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Castlebet winner Salim Nyoni celebrates winning K35,472 from K4 with the Castlebet team



CASTLEBET Winner Salim Nyoni says: “I’m very happy! I’m in seventh heaven right now!” after scooping a cool K35 PIN from just a bet amount of K4 with Zambia’s favourite online football betting platform.

Unmarried small businessman Nyoni, aged 23 from Kitwe, scored his massive win on Independence Day 2019 – the 55th anniversary of Zambia’s independence.

Last night the overjoyed sports bettor joked: “I’ve been inundated with so many friend requests on Facebook since the news got out that I’ve had to stop responding. I never knew how popular I really was until this big Castlebet win happened!”

The football-fanatic cashed out K35,472 after placing a multiple bet involving 16 predictions on Zambia’s fastest growing and favourite online mobile football betting platform, Castlebet Zambia.

Mega-sharp Salim won BIG after trying out a new and exclusive Castlebet football betting option called “shots on target”.


Last week Castlebet Marketing Queen Magret Kambikambi followed from Lusaka to Kitwe’s most exclusive 5-star hotel, the Garden Court, to congratulate Salim in person, present him his winning cheque and hand over his wad of cash as well as enjoying a few drinks!

Marketing supremo Ms Kambikambi explained: “We followed Salim in person to congratulate him and help him celebrate his win not because of the amount he won, approximately 35 thousand Kwacha…”


“No, we followed Salim because of the skill he showed in earning this money from such a small stake of just K4! I hope he maybe able to share some advice to educate other Castlebet players on the skills needed to win big like this”

The innovative and exciting new bet option “Shots on Target” – offered only by Castlebet Zambia and not stingy rival betting companies – asks the player to predict whether the number of shots on target (the goal) made by players during a match will be over or under a certain figure.

Last night Castlebet marketing Queen Magret Kambikambi added: “The really interesting this is that Salim achieved this huge payout by betting on a market that other sports betting companies are too scared to offer.”

“At Castlebet we are famous for not hiding games like some of these stingy foreign companies. But it’s not just the number of matches we cover which sets us apart – it is also the much wider range of bet options we make available on each game that we hope to earn the loyalty of our customers from.”


During an in depth interview, Salim revealed more about how we hit the jackpot and collected the jaw -dropping sum of money.

Salim revealed: “I have been playing with Castlebet for about a year now…during that time I’ve been winning and losing at times, but they say winners never quit!”

“I thank you Castlebet for the good bigger odds you are giving us..I am so happy…I don’t think with the stingy odds offered by some other companies, I could have possibly won the same amount.

“I first heard about Castlebet from a friend who introduced me to the site. My friend told me that this site was better than other sites because it offered bigger odds and a wider range of bet options compared to other sites.

Castlebet Marketing Queen Margret Kambikambi said; “We are thrilled to be able to celebrate giving this pile of money to Salim. He is an example to other sports bettors; If you are a soccer fan, never lose hope and like Salim, see if you can win from a small stake a big amount!

Salim continued: “I am planning to buy a plot with the same amount of money. I eventually informed my family and the family was, like, oh awesome!”

Overjoyed Castlebet winner Salim continued: “At first my family had discouraged me from betting..but by the time they saw the amount in my account, they were, like, betting is awesome!”

“With this amount I am actually planning to buy a house and start building a house.”

Salim’s Betting Secrets & Tips:

“Betting is not something which is simple, but you need to analyse the teams. I would say you have to persistent because, and maybe focus on the teams you know well! I’m telling you guys to bet with Castlebet as they have good odds and alot of options.”

“I’m very grateful for this money…for just 4 Kwacha I won this amount!


How many teams? Salim originally added 16 teams to his betslip….

Which Games? All bets were on Thursday Europa League matches (Independence Day 2019)

Which Bet Option/Market type? Salim bet all UNDERS on Castlebet’s exclusive “Shots on Target” market not available with other sports betting companies. He picked 16 games in a multiple bet and predicted the “UNDER” option for the number of “shots on target” in each of those games.

What were the odds? The odds on teams Salim picked varied from 1.72 to 1.95.

Bet Amount: K4

Bet Result: 14 predictions WON & 2 predictions resulted in push/refund/leg returned.

Normal Payout: K23,650

Bonus: MULTIBOOST bonus boosted Salim’s winnings to a staggering total of K35,472.70 ZMW.

Check out now to join by clicking on the link below

Whatsapp: 0969 966 599
MTN: 0964 141 488
Airtel: 0971 649 990
HQ Address: Castlebet Zambia Head office, Louieville, Mosi Road, Kabulonga-Ibex, Lusaka.


DNA reveals Ndola Teaching Hospital babies were swapped, police say



POLICE and hospital authorities at Ndola Teaching Hospital (NTH) are trying to arrest a suspect who swapped two babies at the hospital facility.

This is after a DNA test was conducted on the two babies that were allegedly swapped between January 13 and 14th this year.

Earlier between January 13th and 14, two mother’s were in a dilemma after there was a suspected baby swapping.

A complaint was made by Danny Kiprios 35 saying his son weighing 4.4Kg at birth was swapped with another baby weighing 3.5kg.

Copperbelt police commanding officer Peacewell Mweemba following a suspected Child Swapping, results have indicated that the babies were swapped.

“Investigations were instituted and samples were collected from the two mothers and from the two babies and they were sent to police service headquarters Forensic department for DNA analysis. A follow up report on the matter is such that the DNA results have been received from Lusaka and they are indicating that the babies were indeed swapped. They are indicating that the bigger baby who weighed 4.4kg truely belonged to the Majory wapamesa kaprios (the complainants).

The other smaller baby who weighed 3.5kg belongs to Violet Mulenga Mulenga, contrary to her claim that her baby was the bigger one,” he said.

He said this is in accordance to the DNA report as analysed by the Forensic Department.

“The dispute of identifying the two babies to their biological mothers has been settled by the results ,but what is remaining is finding out the suspect who swapped the bands on the hands of the two infants so as to create a confusion. As such investigations are on going so as to bring the suspect to book,” he said.

(Mwebantu, Sunday, 29th January, 2023)

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35 People escape death after bus they were traveling on caught fire and burnt to ashes



THIRTY-FIVE people, including the driver have escaped death after a passenger bus they were traveling in destined to Lusaka from Chipata caught fire and burnt to ashes.

This was after the airbags burst and caught fire, reducing the bus to flames.

Police assistant public relations officer Godfrey Chilabi said the incident occurred today around 14:00 hours near Unyanya area along Great East Road.

“Involved was Lottie Mwale aged 35 of Chipata Motel in Chipa, District Chipata who was driving a Scania Marcopolo Bus registration number AJE 3160 a property of Jonda Bus Tours that was carrying 34 passengers on board. Preliminary investigations indicate that the incident happened when the Motor Vehicle had its airbag burst and eventually caught fire,” he said.

Mr Chilabi said the driver and the passengers escaped unhurt while the vehicle was completely burnt and reduced to ashes.

(Mwebantu, Saturday, 28th January, 2023)

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Suspected dangerous criminal gunned down by police 



POLICE in Lusaka have shot dead a suspected dangerous  criminal and recovered an AK 47 rifle with ammunition.

The incident  occured yesterday around 18:00hrs along Kasangula Road.

Assistant public relations officer Godfrey Chilabi said this follows a tip-off from an informer that criminals were about to stage a robbery, the Anti-robbery Squad was quickly  dispatched to the area.

“Facts of the matter are  the Anti-robbery Squad spotted a Toyota Axio,along Kasangula road,  matching  the description given by the informant .

The said motor vehicle was parked by the roadside with three suspected criminals standing outside. Upon being challenged by the police, an exchange of fire ensued between the suspected criminals and the police,” he said.

Mr Chilabi said two criminals managed to jump onto the the Axio Motor Vehicle  and sped off while one was hit by a bullet and fell down.

He said when officers advanced to pick him up, an AK 47 rifle with erased serial number with four rounds of ammunution was recovered.

Mr Chilabi said the suspected  criminal was picked and rushed to University Teaching Hospital  for treatment but unfortuantely, he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

He said the deceased is believed to have escaped from the recent shooting incident in Kitwe involving a theft of motor vehicle that occurred  at Chiwempala Police station.

“He is also  believed to have been behind  a spate of aggravated robberies that occured between Copperbelt and Lusaka provinces.

An inquiry file has since been opened while a manhunt has been instituted into the other two who fled.

The body of the deceased is in UniversityTeaching Hospital Mortuary awaiting postmortem,” he said.

(Mwebantu, Saturday, 28th January, 2023)

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