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5G Network and benefits to Zambia



The fifth-generation cellular technology (5G) will be accessible to half of the globe’s population in five years’ time. It will connect over 120 billion devices in cars, homes, streets, offices and IoT sensors by 2030. It will help betway users to wager on different markets. We present to you four ways in which 5G network will improve the lives of Zambians.

1. Reduced Digital Gap
Most governments struggle to provide equal opportunities to all citizens. Also, it is essential to offer quality services including broadband, healthcare, and education to facilitate rapid urbanization. Mobile phone firms such as Huawei partner with dominant mobile operator networks to offer 5G services to people living in rural areas. They provide training programs to improve the literacy levels in such regions.

5G technology will improve the quality of health care the Zambian government provides. Telecommunications technology will help patients access quality medical services. For instance, in America, Columbia University is partnering with Verizon to offer remote physical therapy and surgery.

2. Increased Mobility in Congested Areas
Many people struggle to move in highly populated Zambian towns and cities. However, the 5G network can power various devices and sensors that support mobility networks in urban areas. It will result in efficient transportation networks and autonomous cars.
They will reduce the amount of traffic on major highways. Some nations have already incorporated the network into their transport networks. For example, Shanghai used 5G to develop an intelligent car network that will cover 100 square kilometers. Some crowded cities such as Phoenix have created automated taxi fleets. It is crucial for the government to redesign busy avenues and streets to allow pedestrians to move with ease.

3. Efficient City Operations
The 5G network can rapidly transmit data from numerous IoT networks and sensors. It will enable Zambian cities to re-calibrate their services on time to conserve the environment. Also, it will enable bookies such as betway to offer better gambling services to punters.

The state can pilot such a project on a small scale. It may start by collecting real-time data on pollution, traffic, and weather. Local authorities can collaborate with civic groups, businesses and learning institutions to use the data to synchronize various city operations.

4. Improved Emergency Service and Public Safety
Established mobile operators in Zambia will develop airborne safety and disaster management platforms. They require advance robots and drone surveillance to properly execute search and rescue missions. Rescuers can directly connect reality glasses to doctors to provide the right emergency treatment on-site.

Advanced sensor technologies create other possibilities including prompt infrastructure networks maintenance. It is useful in redirecting traffic when grisly accidents occur. Zambian cities can improve their public safety by using 5G to connect rapid responses and quick analysis.

5G technology offers numerous benefits to countries that adopt it. It enables enterprises to create sophisticated applications to improve their services. It will enable punters to play online games in bookmakers such as betway. The government needs to partner with telecom firms to make 5G accessible to all Zambian citizens.


Win a Professional Camera from The Device Store worth K8,150




Do you have an eye for the world around you? In 2020 we have suffered the Covid-19 pandemic, changing the world around us. Has the crisis affected you? Are you inspired by photography? If so, get creative and join the photo competition and stand a chance to win a Professional Camera…..

CANON EOS 600D CAMERA IS UP FOR GRABS! Send a picture that depicts how best we can stop the spread of Covid-19! Best picture wins. Post your PHOTO and CAPTION on Facebook in the comments on the Device Store’s post at:

DM the  Facebook page 👉🏽 @THEDEVICESTOREZAMBIA with the hashtag #ShootTheCrisis. The deadline for submissions: 25th July 2020.

We will shortlist the top ten photos with the most ‘likes’ on Facebook and publish them for the world to see.  The winner will be selected by a jury and announced after votes are closed. In conjunction with Mwebantu, Zambia’s leading Social media platform.

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Chaminuka Art – Zambia’s largest private art collection goes online



Art@Chaminuka is an app designed to bring the Chaminuka Art Collection to life, by allowing guests to immerse themselves in the collection with the help of knowledge of each artifact, and a greater contextual understanding of the collection.

Chaminuka has launched their Art Application to the public and can be downloaded via Google Play Store or it can be accessed on the web at

The QR Code scanner on the app allows you to get detailed information on each art piece when you visit the lodge. Simply scan the QR code on the art piece of your choice.

Chaminuka started out as the stately home of historian and author, Andrew Sardanis. The lodge’s design draws inspiration from a Zambian village and numerous guests including revered artists and historical figures have called it home, giving the lodge a rich history.

Set in an estate and nature reserve of 40 square kilometres and once listed on Forbes’ World’s Most Expensive Home, Chaminuka has a huge private collection of contemporary African paintings and sculpture as well as traditional artefacts – some one thousand pieces – acquired from all over Africa over a period of 50 years.

The collection spreads throughout the house, the guest suites and the gardens and highlights the African culture and way of life over the centuries.

You can marvel at the art and by special arrangement you can meet many of the artists in person. They can share their experiences with you and explain what motivates and inspires them.

50 Year old Archive…

The collection features the works of many of Zambia’s great artists such as Henry Tayali, Godfrey Setti, Patrick Mumba, Patson Lombe, Shadreck Simukanga, Enock Ilunga, Raphael Mutulikwa, Stary Mwaba, Mulenga Chafilwa, Stephen Kapata, Peter Maibwe, and the renowned sculptor Flinto Chandia and more….


Google Play:

Coming soon to iOS Apple Store…

Einstein Solutions, a Lusaka based Zambian web & software solutions provider is the developer of the Chaminuka art app and websites. To get in touch with them visit or call +26 097 778 0795

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Unicaf University Zambia has the honour to invite you to the Virtual Open Lecture



Transformational Leadership – Maintaining a Competitive Edge in the Global Workplace

  •  With Daisy Kopolo Executive Coach, Trainer, Business Development and Strategy Professional
  • On thursday, the 25th of June 2020 at 3:30 pm

The lecture will be given online, through Zoom. A limited number of people can attend the virtual lecture, so, in order to ensure your place please register here.

About the lecture
The lecture will consider Transformational Leadership as a tool for deliberate, directed and empowering change, within the current global economic and political climate, with the effects of the pandemic, the weakened global economy and shifting power base, natural disasters and outbreaks of armed conflict and social unrest.

Zambia and Africa have been ready for positive change for many years now. However, before change manifests, the new leaders must emerge. Transformational leaders will be required to inspire and lead themselves, before they can inspire and leading others.

So, how can individuals, corporations and even nations build their competitive edge, how can they prepare for the global workplace of the future in the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world of the post-pandemic era?

Ms Kopolo will attempt to answer all these questions in her online lecture.

About the lecture
Daisy Kopolo holds an MPhil in Management Coaching, an MBA and a Master’s in Marketing. She has 30 years of experience in business development, leading teams and driving growth in the public and private sector, consulting local and international organizations on business, management, leadership, logistics, education and finance.

People development through training, mentorship and coaching has been central to Daisy Kopolo’s career with an emphasis on Leadership for Africa.

She believes that, with vision and the right strategies, empowered African leaders can lead their economies to sustainable growth and can nurture the next generation of innovative minds on the continent.

Get more info by clicking here:

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Meet the Farmes Summit 2020


09 Aug 2020, 5:36 AM (GMT)

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