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Country living within a secure gated estate. Serviced plots for sale. Our values are no internal walls, protect the trees and provide backup power through solar & inverters. Build your dream green home in the forest.


A home owner waters their lawns with rain water, which was harvested and stored during the rainy season, in their 80,000L rainwater harvesting tank.


Cleaning 35 solar panels; a 15 kVa solar back up power system for the Foxdale Forest Club House. All homes at Foxdale Forest have solar back up power.


Stef’s Sourdough Basket opens at Foxdale Forest. For orders please contact Stef on: 096 822 0381.


A family of 8 Hornbills have settled at Foxdale Forest and an eagle was recently sighted. Foxdale Forest is a sanctuary for bird life.


Installation of a domestic sewerage treatment system at a home owner’s plot. Household black & grey waste water is purified and used for garden irrigation.



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Battle for Ultimate Insurance Company shifts to Lusaka High Court



ONE of the Directors of Marshlands Consortium, a company whose directors claim to have bought Ultimate Insurance Company, has failed to show evidence in court.

Tobias Haanyimbo Milambo, 48 years, of Woodlands, Lusaka appeared as a witness before Judge Kazimbe Chenda in the Lusaka High Court.

In his testimony, he conceded that he failed to pay for the shares and failed to explain why his name appears as one of the shareholders of Ultimate Insurance in the records held at the Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA).

This is in matter in which Mr. Chanda Katotobwe and Mrs. Felistus Kabwe Chibamba Katotobwe, have sued for restitution of Ultimate Insurance Company.

Milambo appearing as defendant, was represented by Mr. Nchima Nchito SC, and Mr. Chisuwo Hamwela, while the Katotobwes were represented by Mr. Sakwiba Sikota SC and Jeah Madaika.

In his testimony, Milambo also stated that the valuation submitted as securities, and now established to be forgeries, were submitted by the other directors of Marshland Consortium; Nachi Musonda and Richard Lubemba.

The three appointed themselves as Directors of Ultimate Insurance while the Katotobwes were abroad.

Earlier another witness and one of the original owners of Ultimate Insurance, Justin Phiri, 43 years and of Ibex Hill in Lusaka, testified before Judge Chenda that as previous owners, they sold Ultimate Insurance Company to Mrs. Felistus Kabwe Chibamba and the purchase price of K1.5m for the shareholding was paid by Mr. Chanda Katotobwe as issued receipts would show.

He stated that Klein Syampongo, Maybin Silavwe and himself(Justin Phiri) have never dealt with Milambo and other Marshlands Consortium directors on the sale transaction of Ultimate Insurance Company.

The civil proceedings will resume on Tuesday 20th October, 2020 before Judge Kazimbe Chenda for continued trial.

On Thursday last week, Tobias Milambo, Richard Lubemba and Nachi Musonda were granted bail by the Lusaka Magistrate Court in a criminal matter, were they are charged with uttering forged documents, purporting to own Ultimate Insurance Company.

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Marshlands Directors Granted Bail



THE Lusaka Magistrate Court has granted bail to three Marshlands Directors; Tobias Milambo, Richard Lubemba and Nachi Musonda.

The criminal matter has since been adjourned to tomorrow for trial because their Lawyer,  Osbourne Ngoma was not available.

The three accused have been put on bail of K10,000 each with working sureties in Managerial positions.

Last month, Magistrate Alice Walusiku revoked their bond when it was established that their lawyers submitted forged Covid-19 medical records.

Magistrate Walusiku also reported Nchima Nchito, Mutembo Nchito and Chisuwo Hamweela to the Law Association of Zambia Disciplinary Committee the defence lawyers, for unethical behaviour aimed at delaying a legitimate criminal trial, and for tendering forged documents in a Court of law.

The defence lawyers have since abandoned the Marshlands Directors.

Marshland directors have since hired a new lawyer, Mr. Osborne Ngoma who has applied for a fresh bail application.

Last week, a witness, Maybin Silavwe, one of the previous owners,testified before Magistrate Walusiku, that they sold Ultimate Insurance Company to Mrs. Felistus Kabwe Chibamba Katotobwe and the full purchase price of K1.5m was paid by Mr. Chanda Katotobwe.

Silavwe becomes the second witness to testify this way.

In the Lusaka High Court, another witness, Justin Phiri told Judge Kazimbe Chenda, that the Katotobwes bought Ultimate Insurance Company and paid the agreed full purchase price for the shareholding.

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Katotobwe’s bought Ultimate Insurance, witness tells High Court



A WITNESS has testified in the Lusaka High Court that Ultimate Insurance Company was bought by Mr. Chanda Katotobwe and his wife, Felicitus Kabwe Chibamba.

Mr Justin Phiri, 43yrs of Ibex Hill testified on Tuesday afternoon before Judge Kazimbe Chenda that as owners of the company they sold Ultimate Insurance Ltd to the Katotobwe’s who paid the full purchase price of K1.5m.

He said this payment was made to Klein Syampongo, Justin Phiri and Maybin Silavwe as former owners and shareholders.

He stated that the previous owners have never received any form of payment or instruction from a company called Marshlands or its directors: Tobias Milambo, Richard Lubemba and Nachi Musonda.

This is a matter in which Chanda Katotobwe and Felistus Kabwe Chibamba have sued in the High Court for damages and restitution of their company, Ultimate Insurance Company Limited.

The directors of Marshlands Company are appearing in the Magistrate Court accused of fraud of illegally changing the ownership of Ultimate Insurance Company to a company created for this purpose, Marshlands company.

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Foxdale Forest – Phase 2 Selling


20 Oct 2020, 3:33 AM (GMT)

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