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Blankets Washing Business Lifts Evelyn Hone College Student Higher 



“NOT every one loves to wash blankets and that is why I thought of taking up this line of business so that I can raise an income to help my parents,” says a 20-year-old Salome Hansungule, a student at Evelyn Hone College who is doing a blanket washing business to meet her financial needs.
The extraordinary and enterprising youth is climbing a ladder of success by using her hands to contribute to the county’s development.
The second year environmental health student describes her new initiative as a rare enterprising idea that has become a lucrative source of income, while helping her parents the little she makes.
Narrating to this author, the determined youth looked so resolute and focused to take up a laundry business an undertaking that is rare.
Born in 2000, Salome’s passion to start the laundry business was motivated by a fact that people hate washing beddings as they find them hard and heavy.
“A lot of people do not like washing blankets because they are heavy so for I saw an opportunity to wash for them in turn make a bit of money to help out my parents in a small way.
Part of my income is used to supplement some of my educational needs so that my parents do not stress so much especially that they are not in formal employment,” she said.
Salome’s brilliant unique business idea is a venture that started like a joke overtime her new job began to be appreciated by clients a growth she describes as tremendous by average standard.
She said regardless of the weariness that comes with washing blankets she is motivated by the gains the business has brought in her life.
(Story courtesy of Times of Zambia)


FAZ suspends Charles Chileshe for  sprinkling an unknown substance and urinating against one of the goalposts 



THE Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has suspended Forest Rangers Football Club goalkeeping coach Charles Chileshe for unsporting conduct.
During a FAZ/MTN Super Division Week 13 fixture between Prison Leopards and Forest Rangers at President stadium in Kabwe, Chileshe seen sprinkling some unknown substance at the goal post during the match.
In a letter dated January 18, this year, addressed to the Forest Rangers General Secretary, FAZ deputy General Secretary Joseph Chimpampwe said Chileshe’s action of sprinkling an unknown substance and urinating or simulation of urinating against one of the goalposts acted in a manner that is not consistent with the values and integrity of football as espoused by FIFA, CAF and FAZ.
“His actions have without doubt brought the name of the game into disrepute and therefore we have no option but to suspend Chileshe’s registration for the 2020/2021 season and his case shall be decided by the appropriate FAZ judicial body,” reads Chimpampwe’s statement in part.
Chimpampwe said the decision entails that Chileshe cannot function as an official of the club in any capacity until his case is disposed of.
He reiterated that FAZ will not tolerate such unsporting behavior and Chileshe’s case shall be referred to the Disciplinary Committee.
This is according to a statement issued by FAZ communications manager, Sydney Mungala.

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Zambian heads need panel beating to fix mindset, Bowman Lusambo says 



LUSAKA Province minister Bowman Lusambo says Zambian heads need panel beating to fix their mindsets.

The minister says without a change of mindset, the country would be in “very big problems”.

Lusambo is worried about what he sees as the “business as usual” attitude in some people in the face of surging coronavirus infections.

Zambia’s overall COVID-19 infections now stands at 37,605 with Minister of Health Jonas Chanda announcing 1,531 new infections yesterday.

Dr Chanda said 305 patients were currently admitted in different health facilities for COVID-19 out of which 206 were on oxygen therapy with 16 of them critically ill.

“The problem is ourselves, us the people. We are not taking this COVID-19 seriously,” Lusambo told #Kalemba in a interview.

Lusambo complained that when he tries to talk about the seriousness of the pandemic which has so far claimed the lives of more than 2 million people worldwide, some people think he was only trying to gain political mileage.

“When we go in the bars to advise our brothers and sisters about the need to protect themselves, they say ‘Bowman is not supposed to do this, Bowman is whipping people’,” he said.

He said infections were increasing daily because people had failed to think on their own.

Lusambo said as provincial minister, he had an obligation to sensitise citizens of the capital city on the dangers of COVID-19 and the need to follow health guidelines.

He said it was unfortunate that a few Zambians who couldn’t think on their own were putting the lives of others in danger.

“But we have a lot of Zambians who have responded very well, a lot of residents of Lusaka who have responded very well but a few selfish individuals want to put the lives of others at risk which is not fair,” he said.

“But I can assure you that God is on our side and what we just need is to change our mindset. What we are lacking is the correct mindset – not just on COVID-19 but on many other issues,” he added.

Lusambo recalled a television interview featuring late president Michael Sata in which he said Zambians needed to have their heads panel beaten to fix their mindsets.

“Governments will come and go but if people will not achieve anything if they do not change their mindsets,” said Lusambo.

“I agree with President Sata, the minds of Zambians need panel beating to change their mindsets.”

(Source: Kalemba)

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Former Deputy Minister, Esther Banda, dies



FORMER Deputy Minister of Gender and former Chililabombwe Patriotic Front Member of Parliament, Mrs. Esther Mwila Banda has died.

Mrs Banda died in Lusaka in the early hours of today (Sunday).

She served as Member of Parliament for Chililabombwe from 2006 to 2016, and was a Deputy Minister for Gender between 2011 and 2016.


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Foxdale Forest – Phase 2 Selling


19 Jan 2021, 2:06 AM (GMT)

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