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President Edgar Lungu, prays.



PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has warned Zambians to desist from reckless behaviour such as alcohol abuse, violent and immoral acts during the Easter holidays.

In his message on the Easter triduum to commemorate the suffering, death, burial and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, President Lungu said citizens should reflect on the goodness of God who allowed Jesus Christ to die on the cross to receive salvation.

“I take this great opportunity to join you my dear brothers and sisters in Christ across the nation to commemorate the crucifixion and celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Zambia is a christian nation and it is my sincere prayer that during this period Christians will uphold the sacredness of the triduum by praying and worshiping to god almighty and seeking his face for forgiveness,” he said.

He said citizens should continually seek the face of God by repenting and asking for forgiveness for whatever sins they have committed.

“The word of God in 2 chronicles chapter 7 verse 14 says and i quote:If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then i will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and hear their land” end of quote.This period offers us an opportunity for us to restore our relationship with father God and our lord jesus christ.

The easter triduum is a call to all of us to engage in acts of charity, mercy including, preaching salvation, love, peace and unity to everyone,” he said.

The President said as Christians observe the sacred period, reckless merry making and other uncouth behaviours should not take centre stage in their lives over the sole purpose of the Easter triduum.

He said citizens should use the season to render a helping hand to those who are less privileged in society and to preach salvation and the love of God.

President Lungu said families should also remain united by praying together which will culminate in the unity of the nation.

He also urged Zambians not to lower their guard against the COVID-19 pandemic as it is still prevalence.

“We are commemorating the triduum at a time when we are still faced with the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, i urge you all Zambians not to lower your guard as the pandemic is still with us. Let us continue adhering to public health guidelines of masking up, social distancing, hand washing and sanitising. we should at all costs avoid situations that will expose us to COVID-19,” he said.

President Lungu further called on Zambians to exercise restraint by living in harmony, love, peace and unity as the country nears the August 12 general elections.

“I am hopeful that before, during and after the elections we will continue treating each other as brothers and sisters.I pray that this easter comes with renewed hope to mankind. I pray for peace around the world. I pray for god’s protection.And i pray for love for one another.Have a blessed easter,
” The President said.



Church politicians must collaborate, says President Edgar Lungu 



PRESIDENT Edgar Chagwa Lungu, has continued meeting various church leaders to strengthen relations between Government and the Church and yesterday met the Lusaka Association of Zambian Diocesan Clergy at State House.

President Lungu urged the Church to continue preaching peace and praying for all political players, as the country heads to the general elections on 12th August, 2021.

The President emphasised the need for the Church to preach peace to all political players and that all stakeholders must embrace the teachings of Jesus Christ.

“It is peace that we should share throughout this season. Let us continue collaborating with the Church and the politicians, and let no one put this collaboration asunder, ” the President said.

The President called on the Church to offer constructive criticism to Government and compliment Government where it has done well.

And Association President Father Gabriel Mwanamwalye said one of the mandates Jesus Christ gave to the Clergy is to preach peace.

Father Mwanamwalye encouraged the President and other political leaders to promote peace among political party supporters. He appealed to Zambians to embrace peace in this election year and regard peace as a commodity which should be guarded.

Father Mwanamwalye appealed to eligible voters to participate in the forthcoming elections.

“As priests we will not embrace partisan politics because the people in church support different political parties, ” he stated, adding, “Peace must be preached before, during and after the general elections to avoid bloodshed. We ask all leaders to restrain their cadres as this is time to promote peace and coexistence. Ours is a nation of One Zambia One Nation and we are one regardless of where we come from. “

Also in attendance were Presidential Affairs Minister Hon. Freedom Sikazwe, and
National Guidance and Religious Affairs Minister, Hon. Godfredah Sumaili. Father Mwanamwalye was accompanied by Father Joseph Sakala and Father Bryson

This is according to press statement issued by Issac Chipampe, Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations.

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President Lungu calls on Judges to exercise impartiality and high levels of integrity ahead of this year’s general elections



PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu says the role of the Judiciary ahead of this year’s general elections will be critical as most political players and other stakeholders will seek different forms of court relief.

The President has since called on judges to exercise impartiality and high levels of integrity in the discharge of their duties.

Speaking this morning when he swore in seven Judges of the Supreme Court, Constitutional Court and Court of Appeal, the Head of State said he is confident that their individual diverse experiences in the administration of justice will be invaluable.

He also assured the judiciary that government is committed to ensuring that the establishment of the Constitutional Court and Court of Appeal is filled to optimum levels.

“I am aware that the Judiciary’s commendable efforts to deliver timely and efficient justice will only bear fruit when challenges facing the institution are addressed. These challenges include insufficient space to accommodate judges and support staff and provision of official transport for judges of the superior courts,” he said.

The President further said government will soon undertake a robust construction of court infrastructure to address the critical challenge of inadequate space faced by the judiciary.

“My government is further addressing funding to the judiciary to meet judges’ entitlements as provided for under the law,” he said.

The new Judges include, Supreme Court Judge Fulgency Chisanga, Concourt Justices Mwila Chitabo, Mathew Chisunka, Judy Mulongoti and Anessie Michael Banda-Bobo.

Other are Court of Appeal justices, Nicola Ann Sharpe-Phiri and former legal aid board deputy director Kelvin Muzenga.

(Picture by State House)

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Public Administrators condemns PF cadres for harassing a civil servant 



THE Association for Public Administration in Zambia(APAZ) says the conduct of PF cadres who stormed the Ministry of Works and Supply to harass a woman they claim to be UPND in the presence of the Permanent Secretary connotes criminality.

APAZ president Sikawala Musonda has since called on the police to thoroughly investigate the matter and ensure that all the perpetrators are prosecuted.

“We note, with dismay, a video circulating in which a female civil servant believed to be stationed at the Ministry of Works and Supply is being harassed by political party cadres in the presence of the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary.

The treatment of the lady in the video is not only disappointing but takes away the basic dignity and respect for a woman, something that Zambians are not known for. If not curtailed, this behaviour will have an adverse effect on professionalism in the civil service,” he said.

Mr Musonda has also commended the Secretary to the cabinet Dr Simon Miti and the police command for moving swiftly to apprehend the main suspect.

He said the move will send a strong message to would-be offenders.

Mr Musonda further said the association will follow the matter until justice prevails.

“As APAZ we are reminded of the basics of Public Administration and Management in general, and specifically the concept of “politics- administration dichotomy” in which it is expected that politics should be separated from the professional bureaucracy. It is our hope that going forward such incidents will have no place in our society,” Mr Musonda said

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Foxdale Forest – Phase 2 Selling


16 Apr 2021, 2:31 AM (GMT)

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