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5G Network and benefits to Zambia



The fifth-generation cellular technology (5G) will be accessible to half of the globe’s population in five years’ time. It will connect over 120 billion devices in cars, homes, streets, offices and IoT sensors by 2030. It will help betway users to wager on different markets. We present to you four ways in which 5G network will improve the lives of Zambians.

1. Reduced Digital Gap
Most governments struggle to provide equal opportunities to all citizens. Also, it is essential to offer quality services including broadband, healthcare, and education to facilitate rapid urbanization. Mobile phone firms such as Huawei partner with dominant mobile operator networks to offer 5G services to people living in rural areas. They provide training programs to improve the literacy levels in such regions.

5G technology will improve the quality of health care the Zambian government provides. Telecommunications technology will help patients access quality medical services. For instance, in America, Columbia University is partnering with Verizon to offer remote physical therapy and surgery.

2. Increased Mobility in Congested Areas
Many people struggle to move in highly populated Zambian towns and cities. However, the 5G network can power various devices and sensors that support mobility networks in urban areas. It will result in efficient transportation networks and autonomous cars.
They will reduce the amount of traffic on major highways. Some nations have already incorporated the network into their transport networks. For example, Shanghai used 5G to develop an intelligent car network that will cover 100 square kilometers. Some crowded cities such as Phoenix have created automated taxi fleets. It is crucial for the government to redesign busy avenues and streets to allow pedestrians to move with ease.

3. Efficient City Operations
The 5G network can rapidly transmit data from numerous IoT networks and sensors. It will enable Zambian cities to re-calibrate their services on time to conserve the environment. Also, it will enable bookies such as betway to offer better gambling services to punters.

The state can pilot such a project on a small scale. It may start by collecting real-time data on pollution, traffic, and weather. Local authorities can collaborate with civic groups, businesses and learning institutions to use the data to synchronize various city operations.

4. Improved Emergency Service and Public Safety
Established mobile operators in Zambia will develop airborne safety and disaster management platforms. They require advance robots and drone surveillance to properly execute search and rescue missions. Rescuers can directly connect reality glasses to doctors to provide the right emergency treatment on-site.

Advanced sensor technologies create other possibilities including prompt infrastructure networks maintenance. It is useful in redirecting traffic when grisly accidents occur. Zambian cities can improve their public safety by using 5G to connect rapid responses and quick analysis.

5G technology offers numerous benefits to countries that adopt it. It enables enterprises to create sophisticated applications to improve their services. It will enable punters to play online games in bookmakers such as betway. The government needs to partner with telecom firms to make 5G accessible to all Zambian citizens.


Facebook removes more than 8 fake Mwebantu pages, admins reported to police



Facebook on Tuesday said it removed more than 8 fake accounts, pages that were spreading “fake” news and impersonating authentic and verified Mwebantu Facebook page.

Facebook stated that the pages were removed for what they term “coordinated inauthentic behaviour” on the social media platform in Zambia. The false pages had become aggressive with fake news, cyberbullying and online fraud.

“This kind of behaviour is not allowed on Facebook under our misrepresentation policy because we don’t want people or organizations creating networks of accounts to mislead others about who they are, or what they’re doing,” a Facebook official said.

The authentic Mwebantu Facebook page has a blue tick that shows that it has been verified by Facebook authorities, with over 1.5 million followers in Zambia and beyond.

Mwebantu has grown to have over 2 million followers on Social Media and is regarded as Zambia’s leading Social news and advertising platform.

Mwebantu is grateful to the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) and Facebook Regional team for helping remove fake Mwebantu Facebook Pages.

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Tenga by Atlas Mara – Win K10,000 cool cash or 1 of 100 bicycles



Did you know that you could win K10,000 cool cash or 1 of 100 bicycles? Simply make a minimum of 3 transactions on Tenga Mobile Money like paying bills, buying airtime or data or sending money.  Dial *360# to register for Tenga Mobile Money and start transacting to be a winner! Call 202 for more information

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Top Facebook pages with High Engagement in Zambia with a million reach a week. from 3rd Aug 2020 to 9th Aug 2020




FROM  3 AUG 2020-9 AUG 2020


1.Mwebantu with 4.2 million people reached.

2.Zambian Landscape with 2.7 million people reached.

3.Zambian Watchdog with 2.1 million people reached.

4.Zambian Weddings and Kitchen Parties with 1.9 million people reached.

5.Chellah Tukuta Photography with 1.8 million people reached.

  1. Zed Diary with 1.5 million people reached.
  2. Milly Beauty Products with 1.2 million people reached.

8.QFM Radio with 1.1 million people reached.

9.Hakainde Hichilema with 1 million people reached.

Source: Facebook Analytics

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Foxdale Forest – Phase 2 Selling


03 Mar 2021, 2:38 AM (GMT)

Zambia Stats

80,090 Total Cases
1,108 Deaths
76,299 Recovered

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