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Atlas Mara Bank announces winners of “Switch and Win” competition



“He simply switched his salary during the campaign and he has won himself one of the two coveted houses!!’’. I am happy to announce that we have the second winner of the two newly built 3 bedroomed houses at the Nkwashi Housing Estate, and today we are giving away the last of the houses. “ says Atlas Mara Head of Retail and Digital Banking Teza Ngulube.

Mr Ngulube said that the campaign has been running from the 1st May 2019 and was initially planned to come to an end on the 30th September 2019. However, due to the overwhelming participation and response from customers, the Switch and Win Campaign was then extended to the 31st of December 2019.

He said that “since the campaign began we have had a total of sixty-three (63) winners of K10, 000 and K5, 000 respectively each in a series of monthly draws winning a total of K450,000 in cash prizes“. Customers who switched their salary to Atlas Mara were eligible for the monthly cash draws and entry into the grand draw for the two (2) houses.

He added that “the winners were coming from all over the country where Atlas Mara operates and that the prizes have been divided into three regions. So far we have had winners coming from the Northern, Muchinga and Luapula Region; the Copperbelt, Central and North Western Regions and the Lusaka, Southern, Eastern and Western Province Region”.

Mr Ngulube explained that the “Switch and Win” campaign has been an exciting opportunity that extended to all customers that switch their salary account to Atlas Mara Bank. The only requirement for participating in this campaign was to simply open a Salary account with the Bank or move the salary to the Bank if a customer already has an account with Atlas Mara.

He also said that there is no minimum salary for the switch and that anyone is eligible to switch from across the country as long as they are salaried.

Mr Ngulube also revealed that Mr Humphrey Chileshe domiciled at Ndola Corporate branch on the Copperbelt was the winner of the second house at the Nkwashi Housing Estate and the Bank was officially handing over the keys to his newly built house and thanking him for switching to Atlas Mara.

In his statement Mr Ngulube said that the Bank is offering fantastic prizes which includes;

“There are two (2) three bedroom houses at the Nkwashi Housing Estate – today as you all know we are here to give away one of the three bedroomed houses and later this month, we shall give away the second three bedroomed house”.

I would also like to add that the selections are done through an electronic draw and overseen by our audit partners, HLB Zambia to ensure transparency and independence in selecting the winner, he said.

Additionally, Mr Ngulube said that “the Switch and Win campaign is not only about the two houses. It also comes with additional perks such as access to a Salary Advance of up to K30,000 at 0% interest payable over a three month period.”
Further still, he said that this presented a great opportunity for customers and urged customers to switch to Atlas Mara to enjoy the full benefits of the Bank’s offerings through Premium Elite banking; Prime Banking and Personal Banking.
“Atlas Mara would like to take this opportunity to appreciate each and every one of our customers for the overwhelming support. And we will continue to give the best of services through our products and services on offer”, Mr Ngulube said.


Zambians traveling to Dubai urged to check their travel documents



THE Zambian Consulate in Dubai says it is concerned with the increased number of nationals travelling to other countries via Dubai being denied passage due to lack of Travel Permits.

And the Consulate has has advised all Zambian travelers wishing to transit through Dubai to ensure that they carry with them all the necessary travel documents in the country of destination such as travel Visa, valid passports, COVID-19 negative tests and pre-approval Travel Permits.

In a statement, Consulate second Secretary for Accounts Musonda Chella said cautioned that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most countries around the world have introduced special permits which need approval before one travels. Sometimes this application has to be submitted 24 hours to 14 days prior to the date of travel.

He observed that some Zambians have travelled without special travel permits via Dubai where the airlines from the United Arab Emirates prevented them from proceeding further to the countries of destination.

“This has caused panic and inconvenience as the nationals have incurred extra costs on tickets, spent nights in the airports, and in other cases sent back to Zambia,” Chella said.

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K 5.7 billion allocated for FISP to benefit 1 million small-scale farmers



MINISTER of Finance Dr. Bwalya Ng’andu has disclosed that government has allocated a whopping K5.7billion for the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) to support over one million small-scale farmers in the 2020-2021 farming season.

Presenting the national budget in the National Assembly, Dr. Ngandu said government had also allocated K517.5million for the national food strategic reserve.

“Mr. Speaker, the Economic Affairs function has been allocated a total of K21.5 billion,” he said.

“Notable expenditures include K5.7 billion on the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP), targeting one million farmers across the country”, he said.

“Further, for the country to be food secure, I have set aside K517.5million for the national strategic food reserve”, he said

Dr. Ngandu also announced support to the livestock sector by promoting a programme to restock and control cattle diseases.

“Sir, to promote the livestock sub-sector, Government will continue with the Livestock Stocking and Restocking Programme out of which at least 30 percent of the beneficiaries are youths”, he said

“In the first half of 2020, a total of 3,100 households benefitted from the Programme. With regard to animal
health, a total of 283,000 animals
have been vaccinated out of the 2020 target of 290,000 under the Livestock Vaccination Programme”, he said.

He also announced a loan programme in the agriculture sector to primarily benefit young people.

“Mr Speaker, Government is
implementing the Zambia Aquaculture Enterprise Development
Project aimed at stimulating a viable aquaculture sub-sector”, he said

“In 2020, the Project, through the Citizens Economic Empowerment
Commission(CEEC), has disbursed loans worth K6.3 million to 637 aquaculture entrepreneurs”, He said

“These loans are targeted at empowering youths and women “. he said

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2021 Budget is pro-poor, aims to safeguard livelihoods and protect the vulnerable



FINANCE Minister Dr Bwalya Ng’andu’s budget has been welcomed by many who say the budget will safeguard the interests of the poor, who have been hit hard by the recent economic slow down caused by COVID-19.

Minister Dr Bwalya Ng’andu tabled the budget at the National Assembly on Friday afternoon where he proposed to spend K119.6 billion in 2021 which translates to 32.6 percent of GDP. Of this amount, K68.0 billion, representing 18.5 percent of GDP, will come from domestic revenues and grants. The balance of K51.6 billion will be raised through financing.

“Mr. Speaker, the 2021 Budget clearly lays a foundation for economic recovery, build resilience, safeguard livelihoods and protect the vulnerable. The thrust and priority for 2021 and the medium term will, therefore, be to re-invigorate growth, restore macroeconomic stability, attain fiscal fitness, restore debt sustainability and dismantle domestic arrears and at the same time safeguard social protection spending” he said.

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Foxdale Forest – Phase 2 Selling


26 Sep 2020, 5:28 AM (GMT)

Zambia Stats

14,515 Total Cases
332 Deaths
13,643 Recovered

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