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HAIRDRESSER Beauty Zaza WINS K25,894 from just K5 thanks to Castlebet Zambia!



CASTLEBET Winner Beauty Zaza WON a cool K25 PIN from a bet of just K5, then revealed: “My big win is the proof it doesn’t take a MAN to win at Betting!”

Beauty’s 12 team superbet was due to payout a juicy K15,223.68 but her total payout soared to K25,894.76 thanks to Castlebet’s generous Multiboost BONUS which added an extra K10,661.08 to the ticket.


Last night the overjoyed sports betting fan admitted: “To be honest I was just trying out a few small games. I didn’t even know the teams that well because there was no Premier League or big games that day. There was alot of luck involved!

“I wanted to check the games late at night before I went to bed but I felt lazy. I only realised what had happened when I woke up in the morning and logged onto my Castlebet account around 0630 hours to check my balance.”

She added: “I looked once at the screen…I said to myself, ‘it’s not my phone’…then I looked at the screen again and realised : YES it IS my phone!’. Then I screamed!”

Komboni Radio Fan:

Hair stylist Beauty WON BIG after signing up and joining Castlebet four months ago.

Beauty explained: “I had heard about Castlebet quite alot because my brother Bobby – who knows alot about football – recommended the service to me. He has been betting with Castlebet for nearly a year now.

“I hardly know anything about football compared to him, so he can’t believe it’s me that has won big instead of him when he studies football in-depth and I hardly know any teams or players!”

She added: “I took the big step forward and signed up to join Castlebet myself after hearing a programme on Komboni radio a few months back. I must give Castlebet credit as they have made it so easy to sign up and start playing with them.

”The really good thing is their customer service is amazing. The girls in the Castlebet call centre team really helped me at the beginning when I was a bit scared and facing a few challenges. They even called me back so I didn’t waste any talktime learning how to place my bets!!

Last week Castlebet Marketing Queen Magret Kambikambi & CEO Masuzyo Ngosa followed from Castlebet HQ in Kabulonga to Beauty’s hair salon in Matero to present her with her winning cheque, hand over the wad of cash and also enjoy a few drinks!

Beauty dances in celebration outside a painted building in Matero in celebration of her giant win.

Marketing supremo Ms Kambikambi explained: “We followed Beauty in person to congratulate her and help her celebrate her win not because of the amount she won, (in excess of K25,000)

“No, we followed Beauty because of the exceptional skill she showed in winning this money from such a small stake of just K5 and also to reinforce girl power as we were so proud of Beauty for showing the men how to do it!

“Castlebet has seen much bigger winners in the past, of course, such as last month’s winner Salim Nyoni from Kitwe, but our other winners usually risk more money before winning big – not just K5! Beauty must have used girl power to conjure 25 pin from just such a tiny bet amount!

THE PROOF: Screenshot showing part of Beauty’s winning ticket & her winning payout – boosted an extra 10 Pin by Castlebet’s multiboost bonus.

Last night, during an in-depth interview, Beauty revealed more about how she hit the jackpot and collected the jaw-dropping sum of money.

Beauty: “Winners never quit!”

Beauty dances with her winning cheque in popular Matero nightspot Pop’s Express.

““To the people who are betting – both male and female – but especially the females who maybe think betting is not for them (as women mostly don’t bet), what I would like to tell them is don’t give up! Don’t lose hope!

“If you lose don’t stop betting because one day you will win..way bigger than all your previous stakes. I am the proof of that. Winners never quit! If you lose today, it’s not a guarantee that you will lose tomorrow, just look at me – I am walking proof!”

“The first thing I would advise is that betting is very easy, anybody can do it; with Castlebet it’s very straightforward, all you need is a phone that goes to the internet. The other good thing is the site doesn’t chew data.

“Just download the app or go straight to their website, it’s clear and easy.

“If you don’t manage you should call their customer care, as far as I know they are the best, they will welcome you and help you step by step. The customer care when you ask them any question they will explain everything – and you don’t even have to use your talktime!

“Castlebet have very big odds compared to other stingy foreign betting companies…it’s also not just about the odds…when you put more teams you get more bonus.

“They have about more payment and deposit methods than the other companies. You might find you have loans on your mobile money and cannot use it but they are flexible and will let you deposit cash or use another method.”

Castlebet: #MWAI WAKO!

Castlebet Marketing Queen Margret Kambikambi added: “We are thrilled to be able to celebrate giving this pile of money to Beauty. She proves that the Castlebet motto #MWAI WAKO! Is for real! She is an example to all sports bettors – especially women!

Beauty revealed last night: “I have alot of plans with the money. I would like to thank God, because when you ask for something from God he answers you.

“I did not know I was going to win such an amount. Always I hoped that one day I would win alot of money but I never really expected it.

“Now the first thing I want to do with this money is buy a plot then I will just continue with the normal business I do.”



How many teams? Beauty originally added 12 teams to her betslip….

Which Games? All bets were on late night games on January 19 2020.

Which Bet Option/Market type? Beauty bet on the basic popular match result market – which  team would win each of the games.

What were the odds? Beauty concentrated on hot favourite with short odds – generally in the range of 1.5 –  2.25

Bet Amount: Beauty staked just K5 on the bet.

Bet Result: All 12 of Beauty’s selection WON their matches..

Normal Payout: K15,223

Bonus: MULTIBOOST bonus of K10,661.08 boosted Beauty’s winnings to a staggering total of K25,894.76 ZMW from just a tiny stake.


Want to win BIG like Beauty? Register with Castlebet:

What is Castlebet’s no minimum stake? Castlebet offers its customers with the genuine chance to bet small win BIG by allowing users to bet as little as K1. We also cater for VIP customers who enjoy placing bigger bets of 10 PIN or above.

We offer the widest range of DEPOSIT & WITHDRAWAL options.

What is Castlebet’s MULTBOOST bonus? Castlebet offer a juicy multibet win bonus in Zambia, inviting users to win up to 100% extra. For example Beauty’s 12 predictions earned her a MULTIBOOST bonus of 80% on her normal winnings – increasing his payout to K25,874 from K15,650. We also offers players MONEY BACK BONUS so just 1 losing selection on a BIG ticket does not spoil everything!

Castlebet  is the easiest and safest way to bet online securely. Not only do we offer the best odds and the opportunity to bet small win BIG with a minimum bet of K1 and win bonuses up to 100%, we also provide 24-hour support to customers who need it.

Are you the next winner? Visit our VIP site at: or our fast-loading lite site at


US okays electronic cigarettes



WITH rising numbers of smokers in sub-Saharan Africa, concerns regarding risk exposure to tobacco have been well documented. The impact on the entire industry, from farmers to consumers has always been a source of concern: who will support the farmers earning a living through their trade? This could change after a landmark decision in the industry.

Following 43 months of evaluation, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently authorised the marketing of electrically heated tobacco system called IQOS by Philip Morris International (PMI) as a modified risk tobacco product (MRTP).

This decision by the US FDA marked the first time the agency has granted marketing orders for an electronic alternative to cigarettes. It found IQOS to be “appropriate to promote the public health and is expected to benefit the health of the population as a whole.”

Considering that cigarette smoking kills more than seven million people worldwide each year, the US FDA decision opens a public health opportunity in the fight against the global tobacco epidemic. Encouraging the rapid shift from smoking cigarettes to alternatives such as IQOS – for adult smokers who have been unable or unwilling to quit – could save many lives.

While the FDA does not endorse IQOS, its decision followed a scientific review of more than one million pages of evidence submitted by PMI and took into account independent studies. The federal agency concluded that non-combustible tobacco products such as  IQOS differ from cigarettes in reducing the body’s exposure to harmful or potentially harmful chemicals.

This is consistent with earlier conclusions of regulatory and scientific bodies, that the product emits lower levels of harmful toxicants than lit cigarettes.

The finding recognizes the harm-reduction effects of the “heat-not-burn” technology, which provides smokers with nicotine, while substantially reducing the risks associated with the combustion of conventional cigarettes.

While rates of smoking have decreased in wealthy countries, they have grown in poorer nations. In sub-Saharan Africa, cigarette consumption increased by over 50 percent between 1980 and 2016. Of deaths among African adults caused by second-hand smoke, over 60 percent are among women who live and work with smokers.

There are lessons to be learned from the decision by the US FDA and similar regulatory bodies in Europe. A dogmatic approach to tobacco control, which condemns all tobacco products as equally injurious to public health, has little chance of reducing the harm of cigarettes in today’s world.

It should lower the cost of reduced risk products and make them available to adult smokers in Africa. Countries should move to include harm reduction in their arsenal of tobacco-control measures and engage the tobacco industry to find the best ways to make the new products widely available to adult smokers unable or unwilling to quit, possibly including raising taxes on conventional cigarettes, while significantly lowering them on reduced risk products;

Across Africa, where the median age is under 25, very strict measures must be put in place to protect under-age youth from gaining access to the new products, considering that they have been shown to be only better alternatives but are not risk free.

In an ideal world, humans would avoid all unnecessary substances that have negative effects on their health. Unfortunately, that is not the case and will likely never be. It will require courage and political will, but it is a public health imperative to adopt measures to reduce risks to the more than one billion smokers worldwide.

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Meet Ms. Elizabeth Swai, she is the founder of AKM Glitters Company Limited dealing with Integrated Poultry business



Meet Ms. Elizabeth Swai, she is the founder of AKM Glitters Company Limited dealing with Integrated Poultry business managing three Kuroiler breeder farms, a hatchery, and an animal feed mill.


ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION – Human Development and Entrepreneurship

HER PASSION – Her passion as a social entrepreneur is inclusive development that touches the lives of the society in particular women and the youth

HER DREAM – to multiply in Africa and address nutritional issues, development of profitable franchises led by women and youth in Africa.

AWARDS – Change Driver Award, Impact Award, Women of Achievement in Agribusiness award and Malkia wa Nguvu 2019 and First time in Tanzania the Agriculture Award 2019

Ms Swai is a Founder Member of African Agribusiness Academy, Africa Women in Agribusiness, a member of Professional Poultry Association, Feed Mill Association and a Chair of Poultry Breeders Association, Executive Board Member Tanzania Business Council – Livestock Sector and Executive Board Member Bill and Melinda Gates Tanzania.

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Meet the Farmes Summit 2020


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