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Brigadier General Dr. David Sanene Suuba’s Groundbreaking Research on Electoral Security



We are honored to congratulate Brigadier General Dr. David Sanene Suuba on his remarkable achievement in receiving a Doctor of Philosophy in Defence and Security Studies. His extensive research on the integration of the Zambia Army in fostering national security in the electoral process using the lenses of Hermeneutic Phenomenology has made a significant contribution to the field. Through his thesis, Brigadier General Dr. Suuba sheds light on the crucial role of the military in ensuring electoral peace and security. We are confident that his proposed framework will have a profound impact on maintaining peace and security during elections in the country.

A Distinguished Academic and Military Officer:

Brigadier General Dr. David Sanene Suuba has demonstrated exceptional dedication to both academia and military service. Born in Sinungu, in the Nalolo district of the Western province of Zambia, he began his educational journey in his hometown before progressing to Litoya Primary School and Sefula UCZ Mission Secondary School. His passion for learning led him to pursue various academic qualifications, including a Master’s Degree in Defence and Security Studies from the University of Zambia (UNZA), a Bachelor’s Degree in Logistics and Transport Management from the University of Africa/Preston, an Advanced Diploma in French Teaching from France, and a Post Graduate in Lecturing & Teaching Methodology from the University of Lusaka (UNILUS).

Key Findings: Integrating the Zambia Army in Electoral Security

Brigadier General Dr. Suuba’s research uncovered significant insights into the role of the Zambia Army in the electoral process. His study revealed that the army plays a vital role in protecting the sovereignty of the State from internal and external aggression. Within this context, electoral security falls within the realm of internal aggression, as clearly outlined in the nation’s Constitution. While the military has been involved in the electoral process in a subtle manner, their participation had not been precisely defined until now. Through his thesis, Brigadier General Dr. Suuba contributes to the enhancement of electoral peace and security, addressing the evolving dynamics that accompany elections.

The Sanene Military Engagement Framework (SME Framework):

A groundbreaking outcome of Brigadier General Dr. Suuba’s research is the proposed Sanene Military Engagement Framework (SME Framework). This framework serves as a pivotal element in integrating the Zambia Army across all phases of the electoral process to prevent potential electoral violence. By avoiding reactivity and passiveness, the SME Framework ensures a proactive approach to electoral security, safeguarding the peace and stability of the country. Furthermore, the framework has the potential to guide other nations that seek to involve their military in the electoral process, promoting stability and avoiding the risk of coups.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Brigadier General Dr. David Suuba Sanene for his exceptional contributions to the electoral process in Zambia. His innovative research and the proposed Sanene Military Engagement Framework (SME Framework) have the potential to revolutionize electoral security in the country. We are confident that his groundbreaking work will have a lasting impact, maintaining peace and security during elections. Brigadier General Dr. Suuba’s dedication to knowledge and service sets a shining example for future scholars and military professionals alike.



  1. Matongo Mweemba

    May 24, 2023 at 7:38 pm

    This is amazing, indeed I have never had sight of material relating to Army’s contribution to national peace during elections or in the election process. This is a grate research and I hope the recommendation SME framework can be implemented.

    • Anonymous

      May 25, 2023 at 12:23 am

      This is an amazing research hoping to see an implementation of it🙌🏾 big ups to the General

    • Blessings Moola

      May 25, 2023 at 12:24 am

      This is an amazing research hoping to see an implementation of it🙌🏾 big ups to the General

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Six year old boy dies after falling in a three meters deep soakaway in Mansa



A SIX year old boy of Mansa district has died after he fell in a three meters deep soakaway which was left uncovered.

Moffat Chilufya fell into the soakaway full of rain water as he was playing with his elder brother at their neighbour’s place on Wednesday at 16:00 hours.

Luapula province commanding officer Gloria Mulele explained that the mother of the deceased Gift Nakazwe 37 went to sleep and left the children playing.

She said while they were playing at the neighbour’s place a toy that Moffat was playing with fell in the soakaway and when he tried to pick it the boy slipped and fell inside.

“The incident happened when the deceased was playing with an object which fell in the soakaway but the moment he tried to retrieve the object  he slipped into the soakaway and drowned. Immediately his mother was informed and she came and reported the matter to the police,”said Ms Mulele.

She said the boy had already died at the time he was being retrieved.

Ms Mulele said burial arrangements were being made as no foul play was suspended.

(Mwebantu, Friday, 27th January, 2023)

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10 year old girl child defiled by 49 year old man of Kawambwa



10-YEAR OLD girl has allegedly been defiled by a 49 year old man in Kawambwa district after taking her to his home where he covered her mouth with his trousers and had carnal knowledge of her.

The juvenile who complained of painful private parts and bruises was defiled on Monday around 19:30 hours and the matter was reported to the police yesterday.

Luapula province commanding officer Gloria Mulele explained that Mogrey Ngoma who is currently in police custody took the victim to his house so that she would cook nshima for him.

Ms Mulele said that after they finished eating,Mr Ngoma had carnal knowledge of the girl.

“The victim went to a drinking place where her mother was drinking beer and Mr Ngoma was also there drinking. Later Mr Ngoma took the victim to his house so that she could cook nshima for him then after the victim cooked and ate together he had carnal knowledge of the victim,”she said.

She said the victim could not shout for help because her mouth was with a trousers.

Ms Mulele said while in the act Mr Ngoma’s sister called him and when he picked the call she heard that there was someone in the house.

She said Ngoma Mr Ngoma opened the door for his sister and when she entered the house she saw the victim’s underwear on the floor.

Ms Mulele explained that the matter was reported to police and Mr Ngoma was apprehended adding that he will appear in court soon.

(Mwebantu, Tuesday, 3rd January, 2023)

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