwe disclosed in a statement that Sibajene has been charged with one (1) count of Forgery while Njekwa, has been charged with two (2) counts of Forgery contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

“Sibajene and Njekwa on separate occasions, forged an Accounts Form 44A purporting to be a retirement form for a certain Eddie Zaza when in fact not,” Chibwe stated.

She said the trio has been released on bond and will appear in court soon.

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Police say vehicle that was involved in an RTA was not on the presidential escort convey



ZAMBIA Police Service has dispelled the falsehood being peddled on social media that the vehicle that was involved in a road traffic accident was on the presidential escort convoy at the time of accident.

Police Spokesperson Rea Hamoonga said in a statement, that the vehicle in question is not used on the presidential escort convoy duties but rather is used by traffic officers to check the deployment of officers on the route.

Mr Hamoonga said police in Lusaka have since charged Namuyemba Lyapa aged 32 of Lusakas Nyumba Yanga for the offence of Careless driving Contrary to Section 154 of the Road traffic Act NO.11 of 2002.

“This was after a head on collision that occurred on 2nd December, 2021 at 19:00 hours at the Junction of Mosi-O-tunya and Tokyo way (ring road) involving a Nissan Almera ZP 198 C driven by Sergeant Nkwashi Hillary and Nissan Murano registration number BAR 2206 driven by Namuyemba Lyapa,” he said.

He explained that the accident happened when the driver of the Nissan Murano was approaching from South towards North and failed to give way to the Nissan Almera which was approaching from the opposite direction and was turning right when the traffic lights indicated the arrow sign hence the collision.

Mr Hamoonga added that the Nissan Almera had a broken left head lamp, bonnet, grill and front bumper while the Nissan Murano had a depressed front bumper.

This accident occurred when the driver had knocked off duty on his return to his duty station.

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Lusaka lawyer drags, Sylvia Masebo, to court over her directive that only vaccinated persons should enter govt buildings



A LUSAKA lawyer has sued Health minister Sylvia Masebo in the High Court over her directive that only vaccinated people against COVID-19 should be allowed access to government buildings.

According to a petition filed in court, Kelvin Zimba, a lawyer at Mosha and Company, wants the court to declare that the pronouncements made by Masebo on November 28, 2021 demanding that all persons entering public buildings and public service workers must be vaccinated against COVID-19 and produce proof of such vaccination is ultra vires Article 13,19,21 and 22 of the Constitution and therefore, void and of no effect.

Zimba, who has also cited the Attorney General in this petition, further seeks an order of certiorari that Masebo’s pronouncements be quashed for being unconstitutional.

Masebo directed that it will be a requirement for all persons to provide evidence of vaccination before entry into government buildings.

She also directed that it will be a requirement for civil and public servants to be vaccinated for them to be admitted at work.

The directives are with effect from November 30, 2021. According to Masebo, this was in response to the newly discovered Omicron variant in which the World Health Organisation (WHO) had asked countries to enhance surveillance.

But Zimba has argued that the minister’s directives are likely to violate his rights guaranteed in Article 13 (1) of the Constitution in that he will be deprived of his personal liberty as he will not be free to access government buildings and report for work unless he gets vaccinated.

He stated that as a legal practitioner, he is an officer of the court and court premises are government buildings, adding that his daily routine involves visiting government buildings such as police stations, Ministry of Lands, Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA), Mines, among others but that he would not be able to do so unless he provides proof of vaccination against COVID-19.

Zimba stated that Masebo’s decree would hinder him in the enjoyment of his freedom of conscience, thought and belief by putting him in a situation where he has to make painful and intensely burdensome choices of either being true to his conscience or risk forefeiting his practice of the law as he will not be allowed to enter government buildings without proof of vaccination.

He added that the directive will hinder him from moving freely within Zambia as he will be required to be vaccinated and provide proof.

Zimba stated further that he and small fraction of society have been discriminated against by a decree that coerces them to take the COVID-19 vaccine in order to access government buildings where they work and make ends meet from.

“There is no scientific evidence to prove that the vaccine can stop the spread of COVID-19 virus as studies are still ongoing and seem to suggest that it only increases one’s chances of survival,” Zimba said.

“I believe that the public interest in safeguarding the fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual far outweigh the currently public interest of the vaccination to stop the spread of COVID-19 as there is no guarantee on effectiveness and the vaccinations pose their own risks and threats to humanity,” he added.

Zimba stated that he believes it is unmerited to impose the vaccines on any fraction of the population as research is still ongoing and therefore, the government’s decisions should be quashed.

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Foxdale Forest – Phase 2 Selling


05 Dec 2021, 5:46 AM (GMT)

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