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President Lungu receives report on the shooting, fires Bonny Kapeso.



PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has received a preliminary report on the killing of two citizens in Lusaka last week.

And President Lungu has made changes in the Police Service Command to allow for a speedy enquiry.

President Lungu said the report is not conclusive as yet and has asked the Inspector General of Police to expedite the investigations.

“Investigations into the matter have not been concluded. l, therefore, call upon witnesses, apart from those interviewed already to help Police. I don’t want the matter to be prejudiced, so let us allow investigators to do a professional job, regardless of who is involved,” said President Lungu.

Meanwhile, President Lungu has made changes to the Zambia Police Service command.

The President has given Inspector General of Police, Kakoma Kanganja a six month contract to transform the institution and regain people’s confidence.

“This is to enable you to conclude the investigations into the killing of two innocent Zambians and allow you to reorganise the Police Service with a view to restoring the eroding public confidence in the Service. This will form the basis for your performance appraisal for further consideration,” the letter from President Lungu to Kanganja reads in part.

President Lungu has since appointed Copperbelt Province Commissioner of Police, Charity Katanga as the new Deputy Inspector General of Police for operations.

The President has also appointed Northern Province Commissioner of Police, Richard Mweene as the new Deputy Inspector General of Police for administration.

President Lungu has further terminated the contract of Deputy Inspector General of Police for operations, Bonnie Kapeso while Deputy Inspector General of Police for administration, Eugene Sibote ‘s contract has not been renewed.

President Lungu has since transferred Eastern Province Commissioner of Police, Lackson Sakala to Lusaka Province to replace Nelson Phiri whose contract has not been renewed.

North Western Province Commissioner of Police, Elias Chushi has been transferred to the Copperbelt province while Muchinga Province Commissioner of Police, Joel Njase has been moved to North Western Province.

State House Deputy Commissioner of Police, Geza Lungu has been promoted to Commissioner of Police and moved to Eastern Province.

And President Lungu has promoted Airport Police Division Deputy Commissioner of Police Lizzy Peter Machina as Muchinga Province Police Commissioner.

Lilayi Training College Deputy Commissioner of Police, Jestus Nsokolo has been promoted as Commissioner of Police to head Northern Province.

President Lungu has also promoted Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police, Zambia Police Headquarters, Dr Charles Mbita as Deputy Commissioner of Police, Lilayi Training College and also promoted Senior Assistant Police Commissioner, Tazara Division, Lazarus Mbuzi to the position of Deputy Commissioner of Police for Central Province.

President Lungu has wished all the affected Officers God’s blessings.

This is according to a statement issued by Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations, Isaac Chipampe.



We ask for your prayers for peace and unity, President Edgar Lungu asks the church



PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has urged the church to continue praying for peace and unity to prevail as the country head towards the General Elections on  August 12 this year.
Speaking today at the 20th Anniversary of Bible Gospel Church in Africa at Holy Ghost Centre, Matero, President Lungu said the country needs peace and unity before, during and after the elections.
He also reiterated that Zambia is a christian nation hence it is expected that the church will live up to that declaration.
“We should all work together as a nation to ensure that we practice and live the marks of true christianity which are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control,” President Lungu said.
He said government will continue to look up to the church for spiritual and moral guidance, including engaging the church in the fight against Gender Based Violence, child marriages and corruption which greatly affect people and retard development.
He also urged the clergy, women and the youth in churches to form cooperatives for them to benefit from the government empowerment fund initiatives.
“As christians we cannot continue to sit back hence the need for us to get involved in initiatives that are aimed at improving our lives.
Brothers and sisters in christ, I believe that the church has not been spared from the devastating impact of the covid-19 pandemic. it is, therefore, imperative that empowerment initiatives are put in place to cushion the impact caused by the pandemic,” he said.
President further said Government will continue to work with the church in efforts aimed at improving communities.
“In this vein, I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation to bigoca for sinking 87 boreholes in the last eight years in various parts of our country. this has enabled people in those communities to access clean drinking water,” the President said.
(Picture by Diamond TV)

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Nelson Phiri, gave orders to police officers to fire at the people that had gathered, HRC says



FINDINGS into the shooting of State prosecutor Nsama Nsama and United Party for National Development (UPND) supporter Joseph Kaunda have revealed  former Lusaka Province Commissioner of Police, Nelson Phiri, gave orders to police officers to fire at the people that had gathered.
The Commission has since recommended that he must be jointly charged with the case of murder together with the subordinate police officer or police officers who took his orders to shoot  Mr Nsama and Mr Kaunda.
Speaking this morning in Lusaka, Human Rights Commission chairperson Muford Mwandenga said the police command were directly linked to the indiscriminate use of live ammunition which killed the duo.
He said the Commission’s investigations further revealed that police fired teargas canisters and live ammunition to disperse an unarmed crowd that had gathered at the Police Headquarters to offer solidarity Mr Hichilema.
And Mr Mwandenga said comments by some members of the Executive may have contributed to police violence on unarmed citizens
“A few days before the fatal shootings, the Minister of Home Affairs, Stephen Kampyongo, issued a statement warning that no person or groups of persons would be allowed at or near the premises of the Zambia Police Service Headquarters where the opposition leader would appear for interviews. He warned that those who would defy the order would be met with police force.
Lusaka Province Minister Hon. Bowman Lusambo specifically directed the Lusaka Commissioner of Police, Mr Phiri to deal with anyone who would offer solidarity to Mr. Hichilema,” he said.
Mr Mwandenga said the Commission strongly believes that such statements from some members of the executive could have contributed to arbitrary action by the police which resulted into the shoot to death of the duo.
He further said the estates of the deceased should be adequately compensated by the State.
“The Zambia Police Service should also desist from taking actions which are likely to result in the gross violation of human rights such as extra-judicial killing, arbitrary arrests and detentions and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment of participants in assemblies whether lawful or not,” he said.
Mr Nsama and Kaunda were shot dead near police headquarters when police summoned UPND president Hakainde Hichilema.

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Public confidence in the Zambia Police Service is low, President Edgar Lungu says



PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has expressed concern that the public confidence in the police service is low.

Speaking when he swore in Patrick Mutale as chairperson of the Police Public Complaints Commission and Brigadier General Dr Frida Kazembe (RTD) as chairperson of the Zambia Correctional Service Commission, President Lungu said it is up to the police, to regain confidence through their actions.

He urged Mr Mutale to prepare adequately to receive and resolve complaints from the public fairly but firmly as the country heads towards the 2021 general elections.

“There is urgent need for the police service to address these public concerns if the people of Zambia are to regain confidence in them. I, therefore, expect you to use the 34 years of experience you have gained as a lawyer in both the government, where you rose to the position of deputy chief state advocate and the private practice, to turn around the negative public perceptions of the police service,” he said.

And the Head of State has called on Dr Kazembe to immediately start addressing staff welfare issues such as timely appointments, promotions transfers and retirements in the correctional service.

He also urged her to work on the harmonization of conditions of service for correctional facility officers.

“I am aware that prior to your retirement in 2011, you served the public service for 41 years having joined the Zambia army in 1980 as an officer cadet and later rose to serve in various senior positions. Your loyalty to the command and commitment to duty earned you the appointment of the first female general in the Zambia army in 2009. This is an enviable and admirable achievement.

I am, therefore, confident that given your rich professional experience in the defense force, you will, without doubt, diligently apply yourself to ensure that the Zambia correctional service commission is efficiently and effectively operationalized,” President Lungu said.

(Picture by State House)

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Foxdale Forest – Phase 2 Selling


06 Mar 2021, 7:03 AM (GMT)

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