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Commander Inno receives mother of all beatings as Kambwili returns to PF



ROSES, balloons and fireworks set up to celebrate Kambwili’s solo trip to PF secretariat were marred with splatters of Kalimanshi’s melanin deficient blood and mucus after his rival party cadres handed him the mother of all civilian beatings.

In a scene set to mimick the Biblical grand entry into Jerusalem with flowers and confetti thrown around for his donkey to trample upon, the PF secretariat was painted all green with Chitenge and flags yielding without struggle to the gentle morning breeze as the ruling party set to receive their outspoken prodigal son.

However, just when Kambwili who was perched on the in the front of his white Toyota Land cruiser was driving to the sound PF choir and loud youth chants, commotion ensued when the cadres realised that Kambwili’s entourage included Innocent Kalimanshi of Chawama ‘barracks’.

The cadres tried to weed out Kalimanshi from the entourage by blocking his vehicle from entering the Secretariat but Kalimanshi stepped hard on his gas peddle scaring away those blocking him until his tyres came to a successful screeching halt inside the premises.

With a new sense of safety and confidence, Kalimanshi tried to chant slogans to the cadres but his chants seemed to only be dog whistles summoning the irate cadres who like a swam of bees robbed of honey descended on him.

What was to follow, the history of Zambian political beatings has no parallel to compare to.

Without his Embenezer-singing ensemble to protect him, Kalimanshi was plucked off the drivers’ seat of the vehicle for a free-for-all beating.

Helpless to the mob, Kalimanshi was juggled amongst the cadres as each group after treating him to slaps, kicks, fists and knuckles threw him to the next group so that they could also relish their anger on his light skinned body.

Cadres that were not close enough to punch or kick Kalimanshi threw missiles in his direction some of which landed on waiting journalists and triggering a run-for-life scamper.

As they mob competed to knock out Kalimanshi’s teeth, others thought iron bars would do the job well and whipped him flat like a pancake; a bloody pancake.

It had to take, Kennedy Kamba, the PF Lusaka Province Chairman to fly down the stairs of the double storey secretariat building to save Kalimanshi.

Seeing that his screaming orders to the cadres to cease the violence were not working, Kamba threw himself in the melee and personally dragged Kalimanshi to the safety his offices.

The cadres then turned their anger to Kalimanshi’s vehicle, smashing its windows and slashing its tyres.

Two journalists Nancy Malwele and Francis Maingaila were injured in the fracas.

The ceremony to welcome Kambwili was suspended for close to an hour until the arrival of police officers.

By the time order was restored, Kalimanshi had been rendered a “stretcher case” and his new Ford Ranger damaged beyond recognition.

With Kambwili safe in the embrace of the ruling party, Kalimanshi was evacuated to the UTH ICU to try his luck at clutching to whatever life remained in him.

(Source: Kalemba)


PF withdraws adoption certificate from Dorothy Nachilongo



THE ruling Patriotic Front (PF) party has with immediate effect withdrawn its adoption certificate from Dorothy Nachilongo who had earlier been adopted to contest the forthcoming Chifubu Parliamentary elections on the party ticket.

The party has instead adopted Kondwani Winga popularly known as ‘major’ to contest the Chifubu parliamentary elections.

Secretary general, Davies Mwila said in a statement that the changes have beennecessitated by some consequential information and developments that have come to the attention of the party’s Central Committee concerning the candidature of Ms Nachilongo.

“I am hereby directing all our Party structures in Chifubu Constituency and the Copperbelt Province to support and work with Mr. Kondwani Winga and ensure that we maximise the Presidential Vote,” he said.

Yesterday, some residents in Chifubu Township protested against the candidature of Ms Nachilongo.

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Adoption of visually impaired candidate, Dr. Thomas Mtonga, elates BSLT



BORN Short Living Tall (BSLT) Zambia has welcomed the adoption of Thomas Mtonga, a visually impaired person to stand as Patriotic Front (PF) candidate for Chasefu constituency in the Eastern province during the forthcoming General Elections.

BSLT executive director Ntalasha Chisha said the adoption of Mr Mtonga, a lecturer at the University of Zambia gives hope to the cries of differently-abled persons.

He further said the adoption is a victory for differently-abled not only in Chasefu but elsewhere.

“We are calling on the people of Chasefu to rally behind him not because of his physical appearance but because he is a human being like any other who can represent the people and deliver,” Mr Chisha.

He also congratulated the PF for showing a great example to all political parties by choosing Mr Mtonga, the organization feel will be a great voice for the masses of differently-abled persons once elected in Parliament.

Mr Chisha further said his organization will pay nomination fees to adopted persons living with disabilities as a way of showing them support as it wants issues affecting differently-abled persons being represented by the affected persons themselves.

“Mr Mtonga’s adoption is indeed a game changer and we wish him all the very best in his campaigns,” he said.


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The Body of late H.E. Dr. Joseph Chilengi, Zambian ambassador to Turkey returns home today



THE body of late Ambassador of the Republic of Zambia to the Republic of Turkey, Joseph Chilengi, will arrive in Lusaka today at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport aboard a Turkish Military Aircraft at 20:30 hours.

According to a statement issued, Secretary to the Cabinet Dr Simon Miti said President Edgar Lungu has since accorded Dr Chilengi an official funeral.

He said the burial will take place on Monday May 17 at Leopards Hill Memorial Park in Lusaka preceded by a funeral church service at Miracle Life Church in Roma Township off Zambezi Road at 10:00 hours.

Dr Miti said President Lungu has to the effect declared Monday a day of national mourning in honor of Ambassador Chilengi.

“During the period of national mourning all flags will fly at half-mast while activities of entertainment in nature should be suspended from 06:00 hours to 18:00 hours.
Members of the public are further advised that in line with the public health guidelines on preventing the further spread of Covid-19 at public gatherings, attendance at the Official Funeral Church Service and burial at the Leopards Hill Memorial Park has been restricted to 250 invited family members and representatives of the Government,” he said.

Ambassador Chilengi died on Tuesday 11th May, 2021 at Güven Hospital in Ankara where he was receiving medical attention.

(Picture by Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

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Foxdale Forest – Phase 2 Selling


15 May 2021, 3:34 AM (GMT)

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