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The Ways Of Sports Betting (A One-Stop Guide)



Through the years, betting has taken different shapes and forms, especially within the industry it resides. For one, there are different components of sports betting that entice various bettors with different walks of life. However, one component is highlighted and plays a big part of pulling bettors into the field. Being simple without all the complex commodities has a key role in it.

Predicting how sports betting comes and goes is hard, especially if you’re not knowledgeable enough of the ways to undertake before you become a certified bettor. Since most newbies don’t know where to go, check the following list to know the most important steps in becoming a soccer bettor.

Learn The Basics
Most sports bettors dive right into the battlefield as if they already know the rules and guidelines at the palm of their hands. Most of the time, they either blow their account in pure regret. This is why it’s important for the player to learn the fundamentals first. Once you fully grasp the basic guidelines, you will be able to better utilize the betting platform, leading to profitable trades.

Risk Management
As a sports bettor, you might not even think twice about spending money if it will definitely add up to your chances of winning. This is a naive way of betting. If you know enough about protecting your capital, then carelessly spending money in different betting wages are surely out of your list. Run profitable ways of managing your money in order to stay longer in the betting industry.

Most platforms like Betway offer an accommodating website layout in order to eliminate confusion if the bettor navigates through. With that, Betway online sports betting is usually visited by many Betway enthusiasts online in hopes of making a successful betting wage.

Understanding Fixed Odds
When it comes to knowing the most basic and traditional betting forms, fixed odds will definitely take the cake. It entails predicting the next events that will take place then letting the bettor put up a wager on the most suitable option available. Deriving from its name, “fixed odds” is utilized due to the odds being agreed upon every time the wager is set. Once a wager secures the winning prize, the following payment will be determined on the basis of the agreed odds. Knowing whether it moved or not after the odds are placed is not important.

Most people know that a lone sports wager are divided into two distinct parties where each user is trying to make an effective takeaway by being the opposition in terms of perspective of the other half.

For instance, a situation might arise wherein the two parties are friends. Mostly, it’s typical of them to do a watchover of a football match. One person would have a belief that the Broncos will be beaten to a pulp by the Steelers. Meanwhile, the other friend are so sure that the Steelers will go home crying and Broncos would take home the bacon. Hence, this situation is one of the most probable events that may arise when fixed odds are involved.


FAZ says promotions and demotions will take place based on the final league standings as at Week 27



THE Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has resolved to conclude the 2019/2020 Super League tomorrow after a match between Forest Rangers and Zanaco which will be played at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium.

And the Association says promotions and demotions will take place based on the final league standings as at Week 27.

According to a statement issued by FAZ Communications Manager Sydney Mungala, the association said it will on Tuesday engage all the Super League teams to plan on the best practices of the 2020/2021 season.

Mungala said FAZ also agreed that any changes to the league calendar will affect the registration window which started on 1st July 2020 and will run to 31st August 2020.

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FAZ Appeals Committee overturns decision to award Zanaco three points



THE Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) appeals committee has ordered a replay of a Football match between Forest Rangers VS Zanaco.

The FAZ Appeals Committee has overturned the decision by the Disciplinary Committee to award Zanaco three points and a 3-0 score line for their un-played match with Forest Rangers on July 18, 2020.

According to a judgment made by the Appeals Committee, the decision by the Disciplinary Committee has been set aside freezing out the trophy handover ceremony that was set for Thursday (August 6, 2020).

Forest Rangers had earlier reported 28 COVID-19 cases on the day of the match hence the football club appealed the decision that awarded points to Zanaco.

According to a statement issued by FAZ Communications Manager Sydney Mungala, the coronation of the 2019/2020 champions will have to be frozen as the outcome of this fixture could shuffle the league standings.

“The Appeals Committee, having considered all the written evidence adduced by yourselves (Forest Rangers) and the ruling of the Disciplinary Committee was of the view that your appeal against the ruling has merit and therefore upheld,” reads the judgement in part.

“Your appeal is upheld and the decision of the Disciplinary Committee is set aside. Therefore the game between yourselves and Zanaco Football Club must be replayed and the result of the match be taken into account when the final league standings are compiled.”

And Mungala said the decision to re-start the league was done in consultation with the ministries of health and sports arising from the prevailing health conditions in the country.

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Meet the Farmes Summit 2020


09 Aug 2020, 2:07 AM (GMT)

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