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Be an empty cup, willing and ready to be filled with knowledge



By Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

Everytime I write a motivational or experiential article, I receive diverse reactions and feedback.

“Uplifting, helpful, motivational, insightful, helpful”.

But it is different when the article is about advise on business, entrepreneurship or investment.

I notice certain readers take great exception and quickly begin to comment; ” You are a worker an employee, you are a civil servant. So what experience do you have about business? You have a good job, stay in your lane, you can’t talk about it, you can’t coach us about entrepreneurship!”

I’ve seen these similar remarks ormcomments on seasoned business and entrepreneurship motivational speakers such Rev. Walter Mwambazi and Chibamba Kanyama.

But if these assertions were true, a catholic priest would not counsel a married couple, a man would never be a gynecologist, a woman would not be a urologist , and no doctor would be a pediatric.

I’ve run business before and failed, but I continue to learn and hope do it better. I’ve done many things where I only succeed after failing, sometimes many times.

In life, you try and fail, until you succeed.

If you do not wish to succeed, stop trying!

If you are afraid to fail, do not start that project.

For only those that tried and failed, that rose when they failed, that risked when it looked like an inevitable loss, actually do succeed.

So success is an emblematic jacket to be worn by only those privildged to; refuse to stop trying, that refuse to stop risking, that looked failure in the eye and stood up, that dared to do the impossible.

Or you have a choice, aim so low that you actually achieve all your low goals!

Or aim so high that even failure, will be so high up the food chain that it will be admirable and great success to those that aim low.

But my invaluable lessons training coaching come from all those interactions as a banker, journalist, writer, administrator and Diplomat.

Probably my biggest life and other lessons came from the most worthy, if but an unlikely source.

I sat to learn for ten years, practical great lessons in Democracy, governance, politics, policies, divinity, and humility, under the feet of Zambia’s Second President, Dr. Frederick Chiluba(May His Soul Rest in Eternal Peace).

He had such immense experiences, deep understanding, empathetic approach to life.

He walked from his early life as a poor boy raised by his grandmother in the rural areas, to an ideological communist, who became a trade unionist leader, who became a pioneer of Liberal Democracy in Africa, who served as Zambia’s President for 10 years.

When he was President of the Zambia Congress Trade Union(ZCTU) for over 20 years (from 1971 to 1991), he literally spent most of his time in Geneva, Switzerland, as he was privileged to serve on numerous International Labour Organisation (ILO) committees.

“Manueli, some say I am uneducated and that I am a former bus conductor!.” He would say this giving his favourite funny chuckle.

“Can you be judged by the casual work you did or temporal life you led, during your gap year or early life?” He would ask.

“I literally superintendent over and helped craft labour and employment policies, worker- friendly company policies, worker and social mobilisation skills, human rights and that’s the work I did for decades.”

“During this period I visited many nations, attended numerous conferences, workshops and trainings!” He said.

“To determine the ‘Decent Work Agenda’ we needed to know, study and understand regional and national development and various economic policies as labour matters are an integral part of the economy”.

“So why would someone wish to judge my capacity to be a leader, or my understanding or preparedness to run the country based on the casual job I took in my teens?”

“Surely should I be judged from the casual work I did as a teenager, as a sisal worker in Tanzania in 1953?” He said, holding a copy of the Time Magazine that had described him as such.

“Or the temporal work I did when I left school? What about all these lessons and training I’ve obtained over the decades?” He would wonder.

Similarly, I had no idea how much I knew and learnt until God gave me other opportunities and offices to serve.

The surprise comes during the application of such immense knowledge to different and unique circumstances that will appear to the observer as being applied naturally.

You would be constantly amazed at the transformational approach, impact and change you bring to every aspect you touch.

So the lesson for today is that listen and learn from others, do not judge and prejudice.

Seperate the wheat from the chaff, pick the fruit from the shell, and sort the valuable from the worthless.

Don’t shut your vessel full, be open to new ideas and shared experiences.

To be better, to achieve, to prosper, you have to learn every day, accept that you do not have all the knowledge.


Workers unions urges government to revisit it’s decision on Covid-19 measures



ZAMBIA Union of Nurses Organisation (ZUNO) says workers unions in the country have resolved not to support the discriminatory punitive being advanced by government to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
According to a statement issued by ZUNO General Secretary Fray Michelo, the unions have since urged government to revist its decision.
Mr Michelo added that the Unions have reminded government that implenting the laid down measures is an infringement on the human and workers rights.
He said the unions are only in support of mass senstization and not mandatory vaccination.
“Unions observed that government seemed to already have made a decision and only needed an endorsement from the unions,” he said.
“Unions were not aware of any road map by the government to avert the fourth wave of Covid-19,”.
Mr Michelo further said the target of public service workers was not justified as they are only a small section of the whole population that is 200, 000 people against 17 Million.
On Sunday this week government had put in place measures to protect the population from the fourth wave among them the need for all civil servants to be vaccinated.

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Hundreds to lose jobs as Indeni Refinery is placed under care and maintenance by government 



MINISTER of Energy says government has decided to put Indeni Petroleum Refinery on care and maintenance a situation that will see some employees lose their jobs.

In a statement, Peter Kapala said the other employees will be reassigned to manage fuel storage depots with Tazama Petroleum Products Limited.

Mr Kapala also disclosed that government has begun the process of reforming the petroleum subsector.

He noted that this resonates with the UPND’s manifesto where it promised that it will restructure the fuel supply chain so as to achieve least cost pricing while ensuring stable supply of petroleum products.

“As you may be aware, the sector has been marred with a lot of inefficiencies which have increased the cost of the various petroleum products,” he said.

Mr Kapala explained that the reforms are aimed at ensuring that there is adequate, reliable and affordable supply of petroleum products in the country.

“The overall objective of the reforms will be to increase security of supply of petroleum products in the nation,” he said.

“Government has begun to look at modalities that will reduce the cost of transporting petroleum products and improve efficiency in delivery petroleum products,”.

He added that government also intends to implement under transportation, the reconfiguring of the Pipeline to enable the pumping of Low Sulphur Gasoil (LSG- Diesel) through the TAZAMA Pipelines as one of the reforms.

He further said products such as Petrol, Jet A1, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Kerosene and Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) will be transported via road as they will no longer be produced by the Refinery.

“Instituting the above reforms in the fuel supply and procurement system will ensure security of supply of petroleum products leading to stability in the market,” Mr Kapala stated.

“Government will promote, with these reforms, transparency and private sector participation in the sector,”.

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The constitution will be refined before the next elections, says Veep, Mrs W.K. Mutale Nalumango 



VICE President says the current constitution will be refined before the next elections.

Speaking during the Vice President question and answer session, Mrs. W.K. Mutale Nalumango said the country will not go into the next elections with the same kind constitution, because certain things in the document have to be made better.

Mrs Nalumango added that refining the constitution has been the commitment of the UPND administration, from the beginning, during the campaigns and even when the PF government was in power.

“Let me assure the Member of Parliament that the constitution shall be refined with new proposals. We are going to look at other pieces of legislation that include the Public Order Act,” she said.

Mrs. Nalumango has since encouraged law makers to make laws aimed at bettering the country than targeting individuals and opposition political parties.

She was responding to Bwacha Member of Parliament Sydney Mushanga who wanted to know when government will begin the refinement of the constitution and the Public Order Act.

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Foxdale Forest – Phase 2 Selling


01 Dec 2021, 2:41 AM (GMT)

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