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SADC Ambassadors in Berlin call for greater unity for economic diplomacy



THE Ambassador of Namibia to Germany H.E Andreas Guibeb has called for strengthening of regional groupings in Africa such as SADC because they have the ability to collectively develop the African continent and make it a bigger player in the global economics and politics.

“There is saying that you can go far along but you can indeed further in unity hence the reason the importance of regional groups such as our SADC which we must continue to strengthen,” said Ambassador Guibeb.

The senior Namibian envoy was speaking at a small farewell event that was hosted by the Ambassador of Zambia to Germany H.E Anthony Mukwita on Axel Springer Strasse on Wednesday.

“There is no problem too big or too small for Africa to resolve as long as we put our heads together in unity to find a lasting solution,” Ambassador Guibeb said.

The SADC group of Ambassadors is regarded to be one of the most organized diplomatic groups in Berlin with its own monthly meetings and events to push the economic diplomacy agenda of the member states.

It also uses the platform to champion other causes of concern for the region such as energy or agriculture development or mere solidarity when it feels that a member state has been wronged, with the mandate from home countries.

With a total population of about 400 million people and an almost 1trillion-dollar GDP, the group that comprises, Angola, Botswana, Zambia, South Africa, Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar, Mauritius, Swaziland, Lesotho, Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo is widely seen as an economically progressive regional grouping.

Despite having a southern regional agenda, the group in Berlin has often included other African countries on the continent. For instance, Nigeria, the continent’s largest economic powerhouse was represented at the event by Ambassador Yusuf Tuggar.

Another Ambassador the group was bidding farewell to was H.E Calvin Masenyetse from the Kingdom of Lesotho who hailed his stay in Germany and interaction with colleagues as a milestone in his diplomatic career.

“Balozi’s (Ambassadors) I can safely say this is one of the best moments I have enjoyed in my career as a public servant and like they say in diplomacy we part to meet yet again in another capacity,” said Ambassador Masenyetse.

Others present were the Ambassador of Botswana H.E Masire Mmasegoa Mwamba, a seasoned diplomat who once served as Deputy Secretary General of the Commonwealth in London including Ambassador Stone Sizani a veteran diplomat who represents the Republic of South Africa and once served as Chief Whip of parliament in South Africa.

Ambassador Mukwita said quoting Shakespeare that, “to part is such sweet sorrow but we can only work here for as long as our leadership allows until we meet again. The great thing is expanding our horizons and make good friends while on duty abroad.”

The small group was, however, cognizant of the threat the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has caused to SADC economies and beyond even in the tranquil of the small circle.

Ambassador Tuggar of Nigeria said, “diplomacy was rendered void without personal contact among human beings which is essential to the exchange of views-points.”

“In an era of post-truths, social media and now COVID-19, the opportunity to clarify issues and exchange information in real time which is the essence of democracy is threatened when diplomats are unable to meet”, Ambassador Tuggar observed.

The farewell was also attended by visiting Namibian Ambassador to France H.E Albertus Aochamub.

The SADC region is largely seen as an economic destination due to its vast natural resources, young population and political stability.

The envoys in Berlin continue to interact mostly remotely due to a lock down as a consequence of spiking new infections of covid-19 that has claimed millions of lives globally.

This is according to a statement issued by Kellys Kaunda, Press Secretary at the embassy of Zambia in Berlin, Germany.


Kisasa Community to get Police Station



FIRST Quantum Minerals (FQM) has through its Kalumbila Minerals Limited (KML) subsidiary officially handed over the site for construction of a police station to be built in Kisasa area of Senior Chief Musele Musokantanda’s chiefdom.

FQM’s Trident Foundation Manager, Joseph Ngwira, said the community had initially requested the mine to provide a container to be turned into a police station.

“As a respecter of human rights, FQM could not allow people, regardless of the crimes committed, to be kept in unsanitary conditions without running water and poor ventilation. Such a place would not be conducive for human habitation. Therefore, as part of our CSI initiatives, a decision to construct a proper police station was made”, Ngwira.

Speaking at the same event, Officer Commanding Solwezi District, George Zulu said the police command is proud to partner with FQM in providing security to the people of Kalumbila District.

“The police station is coming at a time when the district is experiencing high investment which has also attracted increased crime rate, we are therefore indebted to FQM for their continued support to the police command,” Zulu.

Mr. Zulu urged the community to work with the police and avoid vandalism because such projects are expensive.

FQM is expected to spend ZMK1, 500, 000 on the project.

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Zamtel partners Lions Club to feed workers at Levy Covid Centre



Zamtel has announced a partnership with the Lions Club of Woodlands to launch a feeding programme for front line health workers at the Levy Mwanawasa Covid Isolation Centre.

Zamtel has since donated K20,000 to the initiative and also set up a Merchant Code 69650 through which Zamtel Kwacha subscribers can send financial contributions to fund feeding programme.

The Levy Mwanawasa Isolation Centre is the biggest in Zambia and currently has 171 workers who will receive all essential meals through the feeding programme.

Through the Initiative, Zamtel other partners such as ZSIC Life and the Guardian Insurance Group will pay an identified catering firm that will prepare and deliver the meals to the medical facility.

Speaking at the handover of the cheque, Zamtel Senior Manager for Mobile Money Mulenga Masinja said the feeding initiative is meant to appreciate the hard work that health workers are putting in to combat Covid-19.

“As an indigenous Zambian brand, we are making this donation because we believe it will go a long way in meeting the nutritional requirements of our hard working frontline health workers as they provide the much needed care and support for patients afflicted by Covid-19. The funds provided by Zamtel and other partners will also help motivate our workers who are at the front line of this battle against Covid,” Mr Masinja said.

And Lions Club of Woodlands President Kabwe Kandeke thanked Zamtel and the other partners for responding to the needs of the front line workers.

At the same event Senior Medical Superintendent at the Levy Mwanawasa University Teaching Hospital Dr. Penias Tembo admitted that it is not a secret that Levy Mwanawasa Covid Isolation Centre is facing a number of operational challenges because the facility is overwhelmed.

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Facebook removes more than 8 fake Mwebantu pages, admins reported to police



Facebook on Tuesday said it removed more than 8 fake accounts, pages that were spreading “fake” news and impersonating authentic and verified Mwebantu Facebook page.

Facebook stated that the pages were removed for what they term “coordinated inauthentic behaviour” on the social media platform in Zambia. The false pages had become aggressive with fake news, cyberbullying and online fraud.

“This kind of behaviour is not allowed on Facebook under our misrepresentation policy because we don’t want people or organizations creating networks of accounts to mislead others about who they are, or what they’re doing,” a Facebook official said.

The authentic Mwebantu Facebook page has a blue tick that shows that it has been verified by Facebook authorities, with over 1.5 million followers in Zambia and beyond.

Mwebantu has grown to have over 2 million followers on Social Media and is regarded as Zambia’s leading Social news and advertising platform.

Mwebantu is grateful to the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) and Facebook Regional team for helping remove fake Mwebantu Facebook Pages.

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Foxdale Forest – Phase 2 Selling


25 Feb 2021, 3:44 AM (GMT)

Zambia Stats

77,171 Total Cases
1,059 Deaths
70,800 Recovered

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