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Presidential Pages, What Should they Communicate?



By Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba,

THE Presidential pages? It’s time we discussed these pages.

Without a doubt, the worst presidential page I have seen is that of President Donald Trump.

So that’s not the bar we are comparing to.

I must hasten to say that I find all existing personality social-media pages of leading presidents of political parties in Zambia, quite disappointing.

Everyday, I spot numerous mistakes ranging from grammatical to, in my view, inappropriate posts.

If they are not posting “beans”, they are posting wrong file pictures.

Sometimes, the posts will be grandiose in their claims, and other times, spectacular in their failure.

In many cases, the content is poor, usually populist, lack depth, reactionary, mediocre and fails to inspire or give hope.

Clearly the administrators of these pages have given confused identities to the persons they wish to market.

At most, the posts and tweets are hilarious and a source of comical relief, and at worst, juvenile.

It should be noted that social-media does not substitute or abandon existing social values.

Then there is the fascination with the youth.

I understand the frenzied pre-occupation with what is perceived to be the potential youth vote.

I know the youths are important and will likely play a key role in the 2021 elections.

But be reminded that the voter is not youth only.

And be reminded also, that the youth you are clamouring for support, is not a homogeneous band, but highly segmented and their needs diverse.

One single message or the type of its presentation is not a case of a one-size fits all.

We have seen social-media audience looking and searching for hopeful content.

“In the absence of water, people will drink sand”.

There are young youths, older youths, educated, semi-educated, urban, rural, street-wise, moral and christian, ‘kwa no ku’ youths.

Some youths work, most are unemployed, while others are entrepreneurs and hustlers.

Some are married, some are dating and others are single.

Not all youths are Jerabos, and not all youths are interested in politics.

So any strategist would know how to segment the youth groups and design specific and suitable messages.

A candidate can not be everything to everyone. He is not selling ice-cream.

A candidate however, must be identified by his values, his character, his beliefs, his vision and his determination to provide leadership in this era of chaos.

That’s what Adminsitrators of these personality pages should try to package and sale.

Voters are young and old, men and women, parents and their children.

Social media has not blurred these differences, neither has it dropped existing social values.

To you administrators of these personality pages, Zambians are looking for leadership, therefore, do not engage in clowning or buffoonery.

Don’t give us a leaf that’s blown by every trending wind.

Napita Mukwai.


The Lion that escaped from Munda Wanga Captured



AUTHORITIES have allegedly captured the Lion that escaped from Munda Wanga in Lusaka.

The lion was seen by various residents of Lilayi as it prawled the area.

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Five passengers sustain injuries in a road traffic accident near ZNS Makeni along the Kafue Road, police say



FIVE (05) passengers have sustained minor injuries while their driver escaped unhurt after a Toyota Gravia they were traveling on overturned near ZNS Makeni along the Kafue Road.

And Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo says contrary to what is circulating on social media that the vehicle flipped on a newly constructed Fly – over Bridge in Makeni, the accident near ZNS – Garrisons, away from the bridge, yesterday around 19:30 hours.

Katongo said the accident happened when driver of the Toyota Gravia registration ALR 965, Mulenga Mwape of Chilanga Parkland, lost control of the motor vehicle due to excessive speed and in the process went to hit into a traffic sign post and the motor vehicle later over turned.

Katongo said during the process of overturning, the vehicle subsequently hit into the flight liner motor vehicle registration number AEG 1154 which was being driven by Tapera Brian, a Zimbabwean national aged 36 years old.

And Katongo said the driver of the Toyota Gravia survived unhurt while five passengers sustained minor injuries.

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ACC arrests Former Senanga Subordinate Court Magistrate for corrupt practices involving K1,200



FORMER Senanga Subordinate Court Magistrate Chama Mutambalilo has been arrested by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) for corrupt practices involving K1, 200.

Mutambalilo aged 50, of Kamwala South in Lusaka was charged with one count of Obtaining Money by False Pretences and is scheduled to appear in court soon.

ACC Public Relations Manager Timothy Moono has told Mwebantu in a statement that the suspect on dates unknown but between 1st October 2016 and 31st December 2016 whilst working as a Magistrate at Senanga Subordinate Court in Senanga District of the Western Province obtained K1,200 from known persons purporting that the said money was required as logistical support for him to undertake a Court scene visit when in fact not.

And Moono said the suspect has since been released on Bond and will appear in court soon

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Meet the Farmes Summit 2020


12 Aug 2020, 2:51 AM (GMT)

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