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UNZA medical student scoops best overall poster award in quality improvement conference



A University of Zambia (UNZA) student under the School of Medicine has scooped the “Best Overall Poster” award category in the Quality Improvement Conference (QIC) qualifying her to present the research at National Level.
Norah Ndambo a 5th year Medical student at The University of Zambia (UNZA, presented an abstract titled “Vulva Cancer in young Zambian women managed at the Cancer Diseases Hospital”
The conference held under the theme: “Enhanced Community Engagement in Quality Improvement, Innovation and Excellence in health services towards universal coverage”, attracted researchers from across the country.
The UNZA Ridgeway Campus student whose passion is in Obstetrics and Gynecology says she has always wanted to be a Medical Doctor for as long as she can remember.
Meanwhile, University of Zambia Vice Chancellor Prof. Luke Mumba has congratulated Ms. Norah Ndambo and the entire School of Medicine faculty at Ridgeway Campus.
The Vice Chancellor says, “it gives us great joy to witness young and emerging female scientists breaking grounds”.
The Vice Chancellor has further congratulated the other two emerging scientists that came out top in the conference as follows: Newly graduated Dr. Anthony Simbeya who emerged overall Best in the Quality Foundations Category as well as third best in the overall conference and Mr. Anthony Limbumbu who emerged third best in the Medical Care and Equipment category.
The government through the Ministry of Health (MOH) recently hosted the Quality Improvement Conference (QIC) virtually to showcase Quality Improvement projects and research taking place across Zambia.
This is according to a press statement issued by Brenda Bukowa, Head – Communication and Marketing at the University of Zambia.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Norah mkandawire chilowa

    September 17, 2020 at 7:24 pm

    Congratulations grand daughter.Your grandmother is very proud of your achievement.May you carry the torch to its destination.God bless you

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RTSA revokes licences for PSV drivers violating traffic rules and regulations



RTSA Chief Executive Officer Gladwell Banda has revoked the Driving Licences for four Public Service Vehicle (PSV) drivers for violating traffic rules and regulations.

According to a statement issued by RTSA Head of Public Relations Frederick Mubanga, Banda said the affected drivers neglected their responsibility to drive with due care, thereby, causing deaths.

Banda named one of the affected drivers as Enock Malama who caused the death of five people and nine sustained injuries due to excessive speed in Serenje on Monday.

In another incident, Banda said another driver named as Hestrone Kapembwa, on 11th May 2020 caused death of one person by driving at an excessive speed along the Great North Road, Chaisa area in Lusaka.

“The third driver, Mr. Anthony Mwamba caused a road traffic accident along Great North Road at Kabangwe area due to careless driving, while the fourth driver, Mr. Robert Banda caused an accident along Great North Road at S.O.S traffic circle due to excessive speed,” Banda said.

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Entreprenueship or Sex Education, where should our focus be?



By Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

I have been privileged here at the African Union to immerse myself in the debate about Comprehensive Sexuality Education and Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRH&R).

I have been privileged to have traveled to the USA, twice, to specifically to represent Africa to discuss these two programmes being unleashed on Africa.

Is our problem sex or poverty?

I think the focus should be implementing comprehensive entrepreneurship education than aggressively funding Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE).

We will benefit more from vocational, money, business and trade training than Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE).

CSE was designed to make the next generation “less homophobic”, accept sex as a matter of right and exclude parents from sex education of their own children and adolescent to promote “Its my body, its my right”!.

More and more countries are calling for the discardment of CSE and for the adoption of a sex education that is friendly, approved by parents, the Church and stakeholders.

CSE is like those IMF Structural Adjustment Programmes (SAP) now held in shame!

No matter how much you “localise” the content, no matter how you make it “cultural sensitive”, at the heart of CSE is a determined goal to achieve, sexualise children, make them less “homophobic”, and let them know that sex is a right with whoever they wish to have it with.

No matter how determined our experts were, SAP achieved its goals: de-industrialised our economy, liquidated our state-owned enterprises and shifted us to an import-oriented and dependent economy.

So is CSE! CSE was designed for a purpose and will receive huge funding from the cooperating partners and sponsors to achieve the purpose it was created for.

CSE has a twin partner that is also co-heavily funded, the Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SHR&H) which promotes adolescent sexual rights, sexual orientation, and abortions.

The solution to child marriages, teen pregnancies, sexual abuse and unwanted pregnancies may not lie in CSE and SRH&R.

Our traditions have rich sex education that can be adapted, modernised and adopted without eroding our culture, without insulting our religion, and without polarizing the parents and withoutadopting CSE programmes.

Why don’t we invest in our indigenous and tested knowledge?

This is not an experts’ issue, it is a parents’ issue.

Africa has been raped, defiled, enslaved and bankrupted but, has stood the test of time and foreign pressure and invasions because of its culture and traditions.

The two programs are designed to dismantle that!

Imagine if the $300million earmarked for Zambia for CSE was spent on entrepreneurship training and support!

We can unleash an economic beast in our young people!

Bane, ukwali insoke, takwafwile muntu.

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Zambian truck driver burns to death 2 days after celebrating birthday



A ZAMBIAN truck driver has been burnt to death after a fuel truck he was driving caught fire, reports have indicated.

Simon Mulonga, an employee of Juba Transport is said to have died in Zimbabwe where the accident happened.

He celebrated his birthday on Saturday.

It is not immediately clear what caused the fire.

Mulonga was married to journalist Chikumbi Katebe.

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Foxdale Forest – Phase 2 Selling


25 Sep 2020, 9:43 AM (GMT)

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13,643 Recovered

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