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About us is an online based news publication that aims to cater to local Zambians and those in the diaspora.  Our main emphasis will be on the political, social and economic content of Zambia and other major events that have an impact and bearing on the country.

Mwebantu is a local dialect that literally translates into “People” and will primarily focus on their social well-being by keeping them abreast of what is happening on the national levels as and when it happens!

What are we?

An on-line based media publication that will be based in Zambia and wholly owned by its founders with emphasis on providing the most accurate news as and when it breaks out.  Consumers of our products will be individuals that are locally based and a large proportion of  Zambians in the diaspora that are in need of the latest social, economic and political news unraveling the country.

This will be coupled with informative and impartial analysis of the various national topic trending at that particular time and the future repercussions on the country.

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