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Education is facing tough challenges in light of Coronavirus and our ever changing world, those challenges range from handling e-learning the right way, tracking teacher and pupil performance, receiving payments online, to emailing or texting announcements and results to parents and pupils.

It doesn’t end there, there should be a more modern way of handling school operations. Our system will ensure your school’s education delivery continues at high quality. With our system schools can upload notes and homework online and the pupils can read these notes online and answer this homework online.

Dove Schools is a powerful comprehensive school system built for school administrators, teachers, pupils, and their guardians. Transform Your School today. We believe Education should live at the Center of Innovation.

If your School has more than 30 pupils then Google Classroom, Class Dojo, WhatsApp and the like may be too limited for you. This is so because they are teacher-based systems that lack proper School Administration capabilities. Not to mention the requisite Parent capabilities. There is a reason Physical Schools have an administration.

You may not need an administration for one class, but when you start to have two, three, four, five, and so on you definitely need an administration. With an administration you get Supervision, Quality Control, Reputation Maintenance, and Protection of Future Revenues. All of which are interconnected to each other in a cycle. The allure of the nature the products above being free is obviously tempting.

But there is no such thing as a free lunch. What is happening is these 4 critical attributes, Supervision, Quality Control, Reputation Maintenance, and Protection of Future Revenues are being Sacrificed at the alter of free. That is what free is costing the schools.

No proper Supervision leads to lower Quality which damages the School’s Reputation, which puts Future Revenues in danger because why should parents pay when these key 4 attributes are either lacking or deficient.

You see when it comes to business decisions free is expensive. Free means there is no skin in the game. It is hard to inspire greater accountability from stakeholders because when there is nothing to lose people may not care much about losing.

Free means zero justification for accountability from your product or service provider. We all know investment predicts growth. Is free how much you are willing to invest in your growth? Free is not an investment.

Moreover when it comes to your core business, your actual operations, your bread and butter. How much is your bread and butter worth to you, is it Free? Is it Zero? Free is limited. This is why you have cases of schools using up to 9 different Apps at the same time. 4 tires don’t make a motor vehicle. You need a unified solution.

School is already hard enough on its own, the process shouldn’t be made any harder than it is. In this case complexity and confusion is the price of free. With our system you get One App and One Password where everything happens.

Free means inadequacy. Let’s say you’re a school that has 12 grades, 4 classes in each grade, 9 subjects in each grade. This means if you are determined enough you will need to Manually create 588 Classrooms or WhatsApp groups. You see this is exactly what systems are built for, to automatically make this possible for you.

In Technology, If you are having to do a lot of work Manually then that’s not the right system for you. If you are having to do a lot of manual then the system is not automatic enough for you. With free all the stakeholders lose, the administration, the teachers, the pupils and the parents.

Then there is the matter of kicking the can down the road. At some point, this change from an operations stand point will happen, it could be this year, next year, the next administration and so on. So why not make it now so that free doesn’t cost more time and more money.

There is a Japanese proverb that says “There is nothing more expensive than something free”. And finally an Old Chinese proverb that says “To guess is cheap, to guess wrong is expensive”. If you’re a school administrator or teacher who wants to ensure your Quality Standards as a school are maintained visit our website at

If you’re a pupil who is concerned about continuing to get a Quality Education and a Quality Experience share this with your school. If you’re a parent who is concerned about getting a fair reflection in terms of Quality Education for your child in exchange for the hard earned money you are paying, share this and contact your school.

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US okays electronic cigarettes



WITH rising numbers of smokers in sub-Saharan Africa, concerns regarding risk exposure to tobacco have been well documented. The impact on the entire industry, from farmers to consumers has always been a source of concern: who will support the farmers earning a living through their trade? This could change after a landmark decision in the industry.

Following 43 months of evaluation, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently authorised the marketing of electrically heated tobacco system called IQOS by Philip Morris International (PMI) as a modified risk tobacco product (MRTP).

This decision by the US FDA marked the first time the agency has granted marketing orders for an electronic alternative to cigarettes. It found IQOS to be “appropriate to promote the public health and is expected to benefit the health of the population as a whole.”

Considering that cigarette smoking kills more than seven million people worldwide each year, the US FDA decision opens a public health opportunity in the fight against the global tobacco epidemic. Encouraging the rapid shift from smoking cigarettes to alternatives such as IQOS – for adult smokers who have been unable or unwilling to quit – could save many lives.

While the FDA does not endorse IQOS, its decision followed a scientific review of more than one million pages of evidence submitted by PMI and took into account independent studies. The federal agency concluded that non-combustible tobacco products such as  IQOS differ from cigarettes in reducing the body’s exposure to harmful or potentially harmful chemicals.

This is consistent with earlier conclusions of regulatory and scientific bodies, that the product emits lower levels of harmful toxicants than lit cigarettes.

The finding recognizes the harm-reduction effects of the “heat-not-burn” technology, which provides smokers with nicotine, while substantially reducing the risks associated with the combustion of conventional cigarettes.

While rates of smoking have decreased in wealthy countries, they have grown in poorer nations. In sub-Saharan Africa, cigarette consumption increased by over 50 percent between 1980 and 2016. Of deaths among African adults caused by second-hand smoke, over 60 percent are among women who live and work with smokers.

There are lessons to be learned from the decision by the US FDA and similar regulatory bodies in Europe. A dogmatic approach to tobacco control, which condemns all tobacco products as equally injurious to public health, has little chance of reducing the harm of cigarettes in today’s world.

It should lower the cost of reduced risk products and make them available to adult smokers in Africa. Countries should move to include harm reduction in their arsenal of tobacco-control measures and engage the tobacco industry to find the best ways to make the new products widely available to adult smokers unable or unwilling to quit, possibly including raising taxes on conventional cigarettes, while significantly lowering them on reduced risk products;

Across Africa, where the median age is under 25, very strict measures must be put in place to protect under-age youth from gaining access to the new products, considering that they have been shown to be only better alternatives but are not risk free.

In an ideal world, humans would avoid all unnecessary substances that have negative effects on their health. Unfortunately, that is not the case and will likely never be. It will require courage and political will, but it is a public health imperative to adopt measures to reduce risks to the more than one billion smokers worldwide.

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Meet Ms. Elizabeth Swai, she is the founder of AKM Glitters Company Limited dealing with Integrated Poultry business



Meet Ms. Elizabeth Swai, she is the founder of AKM Glitters Company Limited dealing with Integrated Poultry business managing three Kuroiler breeder farms, a hatchery, and an animal feed mill.


ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION – Human Development and Entrepreneurship

HER PASSION – Her passion as a social entrepreneur is inclusive development that touches the lives of the society in particular women and the youth

HER DREAM – to multiply in Africa and address nutritional issues, development of profitable franchises led by women and youth in Africa.

AWARDS – Change Driver Award, Impact Award, Women of Achievement in Agribusiness award and Malkia wa Nguvu 2019 and First time in Tanzania the Agriculture Award 2019

Ms Swai is a Founder Member of African Agribusiness Academy, Africa Women in Agribusiness, a member of Professional Poultry Association, Feed Mill Association and a Chair of Poultry Breeders Association, Executive Board Member Tanzania Business Council – Livestock Sector and Executive Board Member Bill and Melinda Gates Tanzania.

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Meet the Farmes Summit 2020


09 Aug 2020, 6:22 AM (GMT)

Zambia Stats

7,903 Total Cases
203 Deaths
6,431 Recovered

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