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Amb. Anthony Mukwita Reflects on Zambia´s 56th anniversary under the cloud of the bug



THE complexion, colour and feel of our beloved country Zambia’s 56th independence anniversary is different in more ways than one this year due to the Coronavirus that has brought the world to its knees.

The bug has shut down business in Zambia—big and small—left many jobless and drastically slashed revenue collection for the government of President Edgar Lungu, making it difficult for the country to meet its social and foreign financial obligations.
Scanning the above, you get the felling of gloom and doom with no hope in the horizon, as the bug continues to stamp its deadly force and wrath on our beloved Zambia.

At the Embassy of Zambia in Berlin, however, and in line with the theme dictated by our government under H.E President Edgar Lungu, we like to look at the glass as half full and not half empty.

We like to search deep into the doctrines of our Christian roots and find a strand of hope instead of sinking into a state of deep despair.

We reckon the same way the God of Moses and Israel continues to feed the sparrows and the squirrels of the wild and indeed all animals big and small, he shall shine his kind face on us too tomorrow.

This calamity shall not last forever, albeit, we shall feel it´s devastating effects as our brothers and sisters wake up without the job, they had in January for a long time to come.

We shall recall this independence as the one Auntie Agatha and Uncle Joe woke up to closed doors of their barber shop and hair salons because regulations required them to prioritise their health over wealth.

We shall recall it as the anniversary Zambia beseeched both local and foreign lenders to ease the call on repayments of debt due to a drastic drop in revenue and FDI beyond our leaderships control.

Above all we shall recall it as an anniversary we recorded more than 3000 infections of covid and lost about 340 lives needlessly.
But because we are a country of faith, we shall also find strength in the good book which says in Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

We believe at our mission that, since pressure makes diamonds that are much harder than stones, Zambia too under the leadership of our Chief Diplomat H.E Lungu shall will soar on wings like an eagle, run and not grow weary, and will walk and not be faint as prophesised in Isiah 40:31 because we shall work towards that.

We know prayer alone is not enough to get us out of a tough spot, we must complement it with action, with work so therefore this is no time for laziness.

This means picking a post and using every tool we have to get out of the hard rock the bug has placed us in and make progress.
Our job here is well cut out for us in the area of economic diplomacy and this means we must find and direct more German business to come to Zambia and grow food to feed Europe like Amatheon Agri Holdings is already doing.

We must find automobile companies to partner with and produce components for Electric Vehicles or EV´s. We must find ways of earning money for the government so that we stop using taxpayers money to pay rentals and fund projects from own resources.

This is the challenge that the COVID-19 style independence anniversary presents to us in addition to the many projects we have already directed towards our beloved country thus far.

Zambia German economic ties tip the scale at about US$1 billion over the last 56 years to the favour of Zambia according to records.

Pandemics such as Ebola, Swine and Spanish flu have come and gone but humanity always prevails because it is the way God engineered us—to rise above adversity.

On behalf of all staff, allow me to join our President H.E Edgar Lungu and his good administration in toasting Zambia´s anniversary themed, “One Land, One Nation-Building Our Future, Proud and Free.”

We love our country of 365 days of sunshine but still ask you to commemorate this important day in a safe environment.

*The Author H.E Anthony Mukwita is the Ambassador of Zambia to Germany based in the capital, Berlin. This was his annual message to embassy staff on 24th October 2020. The statement is issued by First Secretary Press and Public Relations Kellys Kaunda.*


Watch the trailer to Magonolia premiering on Mozo TV this saturday



#Magonolia the story of a Trinidadian teen girl who has superhuman powers and is on a journey to discover more about herself. Premiers on 28th November, 2020 on MOZO TV channel 94, TopStar. Courtesy of Caribbean based television station GT Networks.
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Argentina Football Legend Diego Maradona dies of heart attack aged 60



Diego Maradona has passed away from a heart attack just days after turning 60.
The football legend died at home just three weeks after having surgery on a blot clot in his brain.

Maradona won the World Cup with Argentina in 1986 and is widely regarded as one of the greatest football players to ever grace the game. His life off the pitch was controversial as he struggled with drug and alcohol addiction.

The late Maradona had undergone two Gastric bypass operations to control his weight and was treated for alcohol abuse. In January, the legend underwent surgery to stem bleeding in his stomach and in July he had surgery on his knee.

Twenty one days ago he was admitted to hospital for surgery on a blood clot in his brain and was discharged to recover from home. It was there that the legendary football star died on Wednesday.

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Teacher donates blood to save life of a Grade 12 pupil about to start writing final national examinations



MATERO Boys Secondary School deputy head teacher has saved the life of a seriously ill pupil by donating his blood.

Brother Given Mukanshi has donated blood to a grade 12 pupil who was in Intensive Care Unit after an emergency stomach operation a few days ago.

This is about two weeks before the Grade 12s start writing their final national examinations.

“This morning the Deputy Headteacher of Matero Boys’ Secondary School Br. Given Mukanshi S.M. donated blood to one of our Grade 12 pupils who was in ICU after an emergency stomach operation a few days ago. This is about two weeks before the Grade 12s start writing their final national examinations.

After the successful operation, the boy had been on life support which has since been turned off and he is now breathing normally. As of last night, he was short of two pints of blood. We pray for God’s healing power and a speedy recovery. All the best in the examinations.”

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Foxdale Forest – Phase 2 Selling


27 Nov 2020, 5:57 AM (GMT)

Zambia Stats

17,553 Total Cases
357 Deaths
16,779 Recovered

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