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27-year-old man arrested for defiling and impregnating 15-year-old maid, police say



A-27-year-old makeshift shop keeper of Kitwe has been arrested after he defiled a 15-year-old girl who is now 15-weeks pregnant for him.

Kingsley Mwaba is said to have allegedly taken advantage of his victim who is a maid for a named police officer in Nkana police camp.

Copperbelt Province Commanding officer Sharon Zulu said police received a case of defilement which occurred between May and August this year at Nkana East police camp.

“Mutinta Hamwaambwa, a police officer at Nkana East Police Camp reported on behalf of her maid aged 15 and 6 months,that she was defiled by Kingsley Mwaba of un marked house in Kitwe, a shop keeper and he made her pregnant. Brief facts are that, the reporter got the said victim from the village as she was not going to school . She got her so that she can help her looking after the children . The latter has been staying with her employer for almost one year,” she said.

Ms Zulu said that in the month of July this year, she noticed some changes on the victim and upon asking her she revealed that she was pregnant and the one responsible was Mwaba, a make shift shop keeper.

“The victim was taken to the hospital after being issued with a medical report form and it was revealed that she was fifteen weeks pregnant . A Docket was opened and Arrest was made,” she said.

(Mwebantu, Friday, August 5th, 2022)


Teacher at Korean school dragged to court for sending porn to married Jehovah’s witness lover



INSTEAD of using Korean arts to help teach kids to learn the culture at school, a 48-year-old teacher of Ndola has instead landed himself in problems after using his Korean skills on a married woman who he sent pornographic videos and romantic messages to.

Peter Kalonje, a teacher at a Korean school in Ndola is believed to have used his zee world tactics to lure Mirriam Chilufya, a Jehovah’s witness who is a married woman into a secret affair.

He has since been ordered to pay Kaoma Mulenga, the husband to Mirriam a K4,000 for marriage interference.

Mulenga who sued Kalonje for adultery, cried to the Ndola Main Local court saying that Kalonje has broken down his marriage irretrievably and that there is no hope of restoring it.

Mulenga told the Ndola Main local court that Kalonje ,who is his wife’s lover sent her pornographic videos and romantic messages.

Mulenga narrated that on March 18th, this year, he caught his wife Chilufya,cheating on him through her phone.

“I found pornographic videos and romantic messages which she was exchanging with Kalonje. After I found the messages, my wife ran away from our matrimonial home.I then reported the two to Kansenshi police station where they were arrested and jointly charged for circulating pornographic materials and were later released on police bond,” he said.

However, in his defence Kalonje told court that he met Mirriam in Chipulukusu, but he denied having sex with her.

Kalonje in his testimony accepted sending the pornographic videos to Mirriam, a Jehovah’s witness believer.

However, Mirriam told court that she dated Kalonje in 2016 and that they broke up in 2018 because she got married to Mulenga.

Passing judgement, Ndola Main Local Court presiding magistrate Nyoni Fundi found Kalonje guilty of committing adultery with a married woman.

Magistrate Fundi then ordered Kalonje to compensate Mulenga K4000 which will be paid in four months’ installments starting from August 28, this year.

(Mwebantu, Sunday, July 31st, 2022)

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Court hears how a horny Ndola housewife allegedly defiled her son’s eight-year-old friend



THE Ndola Magistrate courts has heard a chilling testimony of how a 30-year-old Ndola housewife allegedly defiled her son’s-eight-year-old friend.

Sandra Mwale is believed to have lured the boy who is a grade one pupil at a named school in Ndola ,to her bedroom on five occasions and had sex with him when he went to her house to play with her son.

Mwale is charged with defilement of a boy under the age of 16 which occured in June this year.

When the matter came up before Magistrate Veronica Sikwangala, Mwale pleaded not guilty to having had carnal knowledge of the boy.

According to one of the witnesses who is the victims aunt, she told court that on the fateful day, her nephew who is a grade one pupil at named school instead of knocking off from school at 12:00 hours, he went back home at 16:00 hours.

She narrated to court that she found him sitted outside the veranda of their house at 17:00 hours and that when she asked him what he was doing at school up till that hour, he told her that he was playing at the school grounds.

She told court further told court that at around 18:00 hours, her nephew asked for food as he was hungry, but that she told him that she could only give him the meal after he stated where he had gone to.

“I then got a whip to ask where he went ,but he still did not tell me. Around 19:00 hours while I was cooking, my then called me and informed me that the child wanted to tell me something. He then narrated to is that he had gone to his friends place and whilist there, his friends mother called him to her bedroom, undressed him and told him to play with his penis. Thereafter, she inserted it in her private parts,” she told court.

She narrated to the court that when she asked her nephew if it was the first time Mwale was doing such a thing to him, he told her that it was the fifth time.

She further told court that when she checked her nephew’s private parts, she discovered that his foreskin was pulled backwards and that his penis appeared redish.

“He then told me that he was feeling pain when urinating and that was when I reported the matter to the police and my nephew was taken to Arthur Davidson’s Children’s Hospital where he was given medication,” she said.

(Mwebantu, Friday, July, 22nd, 2022)

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Lusaka High Court dismisses application on restriction notice by Ndozo Lodge as it was not in conformity with the law



THE Lusaka High Court has dismissed an application made by Ndozo Lodge for leave to commence judicial review against a Restriction Notice issued by the Anti-Corruption Commission on their Bank Accounts.

In the application before High Court Judge Suzane Wanjelani, Ndozo Lodge Limited together with Ndozo Trading Company Limited, Mulozi Trading Company Limited and Salifya Marketing Company Limited sued the Commission seeking an order for permission to commence judicial review against a Restriction Notice issued by the Commission under Section 60 (5) of the Anti-Corruption Act No. 3 of 2012.

The companies argued that they needed to be accorded a chance to be heard before the ACC Director-General proceeded to restrict their Bank Accounts held by Investrust Bank PLC, Standard Chartered Bank PLC and Zambia National Commercial Bank PLC.

However, in her ruling delivered on June 29, this year, Judge Wanjelani ruled that the mode of commencement of the application against the Commission was wrong as it was not in conformity with the provisions of the law.

“The Commission has been investigating matters in relation to the above-mentioned firms and it became necessary to restrict their bank accounts as a common practice. This is provided for under section 60 of the Anti-Corruption Act No. 3 of 2012 which gives the Director-General powers to issue a Restriction Notice to preserve and protect any property which is a subject of an investigation,” the court ruled.

This is according to a statement issued by ACC spokesperson Queen Chibwe.

(Mwebantu, Friday, July 15th, 2022)

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