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“Step up your game,” President Edgar Lungu tells EIZ, “some local engineers have an unpatriotic attitude”



PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu says he is deeply concerned by the unpatriotic attitude of some local engineers engaged to carry out works on behalf of Government.

The Head of State said this at a meeting he held with the Engineering Institute of Zambia (EIZ) Council today to inquire why government projects take too long to finish and why there are so many shoddy works compared to those in the private sector which are completed on time and of better quality.

“I called for this meeting to get an explanation from EIZ as to why government projects take too long to finish and characterized by shoddy works compared to those in the private sector which are completed on time and of better quality,” President Lungu said.

The Head of State said government is not only losing money due to the poor quality of works by the local engineers but also is losing lives.

He has since called on the institution to rise to the challenge and defend their noble profession by offering credible engineering advice to government.

President Lungu said government does not take pride in seeing foreign companies building roads and called on the institute to take up its role in infrastructure development.

“We are looking up to our own engineers to demonstrate capacity and do more as far as developing our country is concerned. It will make us all proud to see quality works done by our local engineers,” said President Lungu.

(Picture by State House)



  1. No

    October 17, 2020 at 11:20 am

    “some local president has an unpatriotic attitude”

    Why they take too long and why they’re shoddy? Nothing to do with the engines. Everything to do with government sanctioned corruption.

    That is all.

  2. Foreign educated

    October 17, 2020 at 11:57 am

    Does shoddy performance equates to shoddy education?

  3. James

    October 20, 2020 at 10:24 am

    hypocrites and parasites!

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Chileshe Kandeta arrested for leaking the 2021 National Budget Speech 



POLICE in Lusaka have charged and arrested Ministry of Finance Public Relations officer Chileshe Kandeta and Lazarous Mwelwa, a Budget Analyst at Ministry of Finance for the offence of Communication of Certain Information contrary to section Four chapter 111 of the State Security Act.
Acting police spokesperson Danny Mwale confirmed the arrest of Kandeta, 50 of Kabulonga and Mwelwa aged 46 of Chamba Valley.
“This is in relation to the leaking of the 2021 National Budget Speech which went viral before it was officially presented in Parliament.They are detained in Police custody awaiting court appearance,” Mwale said.
Earlier, Lusaka Province police Nelson Phiri expressed ignorance over Kandeta’s arrest, saying he has no information.
Police locked up Kandeta over allegations of the leakage of the National Budget.
He was summoned on Thursday and immediately locked up.
The police have summoned various media personnel over allegations that the national budget was leaked and published before Minister of Finance Dr. Bwalya Ngandu presented and delivered it in Parliament.
Diamond TV chief executive officer Costa Mwansa and Head of Current Affairs, George Chomba.

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Lusaka is totally transformed, but utupuba tu letalika, President Edgar Lungu says 



PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has bragged at how Lusaka has greatly transformed owing to various projects his Government has initiated.

Speaking when he commissioned the Arcades Fly-over bridge in Lusaka, President Lungu said Government will continue to improve the face of Lusaka as it is the capital city.

He said the city has totally transformed, stressing that “a diplomat who left Zambia and was recently visiting from South Africa could not remember Lusaka because of the way it has been transformed”.

“He told us that he could not trace where he used to stay here in Lusaka and that is a fact because Lusaka is totally transformed, but ‘utupuba tu letalika’ (small fools are arguing),” The head of State said.

(Picture by Eddie Mwanaleza/State House)

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Vox populi, Vox dei, Linda Kasonde says 



THE people of Zambia have spoken. Now is the time to set aside our political affiliations and forge a unified national agenda that will benefit Zambians from all walks of life, says Chapter One Foundation Executive Director Linda Kasonde.
Ms Kasonde has congratulated all the members of Parliament, Civil society, Churches, and ordinary citizens who stood firm in defeating the Constitution Amendment Bill No. 10 of 2019 (Bill 10).
In a statement to Mwebantu, Ms Kasonde said shooting down the Bill is a collective victory for Zambian democracy and the future of the people.
She said since President Fredrick Chiluba’s attempt to stand for a third term in office, the people of Zambia have stood together and remained resolute against creeping autocracy.
“This is a gift that we have given unto ourselves. The greatest victory is the re-awakening of the Zambian people to the fact that their voice matters, and that people power does work. We hope that this lesson will not be forgotten as we continue to face many governance issues as a democracy,” she said.
Ms Kasonde has urged government to remember that they are the servants of the people adding that [Vox populi, vox dei] the voice of the people is the voice of God.
She said now is the time to set aside political affiliations and forge a unified national agenda that will benefit Zambians from all walks of life.
“We are faced with serious challenges as a nation: Mounting debt and inflation, a declining economy, corruption, social disintegration, and political disharmony.
We have a generational responsibility to defeat these vices as a people. Let us all join hands and continue to be resolute as One Zambia, One Nation,” Ms Kasonde said.

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Foxdale Forest – Phase 2 Selling


31 Oct 2020, 9:48 AM (GMT)

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