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Bus accident in Luapula Province claims six lives and leaves many others injured, police say



SIX people have died while others have sustained injuries after a bus belonging to VIDA Logistics Transport of Ndola collided head on with a motorcycle.
Both RTSA Head of Public Relations Frederick Mubanga and Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo have confirmed the development in a statement.
The accident happened today around 07:00 hours on the Mwense- Mansa road in Luapula Province involving a Zhong Tong bus registration number AIB 3978 property of VIDA Logistics Transport of Ndola which was being driven by Kendrick Simusokwe of Kitwe.
Katongo said the accident happened when the driver of the bus was avoiding a pot hole  and went to the right side where he collided with the rider identified as Kalemfu Winston aged 22 years who was coming from the opposite direction.
She said due to the impact, the rider died on the spot together with  05 other passengers  who were trapped.
And Katongo said the number of the injured passengers has not yet been established and are admitted to both Mansa and Mwense Hospitals .


Murder charged Nigel Mwaba wanted to put roses on late Dr Tasila Tembo’s grave



THE day Nigel Mwaba, the Zambia Army Lieutenant accused of killing renowned doctor Tasila Tembo, was arrested at Leopards Hill Memorial Park, he had wanted to pay his last respects to his lover.

Here is what he said when he opened his defence in a murder trial yesterday.

“I then proceeded to Leopards Hill Memorial Park where my intention were to pay my last respects to Tasila.

I somehow managed to get to her grave, and went to her grave. I paid my last respect my lord.

I got up and walked through to the exit of Leopards Hill Memorial Park to Spar(shopping complex) to get flowers to put on the grave.

Spar had no roses, i went back to the grave and paid my last respects for the second time and headed back to get a taxi to take me to central police before i could get to the exit gate, i saw some officers who later apprehended me, “.

(Mwebantu, Wednesday, 16th November, 2022)

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Dr Tasila Tembo died after jumping off a car, army officer Nigel Mwaba tells court



A JUDGE has heard that late renowned doctor Tasila Tembo had an altercation with her lover Nigel Mwaba over allegations that she was cheating on him with a pastor only named as Jimmy.

Mwaba, a Zambia Army lieutenant accused of killing renowned Dr Tembo, narrated that his lover died after jumping off a moving car during an argument.

The accused told Lusaka High Court Judge Wilfred Muma that the disagreement ensued when he grabbed Dr Tembo’s phone while enquiring why she was cheating on him with a pastor.

He narrated in his defence that the deceased tried to get back the phone on which he found pornographic pictures shared through WhatsApp between the doctor and Jimmy.

Mwaba said this yesterday in defence in a case he is accused of killing Dr Tembo, an incident believed to have happened between October 24 and 26, 2020, in Lusaka.

After the physician was reported missing for some days, her body was discovered in a decomposed state near Mikango Barracks.

The army officer denied the charge but was found with a case to answer.

And yesterday, Mwaba narrated that his relationship with Dr Tembo started well but the couple later had financial challenges and infidelity by his lover.

“In August 2020, we had more financial differences because our debtors were on my neck,” he said.

At the time, Dr Tembo got a job in Kasama while he remained in Lusaka.

He recalled having a phone argument with the deceased in relation to the debt before he later travelled to Kasama to meet her.

“While in Kasama, we discussed the way forward with the debt and issues of concern regarding the infidelity at the time,” he said.

He said Dr Tembo informed him that there infidelity in their relationship and that they should concentrate on finding solution to the debt.

The couple later travelled back to Lusaka but Dr Tembo was scheduled to return to Kasama.

On  October 23, 2022, Dr Tembo informed Mwaba that her workmates offered her a free ride to Kasama since her Isuzu was earmarked for hire.

“She indicated that she spoke to a friend of hers who was hiring out a much smaller vehicle that I would stay behind with and use to run house errands.

“She then told me we had to pick up the vehicle the very night”.

Around 22:00hours, Mwaba, Dr Tasila and her younger brother Lonjezi, drove off in the deceased’s Isuzu enroute to pick the smaller car around State Lodge area.

They then stopped over at Total filling station, Ibex Hill, and Lonjezi was asked to go and buy some beer.

“Tasila’s phone rang, I was able to pick the voice of the caller and conversation where someone was asking why she would leave without seeing him, I grabbed the phone,” Mwaba said.

“I then realised it was the person she was cheating on me with.

“I questioned Tasila as to what was going on. She did not want us to talk in the presence of her young brother”.

The couple then drove off heading towards Twin Palm Road to pick the car.

Dr Tembo then received a phone call from a person only identified as Jimmy.

“I grabbed the phone from Tasila, I went to WhatsApp communication between the gentlemen that had called Talisa.

“I began to forward the entire media messages between her and Jimmy from her phone to mine,” he said, adding that he found disturbing pornographic videos and nude pictures of Dr Tembo and Jimmy.

Mwaba said the situation was aggressive because Dr Tembo insisted that he hands back the phone.

“She repeatedly tried to hold the wheel. I used my left hand to push her away.  She picked a nail filer and struck me on the left lower abdomen”.

Mwaba punched her in the face before she grabbed her phone.

“She immediately opened the door and jumped out of the car and I immediately stopped, came out of the vehicle and picked her up and walked her to the vehicle”.

He said Dr Tembo, who bled on the mouth area, asked for some water to wash off her mouth.

“I continued to drive. Midway, she again said she was hurt and needed to be taken to the hospital,” he said.

Mwaba drove towards Mikango Camp Hospital so that Dr Tembo, who was holding her jaw, could be treated.

“I continued driving with intent to get to Mikango, somewhere after Njolwe River, I was speaking in the vehicle. I got no response”.

“I decided to park the vehicle at the side of the road. When I opened the door, because she was leaning heavily on the door, her weight came down on me.

“I then went further to check for her pulse on her breast, at that point, I knew that she was gone my lord,” Mwaba.

He then broke down prompting the court to briefly stand down the case.

He said he left the body by the road side and drove off aimlessly because he was in a confused state.

(Mwebantu, Wednesday, 16th November, 2022)

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Local Courts

Hungry Ndola man jailed for breaking into a home to eat chicken pieces valued at K41



A 20-year-old Ndola man will spend more than a year in prison after he broke into a home to feast on his victims chicken pieces.

Obed Munthali was found mouth full with chicken pieces after he had broken into and entered Mbasela Kansa’s home ,because he was hungry.

In this case, Munthali is charged and convicted for Burglary and theft.

When the matter came up before Ben Akende Munthali pleaded guilty, while Magistrate Akende described Munthali as a funny man who needed to have worked for the chicken pieces that he ate.

It is alleged that on the night of August 16th, this year, Munthali broke and entered into the house of Mr Kansa with intent to steal 15 chicken pieces valued at K41.

According to facts presented before court by senior public prosecutor Innocent Kamunga, it was heard that on August 16th, this year at around 23:00 hours, Kansa was asleep when he was awakened by some strange noise.

Mr Kamunga told court that when Mr Kansa moved out of his bedroom, he was shocked to find Munthali in his house with his mouth full of chicken pieces.

“Mr Kansa also discovered that all his 15 pieces of chicken which had remained from his business of selling fried chicken pieces at Chipili’s bar were consumed by Munthali. Entry to the house was gained after destroying the main door which was left secured by the complainant before he went to sleep,” he said.

He said the convict was apprehended right in the house and acting on the matter detective Kumwenda Gomezyani interviewed Munthali who admitted to eating the chicken pieces because he was hungry.

In mitigation Munthali said he was wrong to enter the house without the law allowing him and asked for forgiveness.

However, Magistrate Akende sentenced him to 18-months imprisonment with hard labour.

(Mwebantu, Tuesday, August 30th, 2022)

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26 Nov 2022, 8:08 AM (GMT)

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