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Local Courts

Drug Enforcement Commission arrests three Lusaka youths for trafficking in suspected heroin



THREE (03) youths of Lusaka’s Chilenje Township have been arrested by the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) for trafficking in suspected heroin.

And the Commission has also arrested two people in Shabati village in Chipangali Constituency of Eastern Province for unlawful cultivation of fresh cannabis plants weighing over 400 kgs and trafficking in 25 grams of loose cannabis.

Those arrested and jointly charged  from Chilenje include  Innocent Kakulo, 33, Ozias Kaundula, 21, and Chungu Chomba aged 24, for trafficking in 15 sachets of suspected heroin.

DEC Spokesperson Theresa Katongo in a statement said the trio was picked at Chris Corner in Chilenje.

Meanwhile, Katongo said a special operation was conducted in Shabati village of Chipangali District on 2nd January, 2021 where two (2) people were arrested for unlawful cultivation of fresh cannabis plants weighing over 400 killograms and trafficking in 25grams of loose cannabis.

Katongo said the suspects identified as Gift Banda, 39, and Yona Phiri, 33, both peasant farmers of Shabati village, have been arrested and jointly charged for unlawful cultivation of fresh cannabis plants intercropped with maize weighing 421 kilograms.

She said in count two, Yona Phiri has been separately arrested for trafficking in 25 grams of loose cannabis concealed in a black polythene sack found in his bedroom.

She said they will appear in court soon.

Local Courts

Luanshya cop accused of raping a woman at the police inquiry’s office acquitted



A POLICE officer of Luanshya has been acquitted for raping a woman at the inquiry’s office, after the court ruled that the sex was consensual.

Dominic Miyoba, 52 was charged with two counts of rape and abuse of authority of office.

It was alleged that Miyoba, on March 22 last year, willfully and lawfully had carnal knowledge of a 20 year old woman without her consent.

In the second, Miyoba being a person employed by the Ministry of Home Affairs ,as a police officer, abused his office.

He pleaded not guilty to the first count, in which he was found guilty by the Luanshya magistrate court while the second count was withdrawn by the State.

And when the matter came up this morning before Ndola High Court judge, Mary Mulanda, The court established that Miyoba had carnal knowledge with the woman at the inquiry’s office.

Judge Mulanda however was not satisfied that the sexual activity was not consensual.

” I am of the view that she appreciated the nature of the act she was doing.On the totality of evidence, I find that lack of consent was not proved by the prosecution.

In the circumstances, I am not satisfied that the State have proved the case beyond reasonable doubt. I therefore acquit and quash the conviction of rape,” Judge Mulanda said.

And during trial, in the magistrate’s court, the court heard that Miyoba was found having sex with the woman by another police officer.

In his defence, Miyoba denied having sex with the woman.

And the woman told court that Miyoba forced her to have sex and threatened to beat her if she refused.

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Local Courts

More women than men were in the final quarter 2020 abused, police say



MORE women than men were in the final quarter of last year abused, according to the Police statistics.
In terms of gender vulnerability, a total of 6,419 females representing 75 percent were abused during the fourth quarter of 2020 as compared with 5,788 females during the third Quarter of 2020.
Police spokesperson Esther Katongo announced in a media statement that a total of 8,557 cases of Gender Based Violence (GBV) were reported Countrywide during the fourth Quarter of 2020 compared with 7,640 cases reported countrywide indicating an increase compared to the third quarter.
She said 1,723 juveniles were abused countrywide representing 20 percent of all the victims of GBV.
Mrs Katongo said out of the 1,723 juvenile victims, 1,298 were females representing 75 % while 425 were males representing 25% of all abused juvenile victims respectively.
She said 5,121 female adults and 1,713 male adults were abused countrywide representing 60% and 20 % respectively.
“Under sexual abuse, 787 cases of sexual offences were recorded representing nine percent of all the reported cases. Out of these, 622 victims were female juveniles translating to 79%, 163 victims were female adults translating to 20.7%, 03 victims were male juveniles translating to 0.4%, whilst 03 victims were male adults translating to four percent.
She said in the third quarter of 2020, 832 cases of sexual offences were recorded representing 11% of all the reported cases.
Mrs Katongo said a total of 586 cases of Child defilement translating to seven percent were recorded, of which 585 were female juveniles and one case of male juvenile was recorded representing 99.8% and 0.2% of all the reported cases respectively.
She said Lusaka Province recorded the highest number of child defilement cases with 257 translating to 44% of the child defilement cases reported country wide while Eastern Province recorded 63 cases, followed by Central Province with 62 cases.
“Southern Province had 53 cases and Copperbelt Province recorded 39 cases of all the reported defilement cases. North Western recorded 38, Muchinga 23, Western 19, Luapula recorded 17, Northern 09 representing, Airport Division recorded one case,” she said.
Mrs Katongo further said 106 rape and 13 attempted rape cases were recorded during the period.
“The country also recorded 32 cases of indecent Assault out of which 28 victims were female adults, three female juveniles, and one male. 15 cases of incest were recorded in which 11 were female juveniles, three female adults and one male adult as victims.
Meanwhile, 22 murder cases were recorded with 17 victims being female adults representing 77%, three male adults translating to 14%, while one victim was a male juvenile and one was a female juvenile.
“Lusaka Province recorded the highest number of Assault OABH cases at 547, followed by Central Province which recorded 340 cases and Muchinga with 243, Copperbelt had 238, Eastern, 174 cases, North Western had 151, Western Province had 144 cases while Southern Province recorded 81 cases.
Luapula had 55 cases, Tazara 36 cases and Northern Province had 34 cases,” she
Mrs Katongo said police will continue conducting sensitisation on the vice and has resolved to encourage victims of GBV to continue reporting perpetrators of crime for possible prosecution.

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Local Courts

Female ZAF officer jailed 6 yrs for assaulting niece 



THE Lusaka Magistrates’ Court has jailed a Zambia Air Force (ZAF) officer six years simple imprisonment for assaulting her 11-year-old niece.
Lusaka magistrate Nthandose Chabala found ZAF officer Mildred Luwaile guilty of assault on a child and convicted her accordingly.
The magistrate said after considering evidence on record,  the prosecution have proved the case against Luwaile beyond reasonable doubt, adding that it was also well corroborated.
Luwaile on March 25, 2019 in Lusaka, assaulted her nice who is under the age of 16 and occasioned her actual bodily harm.
The niece had given a moving account on Oath on how Luwaile had on several occasions beaten her and burnt her body with hot objects.
But when placed on defence, Luwaile denied assaulting the victim, calling her a habitual liar with a tendency to fabricate stories.
She also denied burning the victim, explaining that she burnt herself after dropping a bucket of hot water as she was in the same room with her child.
Magistrate Chabala wondered why only the niece got burnt after the bucket of hot water allegedly fell as claimed by Luwaile when even her child was in the same room.
She said the girl’s evidence before court was corroborated by the medical report which was presented and other evidence from State witnesses such as the police.
Magistrate Chabala said Luwaile’s husband told the court that if the wounds were sustained outside the home, the wife would have told him that the girl was injured from outside the home.
“I find you Mildred Luwaili guilty as charged and convict you as charged,” she said.
Luwaile in her mitigation asked for leniency but magistrate Chabala sentenced her to six years simple imprisonment with effect from today.

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