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Newbie Sports Betting Guide: The Basics



Newbie Sports Betting Guide: The Basics


Sports betting involves a lot of nerve-wracking trades. Since all of the betting is placed by you, it’s a must to immerse yourself in the right mindset to slay all the spreads before you. As always, you also have to picture how it will all play out in the end. To know more about the basics and tips on being a newbie sports bettor, check the list below:


  1. Tone down your emotions to a minimum

Betting involves a lot of winning and losing. If you think you can’t handle losing money and expect yourself to win every single time, then this isn’t for you. Since the stakes are high in betting, you must be in the right headspace once you lose a certain amount from your bets. Otherwise, you will become attached to every single failure that you may get and, in time, it will definitely accumulate and consume you as a newbie sports bettor.

  1. Calculate your moves

Betting involves a lot of wits to pull off. As per usual, it’s normal to bet for your favorite team. However, if the results that they’re producing are not fruitful anymore, move on and find another team to bet on. Don’t risk the remainder of your money betting for a team that doesn’t generate the results that you want. Otherwise, you’ll be kissing your money farewell.

  1. Learn the basics of reading the lines

Playing football requires initial knowledge onhand to know where you can insert your bet and win to the best of your abilities. One example is knowing the mechanics of reading the lines. Lines in football betting means that there are infinite methods on betting to your chosen sports. If you already thought of something to bet on, then there’s a high chance that you will be getting somewhere as long as you find it in a platform you like. For instance, navigating your way in will give you a glimpse how betting works, most especially the point spreads. As a beginner, you might want to focus on the most common types of reading lines, including point spreads, over or unders (totals), and last but definitely not the least, the money lines.

For example, if you’re going to choose point spreads, it would project the number of points that will divide two separate teams. Seeing a game with spreads involved will definitely determine a favorite (the projected team who wins) and, unfortunately, the underdog (the projected team that is most likely to lose the game). Going back, the favorite will “hand” a number of points and will be identified flaunting a minus sign parallel to the expected winning team’s point spread. Meanwhile, you will spot the underdog if it “receives” points. Moreover, the expected loser is also identified with a plus sign parallel to their own point spread.


  1. Choose the right betting platform

Sure, there are many online betting platforms out there to choose from. However, picking online betting platforms like Betway are proven to be reputable. Choosing Betway can help you minimize the burden of checking other websites one-by-one as long as you know.


US okays electronic cigarettes



WITH rising numbers of smokers in sub-Saharan Africa, concerns regarding risk exposure to tobacco have been well documented. The impact on the entire industry, from farmers to consumers has always been a source of concern: who will support the farmers earning a living through their trade? This could change after a landmark decision in the industry.

Following 43 months of evaluation, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently authorised the marketing of electrically heated tobacco system called IQOS by Philip Morris International (PMI) as a modified risk tobacco product (MRTP).

This decision by the US FDA marked the first time the agency has granted marketing orders for an electronic alternative to cigarettes. It found IQOS to be “appropriate to promote the public health and is expected to benefit the health of the population as a whole.”

Considering that cigarette smoking kills more than seven million people worldwide each year, the US FDA decision opens a public health opportunity in the fight against the global tobacco epidemic. Encouraging the rapid shift from smoking cigarettes to alternatives such as IQOS – for adult smokers who have been unable or unwilling to quit – could save many lives.

While the FDA does not endorse IQOS, its decision followed a scientific review of more than one million pages of evidence submitted by PMI and took into account independent studies. The federal agency concluded that non-combustible tobacco products such as  IQOS differ from cigarettes in reducing the body’s exposure to harmful or potentially harmful chemicals.

This is consistent with earlier conclusions of regulatory and scientific bodies, that the product emits lower levels of harmful toxicants than lit cigarettes.

The finding recognizes the harm-reduction effects of the “heat-not-burn” technology, which provides smokers with nicotine, while substantially reducing the risks associated with the combustion of conventional cigarettes.

While rates of smoking have decreased in wealthy countries, they have grown in poorer nations. In sub-Saharan Africa, cigarette consumption increased by over 50 percent between 1980 and 2016. Of deaths among African adults caused by second-hand smoke, over 60 percent are among women who live and work with smokers.

There are lessons to be learned from the decision by the US FDA and similar regulatory bodies in Europe. A dogmatic approach to tobacco control, which condemns all tobacco products as equally injurious to public health, has little chance of reducing the harm of cigarettes in today’s world.

It should lower the cost of reduced risk products and make them available to adult smokers in Africa. Countries should move to include harm reduction in their arsenal of tobacco-control measures and engage the tobacco industry to find the best ways to make the new products widely available to adult smokers unable or unwilling to quit, possibly including raising taxes on conventional cigarettes, while significantly lowering them on reduced risk products;

Across Africa, where the median age is under 25, very strict measures must be put in place to protect under-age youth from gaining access to the new products, considering that they have been shown to be only better alternatives but are not risk free.

In an ideal world, humans would avoid all unnecessary substances that have negative effects on their health. Unfortunately, that is not the case and will likely never be. It will require courage and political will, but it is a public health imperative to adopt measures to reduce risks to the more than one billion smokers worldwide.

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Meet Ms. Elizabeth Swai, she is the founder of AKM Glitters Company Limited dealing with Integrated Poultry business



Meet Ms. Elizabeth Swai, she is the founder of AKM Glitters Company Limited dealing with Integrated Poultry business managing three Kuroiler breeder farms, a hatchery, and an animal feed mill.


ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION – Human Development and Entrepreneurship

HER PASSION – Her passion as a social entrepreneur is inclusive development that touches the lives of the society in particular women and the youth

HER DREAM – to multiply in Africa and address nutritional issues, development of profitable franchises led by women and youth in Africa.

AWARDS – Change Driver Award, Impact Award, Women of Achievement in Agribusiness award and Malkia wa Nguvu 2019 and First time in Tanzania the Agriculture Award 2019

Ms Swai is a Founder Member of African Agribusiness Academy, Africa Women in Agribusiness, a member of Professional Poultry Association, Feed Mill Association and a Chair of Poultry Breeders Association, Executive Board Member Tanzania Business Council – Livestock Sector and Executive Board Member Bill and Melinda Gates Tanzania.

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Meet the Farmes Summit 2020


12 Aug 2020, 12:45 PM (GMT)

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