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Some relationship are not meant to be.



Some relationship are not meant to be.

By Faridah Nakazibwe,

For so many years before I had started dating, I used to think that the first person you open up your heart to is the one you are supposed to be with for all your entire life.

For all these years, I have talked with different couples of all categories and I have realized and learnt very many things about love and relationships.

But the most important of all are; not every relationship you go into is to last forever.

Some relationships are there to teach us lessons and to make us strong.

And secondly, you can’t force someone to love you or to stay with you if they don’t want.

If someone is so determined to walk out of your life, no matter what you do or promise them heaven on earth, trust me they will still leave with no hesitation.

What does this mean?

Never force any one to love you if they don’t want. Don’t even buy their love. Let someone give you their love freely from their heart.

And lastly but not the least, never stop someone to leave your life if they want to, sometimes it’s God taking them away from you for a reason. So,let them go and explore the world.

If they were meant to be yours, love will bring them back to you again someday, and if they were not meant to be yours, trust me God will find you someone better.

There are some relationships that are not meant to be. You know, those relationships where you are doing all the work, all the calling, texting, making all the sacrifices, and after you’ve done everything, you find yourself asking, “why I am constantly going above and beyond for him/her?

Lastly Breaking up with someone is painful. However,when you lose someone who treats you badly, disrespects you and shows no affection, Its a gain ,not a loss.


FAZ closes the 2019/2020 league season following the recent surge in numbers of the COVID-19 cases.



THE Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has closed the 2019/2020 league season following the recent surge in numbers of the covid-19 cases.

FAZ Communications Manager Sydney Mungala has revealed in a statement that the association been monitoring the situation and also constantly engaging the authorities on the possibilities as the numbers continue to surge.

Mungala said delays in securing test appointments and results by most of the clubs in the league after being tested has been one of the major challenges as some matches could not be played due to the inability of clubs to produce results when called upon to do so.

Mungala said despite signing up to observe the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health, the compliance levels by most of the clubs has also not been satisfactory.

“Among the breaches noted by ZNPHI from our clubs were failure to manage the isolation of players and officials who tested positive, unrestricted access to camping sites, failure to observe social distancing and lack of sanitizers and disinfectants at designated places, ” said Mungala.

“Arising from the following challenges and in view of the high incidents of new covid-19 cases the FAZ executive has been left with no choice but to bring the league to an early closure.”

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Police arrest five in connection with rape and robbery on the highway



POLICE in Lusaka say they are still holding in custody five (05) suspects in connection with the murder, Aggravated Robbery, Rape and Unlawful wounding offences that been happening  in Kabangwe, SOS, Ngwerere and Kabanana areas.

And Police have called on members of the public who could have been victims of these attacks to report to Emmasdale Police to help identify the recovered items and suspects.

Spokesperson Esther Katongo in a statement to Mwebantu said during investigations, police recovered among other items mobile phones, cloths, hand bags, travelling bags and instruments used to attacks victims.

She said some of the properties have been identified while others have not yet been identified.

She said the victims in most of the attacks were women travelling from Lusaka to unknown destinations hiking motor vehicles from SOS area and later ended up being attacked.

“Others were being trailed after disembarking from public transport motor vehicles and were later trailed and hacked. All these attacks happened during early and late hours of the day between October, 2019 and 5th July, 2020 in Lusaka,” disclosed Katongo.

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Watch trailer for new Zambian movie “A Story to tell”



Despite being a single mothers of two, Ba na Charity still did not give up on reaching her dreams.

A story to tell is a Zambian movie that talks about how ladies are abused in homes and how Bana Charity made it from scratch after being chased away by her abusive husband

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Meet the Farmes Summit 2020


03 Aug 2020, 11:49 AM (GMT)

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